Meadow Muffins

As you may know if you have read some of my blog entries, I love movies. I remember a movie that I watched many years ago about some kids that sold the manure generated by there fathers ranch to local buyers. The movie was called ‘KidCo” 1984. It seems that the IRS decided to sue the kids for back taxes. The kids took the IRS to court and pointed out that the feed that the cattle ate was already taxed and paid by there father. By taxing the manure, the IRS is essentially taxing the grain twice. Forgive me as it has been many years since I have seen the movie but it makes sense. Dr. Kron, one of my High School biology teachers taught us about organisms. The instinct in any organism, no matter the size, is to live, grow and reproduce. The government is an organism who instinctually knows to feed, grow and reproduce. We know that no matter the wording of any proposed tax, that tax will never go away. Reference the tax to pay for the Spanish/American War. It was a tax imposed on all telecommunications that started in 1898 and did not sunset until 2006 when there was a new tax plan adopted. Imagine a tax of 3% on all long distance telecommunication on all Americans for over 108 years. I am sure that we overpaid the cost of that war.

The state that I live in adopted somrthing called TaBOR many years ago. It stands for ‘the Taxpayers Bill Of Rights’ and it basically makes it so that no new tax can be adopted without a full vote of the people of the state and that any overpayment in tax revenue must be returned to the taxpayers in the form of a rebate check. Well, since we voted in a Californian socialist as the governor of the state, there has been a major push to eliminate TaBOR and let the government retain the excess tax revenue. It is called proposition CC and it not only eliminates TaBOR, it also eliminates the special tax incentives extended to veterans and those that have ‘Homesteaded” their homes. The government claims that it is NOT a new tax, however, by keeping the excess tax revenue, it is somewhat a new tax. The state government has not operated on a budget and decides to spend money ‘like a drunken sailor’ on things that the voters have not approved. They, the state government’ takes the gas tax to pay 10 million dollars on new offices for the highway department then claims they ran out of money to pay for road repairs, bridge repairs and snow removal. But they claim this only after spending millions of dollars on a set of pink buses called ‘Bustang” to entice passengers to ride the bus more. They tear up residential roads to widen bike lanes and spend millions on special buses called ‘Trans Fort Max’. Mean while our roads deteriorate and our bridges get older so they can claim, once again to those not paying attention, that the government needs more money and you are selfish to want your tax refund of about $250 dollars, nearly $500 for families. This is not chump change, this could really help struggling families. Besides, it is their money that they over paid the government.

My aunt had a fish as a pet in her grooming shop. It was an oscar fish. This fish would grow to the size of its aquarium. Take it out of a ten gallon aquarium and put it in a twenty gallon tank and it would grow to to fit its new tank. The government is much like that oscar fish. The government has never disliked any tax. My parents taught me at a young age not to believe the news but research any matter myself. They told me to look to where the money goes. Who gets what and how much do they get to line their pockets with. Well, I see how well big government manages tax revenue. Look at places like California, New York, Illinois and Michigan. All states where the major polulation is in cities that mismanage money that negatively effects the rest of their state. Detroit, Los Angeles and San Francisco, New York city and Chicago are all Sh*thole cities with major crime, homelessness, and high taxes on the citizens and business’. They are all also states that heavily restrict peoples 2nd amendment rights and all are seeing a major portion of its citizenry leaving the state partially because of mismanagement.

I developed a theory back in the early 1990’s. It is: when the rich revolt, they invest elsewhere. When the poor revolt, they burn their communities down in an act of chaos. When the middle class revolt, they move away. Well, it is the middle class that actually supports a community thru consumerism which means tax revenue. If no one is buying, no tax revenue. So, much like the movie ‘KidCo’ the government is trying to tax everything including, ahem, road apples, prairy pies, meadow muffins. And that, to me, is a load of crap.