The pitbull

I still remember that club my dad kept at the front door. In California, if you use a gun to defend yourself you are automatically guilty. My dad had a club he made from a broken industrial broom and kept it at the front door. I remember using it to play stick ball in the street with the neighborhood kids. Then, the night I had to use it to protect myself.

One of the neighbors had a male and female pitbull. The neighbors weren’t mean but weren’t nice either. The female pitbull had a litter of puppies. I could imaging the little ball of energy each puppy would be. Shortly afterward, the neighborhood’s calm demeaner was upset by the sound of a nasty dog fight. The growling and yelping could be heard more than a block away. It turns out that the male pitbull got too close to the pups one night and the female attacked the male. The scene was ugly. The owners tried turning on the hose to break it up but could not stop it. In the end, the male dog was killed. That started the reputation of that dog. Some time later, those same neighbors were having a party out front. Loud music, beer, food, a little party for the family and friends. It did not bother me, but they let that pitbull to run loose in the front while they were out. I had the occasion to go out front for something, and the dog came at me, not in a friendly way, so I ran to go back inside. When I opened my front door, my dog bolted out to protect me and his territory. I grabbed the club to protect my dog. What made me mad was the people laughed at the situation until I took a swing at their dog. Had it been a baseball, it would have been at least a triple, but as you know a pitbulls head is solid. So, between my dog protecting me and me trying to protect my dog, the pitbull could not focus one one target. The people came running angrily toward me, I was in my front yard, and about this time my dad came out and those inebriated neighbors then focused on getting their dog back to their property, of course only after some exchange of heated words and empty threats by them. But this got me to thinking. That dog, for some unknown reason, charged at me and nothing was going to stop it but physical intervention. She did not even obey her masters commands, not that those people could control it anyway. Had it had its way, it would have killed me like it did its mate.

So now, our country in involved in a new type of war. One where the combatants do not care if they are killed. As a matter of fact, they want to die as long as they kill an infidel with them. They are religious zealots and their religion has political aspects to it. Islam is not only a religion, it is a political ideology. The combatants are taught at an early age that Alla will reward them with 72 virgins and life in paradise if they can kill non Islamic people. The Koran even says it is not a sin to lie to a non Muslim and that non-Muslims are less than second class citizens, even going as far as equating non-Muslims with pigs.

Liberals and even some Republicans want to fight them with ‘love’. They want to treat the radical elements of Islam as equals and give them …whatever they need to so they don’t think of us as enemies. But our political leaders are playing this war on terrorism with the wrong strategy. It is like trying to reason with that pitbull. Nothing was going to stop that pitbull from killing me. No amount of reasoning was going to detour that dog. It had only one thing on its mind and what saved me was physical force. Had the neighbors not got a leash on it when they did, I am afraid my dad would have had to kill it. That is what is needed now in this war on terrorism. It is the only thing the radical Muslim understands or respects. But with both political parties in America wanting pourous boarders and laxidasical laws to deal with them… when Hillary goes on TV and says that they are a peaceful religion and we have nothing to fear from them, when our President of the United States calls them the ‘JV team’ indicating his lack of understanding, we are enabling our enemy. Like letting that pitbull our in front to run around without a leash, it is irresponsible at the least and criminal at worst. Now, not all dogs are violent. Not all pitbulls are dangerous, but that dog had a history as does the radical Muslim. Not all Muslims are dangerous, but now, today, in this world of a war on terrorism, it is not the Christians cutting the heads off of Muslims, it is not Catholics strapping bombs to their chest to blow up innocent people, it is not Buddhists that are shooting up discos in Paris or train stations in Belgium. If we in America want to get serious about terrorism, we will need to define what it is to be an American, define who the enemy is and enable our military and police to fight them AND USE THE MEDIA. Otherwise, every little encroachment they make onto our freedoms is a win for them and yet another erosion of what it is to be an American. You can not reason with a charging pitbull. You need to hit it so hard, it stops them where they are. It is the only thing it understands. It is the only thing it respects.


