I remember school, both the good times and bad. Looking back on my school experience, I can say that kids are more hurtful than adults. But also, your friends were close no matter your differences. The most memorable teachers were the ones that challenged me the most, and oddly enough, they were the ones that I seemed to learn the most. Mrs. Mclean in 3rd grade, Mrs. Ide in 6th grade, Dr Kron and Dr. Blake in High School, Dr. Dardarian in college. These teachers are remembered by me for being tough not easy on me. They each saw that I was capable of so much more. They challenged me to persue knowledge, to go beyond my comfort zone. And I am grateful to each of them for that. School is awkward at times. A person is growing, changing, learning that there is more to the world than home, school and your neighborhood. Think about the changes that you go thru in school. While learning reading writing and ‘rithmetic, you are turning from a child to a young adult. There are biological changes. You become aware of the opposite sex, your voice changes, your body changes, your interests changes.You can be very awkward, at least I was. You learn how to deal with people, both those that like you and those that don’t. Through all of this, you can rely on the fact that the teachers are there to help you discover truth, or can you.

The LGBQ community are now celebrating a victory because they have forced schools to teach little boys that they will also enjoy menstration just like little girls will. The schools will also provide sanitary products in boys bathrooms so these boys will enjoy inclusivity. ( ( 

Yup, you read that right, schools will now be forced to teach lies. At a time when children are vulnerable and awkward, they will be taught lies. Society now teaches that science is a lie and falsehoods are true. Isn’t that the very defenition of propaganda?




  1. : information, ideas, lies and rumors spread or taught to harm a person, group or nation, etc

So now, a minority group has forced an institution of learning to teach lies. Imagine knowingly sending your children to school to learn lies. Isn’t school life confusing enough for our children? Shouldn’t we, as parents, do our best to not only protect our kids from blatant lies, but also make sure that they are taught truth. Please explain to me how a male can experience menstration. You might as well tell girls that they, too, will grow a scotum with two testes. While we are at it, lets teach our children that their pet goldfish is really their cousin and rocks are alive and speak but only when we sleep. This is the insanity we must live in when we, as a society, teach our children to play games like soccer or baseball and that they are all winners, that there are no loosers. We deserve this because we taught our children that 2 plus 2 is 5 until you realize it really is 4. We, as a society, deserve this when we are afraid to let our kids experience pain. The pain of being wrong and the joy of being right. We deserve this when we remove games like dodgeball from recess because our kids might get hit in the face with a dodgeball. We, as a society, have allowed the liars among us to force their will on us because we are too polite to tell them to go crawl back under the rock that they came from. 

School is already a time of awkwardness and emotional, mental and physical pain just like life is. Life is not fair or unfair, life is. It is wrong to knowingly teach falsehoods to our societies most vulnerable. We owe it to our children to prepare them for life, not keep them in a bubble of lies until they move out, only to experience life unprepared. That is how we end up with college students that need cry rooms because the person they wanted as president did not win the election. This is how we end up with our kids joining groups like antifa thinking that they have the right to destroy what they don’t like, but get upset when something that they like is destroyed. This is how we, as a society, encourage anarchy, because our kids were taught lies as kids so they don’t trust anything but what brings them pleasure. So when will we put a stop to this nonsense? When will we make sure our kids are really prepared for life? When will we stop allowing schools to be propaganda machines for those that aim to destroy America from within? When?

You encourage what you tolerate

You encourage what you tolerate

My boss went to a managers meeting, one of an endless series of meetings, and came back with a slogan that he fell in love with. ‘You encourage what you tolerate’. Like all managers, I feel like calling them ‘pampers’ sometimes. You know, full of crap and always on your ass. And at first, I resisted this, what I call, bumper sticker slogan. One of an endless list of slogans meant to make you better or faster or more efficient for the company. But after my initial ‘resistance’, I started thinking about it in real life circumstances. We really do encourage what we tolerate.
Look at what is happening in America today. For decades, the silent majority has tolerated the far lefts constant attacks on what is the bedrock of American society. Freedom, individual freedom. The Constitution of the United States of America, the basis of our individual freedom, is the ultimate law of the land. It restricts our government, not the individual. But we, the people have tolerated poor education, poor management and poor civics. Every generation tolerates more and more hatred from those that want to destroy America. The silent majority has become irrelevant. Since we, the silent majority has tolerated the sick and twisted agents of destruction, we have encouraged their actions. And because we continue to tolerate it, like a cancer, it grows. As it grows, it becomes harder to manage and their actions become even more tolerated which feeds the cancer called socialism.
So, I hate to have to admit it when my manager, the Napoleon Bonapart of business, is right so don’t tell him I said this, but, yes, we do indeed encourage what we tolerate. So how much more will the silent majority tolerate before we stop encouraging the continued destruction of our society?
Just postulating

The Spirit of Christmas

The Christmas Spirit

As a kid, I could not wait for the Christmas season. Two weeks off of school, the music, the food and smells of turkey and peppermint, the family ‘get togethers’, the movies, the presents, oh, and the presents. The older I got, the more I anticipated the expressionon a loved ones face when I gave them something special. My mom made it clear, more through actions, that the home made gifts were a little more special. Hand made Christmas tree ornaments, hand engraved cookie jars, hand carved kitchen utensils like a 18 inch cherry wood spoon. Basically, anything given of myself.
The movies, also, help get me in the spirit. The Christmas Story (You’ll shoot your eye out), A Christmas Carol (Tiny Tim), It’s a Wonderful Life (Zuzu’s peddles), Die Hard (Now I have a machine gun Ho Ho Ho).
So why is it that this year, I can’t get into the Christmas Spirit? I mean, I know it is the Christmas season. I have been listening to Christmas music since the day after Holloween. I have seen stores prepare for ‘HolloThanksChristmas’ since early October. And the never ending hatred from the anti-Christmas anti-Christian left trying to chip away the special human spirit that used to flow this time of year.
I ‘know’ this is the season to remember the gift of eternal life given to us by our heavenly father. And that Christ was not ‘actually’ born in wintertime but the Catholic church hijacked the pagan festival of the Winter Solstice. I know that since we can’t actually ‘give’ to Christ, we give to Christ by giving of ourselves to our fellow man. To share the spirit and love of Christ with our fellow mankind.
But still, I can’t get into the Christmas spirit this year and it is NOT God’s fault. Maybe, there may be many people this year suffering from this malady. But, as for me, I will not worry about them, just myself. I will be selfish this year and just worry about me. I will sit here and brood about why I can’t get into the Christmas spirit. Instead of me caring about others, I will care why I can’t get into the Christmas spirit. I will get into, as Shakespeare penned in Hamlet, ‘thy knighted colors’ and be depressed wondering why I can’t get into the Christmas Spirit. Shouldn’t I be happy this season? Shouldn’t I be enjoying the smell of pumkin bread and peppermint?
Well, I will sit here in my selfishness and wonder why I can’t get in the Christmas Spirit this year. With so much ‘commercialism’ surrounding the celebration of our Saviors birth, shouldn’t we hope that this season is more than the saving of the bottom line of a company? Hmm, what is it? Wait, here I am wondering why I can’t get into the Christmas Spirit this year and I realized the problem is I. Me. The way to get into the Christmas Spirit is to give of myself. To not ‘get’ but to ‘give’. Maybe if others who are brooding this time of year think of others and not of themselves, they to can get into the real meaning of Christmas… good will towards your fellow man, to give to others.
(sometimes, sarcasm can be the soul of wit)
Merry Christmas to all. May the ‘Spirit’ of Christ fill you this season and the Love of God fill your heart and leave no room for hate.