“We have to send you back, to the future”. Everyone knows that iconic statement from Dr. Emitt Brown played by Christopher Lloyd. That crazy haired inventor that, as Marty McFly said, “made a time machine, out of a DeLorian?” Man has had a fascination with time travel for ‘a long time’. To go backwards in time or even forward and live in a different time. Science fiction is full of stories, movies and books about traveling thru time. I have even dabbled in stories about time travel. In High School and college (and beyond) I wrote short stories about time travel. I even forced myself to study Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity because of my short dabbling into SciFi. But I want to focus more on the story by H. G. Wells called ‘The Time Machine’. I love the 1960 movie starring Rod Taylor. Really, who wouldn’t want to sit in that prop and pretend just as Leonard and Sheldon did in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in season 1 episode 14? It would be the ‘Best Seat in the House’ 😉

In this time story, H. George Wells played by Rod Taylor, travels far into the future only to find mankind has ‘evolved’ or ‘devolved’ into two groups. The Eloi and the Morlocks. As H. G. Wells explains, mankind split into the one group that sought shelter underground and became the ‘masters of machinery’. In the story by H. G. Wells himself, he explains that the Morlock’s were the new vermin. They were ‘nauseatingly inhuman’ and characterized as human spiders or human rats . Then, the other group, called the Eloi stayed above ground only to become cattle for the cannibalistic Morlocks. The Eloi were beautiful, fragile and dumb. They had become complacent and had their food and clothes given to them while the Morlocks would trick the Eloi underground only to feast on them. Wells describes both of these human subspecies with good and bad characteristics. The Eloi, while beautiful were both lazy and ignorant with no thirst for knowledge. The Morlocks, while being disgusting and vile, also were workers and had initiative and showed some forethought in their actions. The few evil Morlocks using the complacent Eloi to sustain the lifestyle of the evil underground dwelling and grotesque ‘monsters of the dark’. A quick internet search would lead you to a group of biblical people called Canaanites that worshipped the false god Moloch and sacrificed their children into the fire. Also, Morlocks root word is ‘Mor’, which means death. Think of rigor MORtis

Hmmm, monsters of the dark. Those that would, from the secrecy and relative safety of the shadows, prey on the weak and complacent. Couldn’t we then call those of the swamps in Washington D. C. the Morlocks and the general public, you know…the silent majority and those that relish being ignorant of reality the Eloi? I guess I would be an educated Eloi, kind of like those, that in the movie finally saw the evil monsters of the dark and helped H. G. Wells in the end by fighting them, but what about you, are you a Morlock or an Eloi? Or are you like H. G. Wells who saw the evolution of man and decided to do something about it. In the end of the movie, after sharing his increadible story to his friends, who did not and could not believe him, H. G. Wells got back in his machine only to disappear into time. But he left with 3 books. Supposedly, he was going back to the future to educate or rebuild society with the Eloi. What 3 books did he take? What 3 books would you take? What 3 books do you have now to help rebuild a civil society?

The Eloi were preyed upon and consumed by the Morlocks. Life would have continued as it had been if it weren’t for an outsider from a different time and a different set of values. How much longer will Americas Eloi let the Morlocks use them? It was not good for the Eloi until they stood up against the Morlocks. It has not been good for us, the silent majority, to let the violent minority force us thru fear to keep our opinions to ourselves. How many more Law Enforcement officers will be killed, how many more innocent students will be used as target practice before we address the real problem, and it is not the gun but those with mental health issues. It is allowing criminally illegal aliens to stay in this country. It is not securing our borders to enforce our soverenty. It is over taxing the citizens to assist an ever growing government that refuses to live within a budget. It is time to speak up and not be so silent anymore. If we don’t speak up, we will find ourselves marching into the darkness with the Morlocks, and it will be too late then.

One thought on “The Time Machine

  1. I don’t know the story that you are referring to, those types of movies were not my experty. It doesn’t sound like a very happy place to be does it I mean I wouldn’t want to be breakfast for some kind of cannibal. But in referring ain’t you the time of now Washington DC does not care about the rest of the country. Our president is trying to keep his promises, and because that’s an unusual thing in Washington the lifetime political idiots don’t like what he’s trying to do. He said he was going to take care of the people and he honestly is. Yes he’s arrogant, he’s rude at times, and he is a womanizer, but we all knew this when we voted for him. We also knew that someone who could run a machine as big as his corporations are obviously could fix what is wrong with our government. But the lifetime politicians don’t like it. I can recall watching the president’s speech and irritated as heck the Democratic side of the chamber gave absolutely no reactions to what he said it all. And that old witch Nancy Pelosi was sitting there chewing her lip and if looks could kill President Trump would be dead. Because nothing but hate poured out of that woman’s face. There’s three women in the nation’s eyes that I would like to see not there to have to watch them anymore. One Is Dianne Feinstein number 2 is Nancy Pelosi and number three is the attorney Barbara Boxer. They are not for the people. So I agree that they are like Monsters and they are against the majority. I agree that the silent minority needs to stand up and fight for what they believe in. Far too long we have set back and let people take away our rights one by one. I have other thoughts of how Justice should be done but it’s best for me to not speak it in a public platform. Maybe we should go back to the old west I like that time.. they knew how to settle the law. So I agree with your message did a good job, I’m just not familiar with the story.


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