I was late to the game. I had heard of the show called Firefly by Josh Whedon but had not watched it. Then, it was cancelled after just one season. Then, with so much anger from fans of the show, a movie was made called Serenity. I bing watched the Firefly show and oddly enough, loved it. Imagine a sci-fi show in the future that still has elements of the ol’ west. The captain carries a side arm that looks like a futuristic revolver yet pilots a ship that oddly enough looks like a firefly but and the engine glows like the firefly. So I had to watch the movie. The premise reminded me of what is going on in America today. Social engineering at its worst.

It is disappointing that the show did not get a chance at a second season. The writers and Josh Whedon had a vision…a nice storyline that put all the puzzle pieces together nicely, but because of Hollywierd, the show was cancelled. Luckily, enough of the fan base complained enough and Josh and crew were able to cram all that story telling into a movie called Serenity. We see that the government had tried to social engineer a colony on a planet by adding a drug to the atmosphere to remove all agression from people. The government was playing God and thought they knew better for the people. But what happened was the majority of the people just stopped caring. They did not even care about living. But a minority became very agressive and murderous and became killing monsters. They were called Reevers. This is where the crew of Serenity, specifically captain Reynolds said ‘ Y’all got on this boat for different reasons, but y’all come to the same place. So now I’m asking more of you than I have before. Maybe all. Sure as I know anything, I know this – they will try again. Maybe on another world, maybe on this very ground swept clean. A year from now, ten? They’ll swing back to the belief that they can make people… better. And I do not hold to that. So no more runnin’. I aim to misbehave.’

I aim to misbehave. Meaning Captain Reynolds was not going to allow the government to continue to act like God. That he was going to do his best to get the information out to the public so that the government could not continue in the safety of annonymity.

So, now take a look at America today. Those that have ears listen as is said in the bible. The attorney General has said she wants to prosecute citizens who deny man made global warming. The LGTB have been successful in removing a businessmans rights to refuse service to those that he believed was against his religious beliefs. Liberals have removed God or any mention of God or the bible from schools or the courts. We have a generation or two of people the have bellied up to the government bar so to speak to take what they have not earned. Politicians in both parties want porous boarders for a new generation of voters or cheap labor. We are no longer allowed to call them illegal aliens but undocumented foreigners. What does all these have in common? The first ammendment to the Constitution of the United States of America give us the right to speak our minds, so the enemies of freedom must find another way of controling thought. When was the last time you heard the full ‘N’ word. Even in this blog post, I am remiss in using the full word. How about Spike, Kike, WOP, Wetback, Half Breed, Cracker, Faggot, Dyke, Chink or Zip? Speach control. The Confederate battle flag is forbidden but the ISIS battle flag is cool. Ditch your big gas guzzling Ford pickup and get a Toyota Prius instead. Forget about learning early American history, read Harry Potter instead. Focus on a retired Army General who violated his oath to not divulge Top Secret information but elect a woman who has done it over a hundred times for President and sweep her illegal actions under the rug. Thought control. People control. Look at UN resolution 21. Social engineering at its worst. I said it before. Incrimentalism. Would a young man today recognize America of 1950? Would a young man of 1950 recognize America now? Would our founding fathers recognize their country now and would they be proud or ashamed? The signers of the Declaration of Independance gave their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to give us the chance to live our lives without the government telling us how to live. Remember, the Constitution of the United States of America is a tool for us citizens to control the government, not for government to control its citizens. Thought control, people control. I want to live my life as I see fit. I want to worship God in a way I see fit. I want to work and earn money the way I see fit. As long as I do all that without infringing on your right to live your life the way you see fit and in a legal manner, I should be able to. So should you. So should we all.


In one of my earlier posts, I mentioned that in elementary school  I had to write a report on Russia. I was sick on the day that everyone was choosing the attractive countries like France, Italy, Spain and even Canada. The next day, my teacher informed me that I was assigned Russia by default, as it was the only remaining country. Now, back when I was in elementary school, there was no Google, there were no computers in everyones home nor was there any internet. No, my generation had to work. We had to go to the library and travel agencies and use things like encyclopedias. I even had to look at old newspaper articles on microfiche machines To say that I was resistant would have been an understatement. I learned alot about Russia and socialism. I still remember alot of it and that knowlege has stuck with me and has helped mold my political views. To sum up what I remember is that socialism removes choices and it is the government that decides for you where capitalism leaves the choices to the individual.

In Russia, or the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republic) the government was run by the political elite and was the model of socialism based on the teachings of Karl Marx. The motto was ‘From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs’, but it was the government that decided what your needs and abilities were. While in school, the government decided what you would do for a career, you had no choice. It was the government that decided what you needed to survive. If you wanted to be a doctor but the government decided you would be better as a plumber, then you became a plumber. It was also the government that determined how much you would get paid and how much you paid in taxes. It was government that decided for you, you had very little choice.

Lets say you wanted a car. You had to petition the government and plead your case as to why you needed a car. The government then would tell you whether or not you could buy a car. Now that you had a car, you still had to go thru check points that the government had along the highways. ‘Papers please’ was what you heard as you drove up to each checkpoint. You had to have travel papers specifying what and why you needed to go. Your car and all contents would be searched before you could proceed. Sounds like Oceana from the book 1984 doesnt it? I am not being fair though, you did have choices. If you wanted toilet paper, your choice was to goto a government distribution center and wait for your few rolls or goto a blackmarket distributor, and wait for your few rolls or you could just do without toilet paper so you did have choices.

Blue jeans and bubblegum. You are thinking ‘what?’ Things like blue jeans and bubble gum were nearly impossible to get. There was a black market for certain goods that people wanted. Some people used to travel to Russia with extra blue jeans and sell them on the black market. And you really needed to be careful of what you said because all the hotels were bugged by the government. Yes, even the bathrooms. Imagine being the guy that was assigned to monitor your hotel room. If you were getting ‘jiggy with it’ someone might be listening. And look over your shoulder there bud. That guy in a black raincoat might be following you. It was the hight of the cold war and no one trusted anyone. Oh, did I mention that religion was forbidden and a Bible was contriban? Better hide that Saint Christopher necklace. This is not taught in schools today, but I had to learn it from many different sources for my report. I learned that socialism in all of its forms removed choices and limited its citizenry. Communism has never worked in any form. People yearn to be free. Throught history, communism has never worked.

Now, look at America. We have the liberals crawling more and more to the left. Barack Hussein Obama was classified as the most liberal senator before running for President, even slightly more liberal than Hillary Clinton. But now, Hillary Clinton is embroiled in many felonious activities and, like any good communist, will twist the truth to avoid criminal prosecution.. She has done hundreds of times which just once demands jail time. Not to mention the multitude of people that were freinds of the Clintons that were found dead in the late 90’s. I will never forget a friend of the Clintons whos death certificate reads suicide after being shot many times in the back with a shotgun. Our students are being indoctrinated by flower child druggies of the 60’s who want to relive their protests of yesteryear. They dont want to teach reading, writing and arithmetic but instead, want no mention of God, the Bible… they want abortion on demand, and making gay, lesbian or transgendered a minority class which makes it a crime to refuse to photograph their wedding. So it turns out that Nakita Khruschev was correct in stating ‘we will bury you’, but maybe not in the manner he thought. Incrimentalism, like the frog in a pot. Drop a frog in boiling water and he will try to jump out. Place a frog in lukewarm water and slowly turn up the heat, he will be cooked without trying to escape. So has America gone. We, the people are the frog and socialism is the heat. Drop an American in the 1960’s USSR and he will try to escape communism. But slowly erode American principles and slowly build a socialist infastructure and that American will vote for Bernie, er Hillary, er communism. Why else do you think that over 40 percent of Americans are begging for communism. They wear Che Gaverra tshirts and demand God be removed from schools and courts then demand free stuff like free cell phones and college and food and … the list goes on. If you are one of these anti freedom socialist clamoring for communism, get ready. Thomas Jefferson once said ‘”Government that is big enough to give everything you need and want is also strong enough to take it away.’ It is time America got a true education on the dangers of anti-capitalism or you can remove the stars from the American flag, replace it with a hammer and sycle and rename the USA ‘Union of Soviet Socialist America’.

Part of the problem

Have you ever gone to the DMV? I used to live in the Peoples Republic of Khalifornia and I always hated going to the DMV. Actually, any government bureacracy is the very model of inefficiency. People would be wise to bring a packed lunch and an assortment of video entertainment on your smartphone. Even with an appoitment, you will be waiting in line. Not to mention the uncomfortable chairs the waiting room is stocked with. They feel and look like rejects from the 1960’s and are hard on your back.

Today, I did my civic duty. No, I did not participate in Jury Duty, which I have done eight times already. I volunteered to be a deligate for my counties Republican Party. A true grass roots effort to bring back sanity to a chaotic world. I was one of three selected delegates representing my precinct. The other two delegates were like myself in that they felt the need to get involved so they could try to reverse the destructive direction of our nation, state and county.

It is interesting in that we volunteered to serve and we have to pay to be said volunteers. To be honest, $12 dollars is not much to help defray the overall cost of the day. The facilities were rented and lunch was provided, so, it was not bad. But, get there at 8 AM to pay and verify your identity and credentials, basically to verify you are a delegate that was chosen at the caucus. The assembly started at 9AM, er really closer to 9:30AM. You sit in chairs which are hard plastic and made to be stacked on top of each other for easy storage and made for the buttocks of a young, pert teenager. Also, the chairs hook to each other to make it easier to create rows which are too narrow. If I crossed my legs, my foot would be in the lap of the person to the right or left. (I am conservative, so I tend to cross my right leg. Hmm). The leadership tries to follow parlimentary rules yet proceed to a fairly quick pace. Yeah, quick pace. Right.

My advice to the counties party leadership…we can not continue to proceed like it is 1950. Technology and society has progressed. We have tablet computers and smart phones. But no wifi in the facilities. I needed to get information on two candidates for a county position. I tried to Google the information but was unsuccessful. So I went to the parties county website and still could not find what I needed. The website was not optimized for mobile devices which is a bad sign and let me tell you why… the party must attract younger members to survive. Younger members dont use laptop computers anymore. They use mobile devices. I looked at the opposition website and it looked slightly more attractive. A younger member of society will be attracted to the opposition just by the fact that they took more time to optimize the website for the younger audience.

Now, I truly believe that conservatism works everytime it is practice and that there will be a brighter future for myself and my kids if we, as a county, get back to the tenants of the founding fathers and distance ourselves from any form of socialism, but we had better learn to be more attractive to younger people to survive. Our opposition is acting like Santa Claus and making promises that can not be kept but is attracting the younger crowd. Just saying. I wish the leadership would read this and act on it as I am almost never wrong, as I had a thorough education. I was not taught by socialist teachers. Oh, don’t tell my wife that I think I am almost never wrong. She might disagree.

All lives matter

There has been, as of late, alot of media coverage of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ crowd. A politician, at his press coverage was boo’d when he corrected the Black Lives Matter crowd and said that all lives matter. I would like to study that statement and the conditions that brought about this movement.

Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were two young men with futures ahead of them. As with all of us, events in our lives cause us to make choices. Those choices will, in great part, dictate our future. In both of these young mens lives, life presented them a choice. In both cases, these young men chose poorly and their actions dictated there fate. Now, there are people that will take advantage of a tragedy to advance their own evil agenda as is the case here. Men, who call themselves ‘Men of God’ take the opportunity to keep hatred alive. Men like the Reverend Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson and the closet muslim Reverend Jeremiah Wright, live in the hatred of the 60’s and want to keep this hatred alive. These leaders of hate used the unfortunate deaths of these men to advance their agenda of hate. Remember ‘Hands up, dont shoot’ which was a lie perpetrated by these pervayors of hate, these are the same people behind the Black Lives Matter crowd.

Of course black lives matter. Of course brown lives matter. And white and olive and yellow lives matter. ALL LIVES MATTER because mankind was fashioned after the image of God. To attack anyone saying All Lives Matter and instead insist Black Lives Matter, you are making Black lives more important than anyone else.

So, lets look at reality, since we all live here. Law enforcement are trained to asses a situation and prioritize life. Hostages or victims (people currently being threatened with death by criminals/terrorists) are priority one. Innocent Bystanders (people not being threatened, just in the area) are priority two. LEO’s are third THEN the life of the Criminals. Yes, the life of the criminal is important but because of their criminal behavior, their lives are lower on the priority list. Notice I emphasised their behavior as the reason for deprioritisation.

Civilians protecting their lives and property are given a little more leway because they are not a sworn law enforcement officer. They are: Family then Yourself then Innocent bystanders then the Criminals. Again, it is the actions and behavior of the criminal that places their lives lower on the prioritisation list. The criminal has chosen to place innocent lives at risk by their very actions. They risk forfeiture of their lives because of their actions.

It does not matter if a criminal is black or white or brown, and it does not matter the age of the criminal whether they are 50 or 25 or 13. It is their criminal behavior that dictates their fate. If someone breaks into my house, I do not know their intentions. I will have but a few short seconds to asses the situation and act. I will not have time to ask ‘excuse me Mr bad guy, but why did you break into my house? How old are you? What is your ethnic background? Is that a gun in your hand and if so, what do you intend to do with it? Do you know what you are doing is wrong?’

It is a tragedy that young men choose to commit crime. It is a tragedy that they feel it is easier to take what is not theirs. It is a tragedy that they feel it neccessary to risk their lives and the lives of others to commit a crime. And it is a tragedy if they kill or injure innocent people or if they are killed or injured themselves. Because ALL LIVES MATTER, and if you know and believe that, then you will be less likely to commit a crime in the first place. Remember, your fate in life is largely dictated by your choices that you make, not your ethnicity.

War on poverty ?

I am a child of the 60’s, but not like you think. I watched TV shows like Gilligan’s Island, I dream of Genie, I Love Lucy and The Honeymooners. Watching the Skipper, Gilligan, the millianair and his wife, the movie star, the profesor and the ever lovely Mary Ann living on a deserted Island alway made me chuckle as a child. How in the world was the professor able to take coconuts and vines and other stuff found on the island and fashion new batteries for that old, janky radio? And everyone had their own hut, the skipper and gilligan had one, Thurston Howle and his wife had one, Ginger and Mary Ann had one and the professor had his own. Now, these huts were made of thicket that reminded me of huts you would see pictured in Time magazine from places like villiges in Africa or Borneo. We don’t see huts fashioned like that here in America and I certainly did not see any growing up in Los Angeles.

Years later, my wife and I were been blessed in that we were allowed to participate in our church’s outreach program. We were commissioned to goto Mandalay Myanmar, Yangoon Myanmar and a village named Porta de Mango in Nyarit Mexico in short term missionary trips. Even though it has been over ten years, those trips changed our lives forever. We witnessed many things that let us know God was ever present with us.

I believe Christians that are active in their church are more grounded than the liberals in our government. When you see people living in the street, washing in the pool of water in a pothole in the street, that is true poverty. When a man builds his house with a teak foundation but still has a thicket walls and roof…with only one chair for the patriarch of the family and everyone else has a grass mat to sit on and lie on, and he is concidered working class, you have a clearer perspective on what is truely poor. When the poor chew on a red pod to reduce hunger cravings that turns their teeth red, and yet the poor people in America still get government assistance like reduced cost apartments with air conditioning, color TV and a government cell phone with government cheese and food from the food bank, you have a better understanding of what true poverty is. I saw people building a small hut made of discarded cardboard and tape. I saw villages of huts that looked like a set of  Gilligans Island. When a person witnesses true poverty, you can’t see the poor in America the same. When you witness true hunger, you have a better appreciation for what you have back here in America.

I am thankful to God for what I have. I grew up in a loving family. I recieved a good education. My parents sacrificed for my sister and myself so that we had everything we needed, and alot of what we wanted. I have been blessed with good health so far. I have two grown children that are productive members of society with lives and families of their own. And I am blessed to be a grandpa. And I still have a great relationship with my family. I recognise the blessings of God and what I have. But remember, what I have, I had to earn. I have a good education but I still had to study. I have a car, but I had to earn the money for it. I have a house that my wife and I work hard for.

With the condition of our country and the contentious political environment, it makes me mad to see Americans still claiming how poorly we Americans treat the poor and disinfranchised. I see a large chunk of my paycheck being forcibly taken by the federal and state government with the purpose of taking care of the less fortunate. I see long lines at the foodbank. I see people getting subsidised housing. I see more people going without today after over seven years of President Obama than before. With over seven years of ever increased socialism, I see fewer opportunities for people to provide for themselves, and more tax burden for those left working to support those that are not.

After Observing what I have in my life, I have come to the conclusion that poverty is slavery. A poor person is reliant on someone else for his food and housing. The government becomes the master. Freedom comes from self reliance. The less reliant you are to someone else, the more free you are. And the inverse it true…the more reliant you are to someone else, the less free you are.

Here, in 2016, you have but one choice for the future. Vote for more government/less freedom or less government/more freedom. Hillary Clinton represents more government and more socialism. How ironic that a country founded on freedom, has become less and less free. Remember, Gilligan et al had to rely on themselves to survive. There was no government to give them food or clothing or housing. And the war on poverty was not…NOT supposed to make more poverty, but that is what it has created.

The shakiest gun in the west

Don Knotts, of the Andy Griffith TV show, always played the same character. A skinny, scared man trying to look not so skinny and not so scared. Just like his character Barnie Fife with his one bullet in his shirt pocket, he made several movies where he was basically the same. The ghost and Mr. Chicken, The reluctant astronaut and The shakiest gun in the west were basically the same character. In ‘The Shakiest gun in the West’, there are several scenes where his character is holding a gun, and you would swear that if he shot the gun, the safest place to be would be right in front of Don Knotts. Imagine being so nervous, that if you shot the gun, it would ricochet off a rock, then a lamp, off the beak of an eagle, down to the empty whiskey bottle, across to the wagon wheel and into your own foot.

Now, I have been shooting a gun since the age of 5, properly supervised. I goto the local range so much, I am known by all the employees by my first name. I have put thousands of rounds downrange and killed plenty of paper targets. To say that I know how to shoot a gun might be an under statement. I have shot in a police simulator, competed against a S.W.A.T. officer in a ‘Hogans Ally’ type simulator firing a live handgun (and beat the SWAT officer by the way), and routinely fire at NRA standard targets at 25 and 50 feet firing a broad range of firearms from .22 to .357 magnum to .45 ACP and have shot the center out of many a targets. Let me create the proper scenario for you…

First, you must create the proper sight picture. On a Bomar style adjustable sight, you place the front sight in between the rear sights at the same level, perfectly centered so that the front sight has the same distance from the left and right side of the rear sight. Perfectly level so the front sight is not higher or lower than the rear sight. Once you have the proper sight picture, while focusing on the front sight, you align the sight picture to the target. Imagine a coffee can, where the bottom is painted black. Now put the coffee can on its side at shoulder level 75 feet downrange. Now, hold the handgun with one hand, creating your sight picture perfectly below the (slightly blurred) black dot down range so that the black circle is perfectly centered on the front sight. Now gently pull back on the trigger so as not to pull the front of the gun to the left or right as you pull back on the trigger. Dont forget to control your breathing and be accutely aware of your heart beat. You want to take a deep breath, let it out, repeat, then on the third breath, while exhaling, time the shot between heart beats and, one last thing, the shot should be a suprise meaning you should not know the exact moment the gun fires so as not to flinch (a natural reaction to firing a gun). Do this 10 times. Oh, did I forget to mention that the average gun, without some kind of red dot sight system will be approx. 40 ounces empty? Add 5 rounds of ammo (10 if shooting the non timed string of the tournemant) and hold that straight out with one hand while performing all that which was mentioned above.

Does that all sound simple? Now, there is a difference between simple and easy. The above is simple, but not easy. I went to my first NRA style tournement recently and felt like Don Knotts in ‘The shakiest gun in the west’. When I saw my targets, I thought to myself ‘there are only 9 holes in this target. Where did the tenth one go?’. Like in golf where you sacrifice a ball at every water hazard to the ‘golf gods’?

There is one more factor which I did not mention above. Nervousness. The body, when under stress, goes into ‘fight or flight’ mode which releases (dumps) adrenaline into your blood stream. This is an autonomic responce which increases the heart rate and hightens all of your senses so your body can respond to the situation. Adding that much adrenaline to your system distorts your sense of time and reduces you fine motor skills. The front of my gun looked like Don Knotts trying to aim his gun while nervous. The target was in no danger from my bullets as I fired. Now remember, I have been shooting for a long time and was conditioned to know how my gun would fire.

Now, my father is the one mostly responsible for teaching me all this. I know what he will say when he reads this ( after a chuckle of course). Practice so that your bodies response to the adrenaline dump can be controlled and minimalised. You will never eliminate it, but you can prepare for it and practise. Practice, practice, practice then practice some more. But when the range master yells the ‘fire’ command, do you think you could remember all that? Thats what I thought.

Eww, poo!

Have you ever watched the show ‘Mythbusters’? While I don’t agree with Adam or Jamie’s religious or political views, these two and their crew put a lot of research and practical physics into proving or disproving myths. There was one myth that they took on that was ‘can you polish a turd?’

Yes, you read that right. You have heard the term ‘polishing a turd’ before. Turd, crap, poop, excriment, recycled vegetable matter, manure, or as Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs would say ‘poo’. Now, for the genteel readers, I will just use the term poo, the least objectional term.

So, Jamie and Adam chose to prove or disprove the myth that you can polish poo. As memory has it, one chose poo from a carnivore and the other chose poo from an herbivore. And the two proceeded to research and then try and proceed to polish their chosen poo. They were in fact able to fashion the poo into a bell and polish it. If memory serves correctly, the carnivore did turn out to be more reflective than the herbivore. I think it was because of too much undigested grass and straw, but both Adam and Jamie did, in fact polish poo. Both used gloves and had masks but using a method to polish clay, they polished what came out of the south end of a northbound animal. They used calibrated equipment to measure which was more polished but in the end, no pun intended, they still were holding poo.

Now, the establishment Republican leadership is trying to force feed everyone Marco Rubio. This Senator has to my knowledge never ran anything. No company, no state, not even a lemonade stand. His record while in the Senate is very poor. He is absent more than he is present. If I were a boss, I would fire an employee with his kind of record. The establishment Republican leadership is so panicked that they would rather prop up and make look good Marco Rubio than actually do their jobs and support Ted Cruz, the conservative candidate. To me, it is like polishing a turd. His record while in the Senate is appalling. This is the guy that they want to have as the most powerful man in politics? I think he would actually be nothing more than a puppet who’s strings are being manipulated by the republicrates in leadership.

So, in the end, Marco Rubio may look good on the outside, he is still flawed and full of shhhh (you thought I would say it, hah?) But no matter how polished Marco Rubio is made by the establishment Republican leadership, you still in the end have nothing more than a polished turd.


Those of you that have read my blogs know that I am what I call myself a Conservative. The first election that I was old enough to participate in was the Presidential election in 1980 and I am proud to announce that I cast my ballot for Ronald Reagan. Lovingly called Renaldus Magnus, he was the governor for the state of California and before that, he ran the S.A.G. or Screen Actors Guild. The actor turned politician, while not perfect, understood freedom and the Constitution of the United States of America. He had a vision for the direction of this country and like Winston Churchill, surounded himself with people that would help him lead this country in that direction.

Here in the year of our Lord 2016, we are witness to the self distruction of our country and the Republican party. The Republican party leaders are republican in name only, RINO’s, and have become so corrupt, they can not see what they have become. Like Dorian Gray, whos evil was absorbed by his painting so he maintained an outward appearance of youth and beauty, so the Republican party leaders have become. The painting, that is hidden, is conservatism itself. Freedom is damaged incrimentally as the cancer that is Washington D.C. continues to twist the Constitution into a document that controls the people instead of government. So afraid of an incumbant nominee that is not from the establishment, they are willing to snatch defeat from the jaws of an apparent victory.

You know that I do not trust Donald Trump and instead prefer Ted Cruz as the Republican nominee for president. Neither person is liked by the Republican establishment so much, that they are willing to destroy both candidated for an establishment candidate in Marco Rubio. The Republican establishment have even gone to digging up the looser Mitt Romney to attack the two incumbant nominees and float a meme in that Hillary Clinton would be a better president than either of the two.

I never thought that the establishment Republican party would stoop so low as to suggest that a communist angry woman, wife of a womanizer, a criminal liar and an enabler would be a better candidate for president than an insurgent conservative candidate like Ted Cruz or a person the likes of Donald Trump.

I have heard associates and friends threaten to not vote if Donald Trump becomes the nominee. Like childish kindergarteners, they say I’d I don’t get my way, I will take my toys and leave’. It is that attitude that gave us an additional term of Berry’s Insane Oh bummer. There is too much at stake to be childish, and there are no more childish, selfish scared little minded men than those in possitions of leadership in the Republican party. Like Dorian Gray, they can’t see the painting that they have distorted with their evil ways. They still see themselves as the more intelligent upper class intelects that know better than Joe Sixpack, you know….the average hard working American. They would do well to see the truth. They do not see that they caused over 4 million conservatives to stay home in 2012 instead of vote for Mitt Romney giving us another four years of Obama and his ilk.

The American people are mad at the Republican leadership. The leadership has lied. They have rolled over like the dog that gives up. Allowing America’s first black president to run roughshod over the Constitution of the United States of America and become a despot with almost no opposition from the Republican party, after begging the American people for a majority Senate AND House of Representatives. We gave it to them yet they wasted the opportunity. They don’t not see that a vote for Donald Trump is a virtual middle finger to the Republican leadership. They wonder where this anger comes from, but it comes from the republicrats posing as conservatives. They don’t see the average American citizen is actually worse off after 7 years of socialism. What is worse, is it doesn’t seem to matter to them. They want power. My dad told me (no, he did not make it up) power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Well, my grandma had a saying too. A new broom sweeps cleanly. It is time to fire everyone in the Republican leadership and replace them with REAL conservatives.

While I don’t want Donald Trump as president, he will be a better choice than Hillary Clinton. I prefer a real conservative in Ted Cruz, but I will vote for Donald Trump if he becomes the nominee because HE WILL BE A BETTER PRESIDENT THAN HILLARY CLINTON.