You can’t argue with a bot

Elon Musk is one of the richest men in the world today. He did not inheret his money, he earned it by being a bold visionary. He was so rich, he had, what we used to call “eff you money”. When he expressed an interest in purchasing Twitter, the political left went into full panic mode. And after he was forced to over pay for Twitter, the world got to learn the truth about Twitter version 1.0 and how it helped promote a mental moron into the office of the President of the United States of America. Elon looked at what he bought and started making changes to bring it (Twitter) into a state of profitability. So we will call the current company under Elon Musks leadership Twitter 2.0.

It was only after Elon purchased Twitter that I felt comfortable enough to join and watch/monitor/engage in todays political concourse. It was not until today that I experienced what some call Twitter Jail for what the Twitter bot called ‘cyber bullying’. My crime? Well, the thread was discussing Jane Fonda and her early years during the Viet Nam war. She engaged in giving aid and comfort to the enemy during war which is defined as ‘treason’ by:

Article III, Section 3

Treason , sedition mean disloyalty or treachery to one’s country or its government. Treason is any attempt to overthrow the government or impair the well-being of a state to which one owes allegiance; the crime of giving aid or comfort to the enemies of one’s government.

There are photos of Jane Fonda visiting the enemy, putting on the helmet of the enemy, sitting in an anti aircraft gun control chair and even sitting on the barrel of said anti aircraft gun smiling and laughing with the enemy and assuring them that she was one of the many anti war establishment in America at the time. That is a violation of Article III section 3 and is considered treason. I simply stated that her actions were a violation of the constitution and was considered treason. People convicted of treason are to recieve punishment of at least 5 years in prison and could include a punishment of death but instead she was allowed to return home, not be tried for treason and was allowed to earn millions of dollars working in Hollywood while still spreading her lies to the world.

The Twitter ‘bot’ considered my post as cyber bullying and I was instantly logged off of Twitter and informed that I had to delete my post. Once deleted, a timer of 12 hours was initiated before I could log back into Twitter. There was no way to contest my ‘Twitter Jail sentence’.

I do not blame Elon Musk, but the team that programmed the ‘bot’. Elon is not, I repeat NOT a conservative nor a republican. He is a businessman trying to make a flawed company prifitable. But I must ask, where were these ‘bots’ or sub-routines when there were so many ‘cyber bullying’ toward Donald Trump? Or against any right leaning political entity for that matter?

I will wear my sentence with pride as I did nothing wrong but simply state facts. It was not a threat nor was it ‘cyber bullying’. It has made me realize the time wasted on Twitter and continued use was and is a waste of time. So I deleted my post then deleted my account on Twitter. You can argue with a person but you can’t argue with a bot. Ask yourself this question, “how much of my life is controlled by a bot? I don’t wish Elon any ill will, but since Twitter was conceived and maintained with the idea of controlling peoples thoughts, how much time do you give to Twitter? Maybe it is time for you to delete your Twitter, Facebook and TikTok accounts and get back to real social interaction.

3 thoughts on “You can’t argue with a bot

  1. Jane Fonda is a pain in the #@$%, and has recently said the “prolifers should be murdered “.
    As a Christian I find it very hard to respond to this in a Christ like manner. Maybe this is a time that He would write in the dirt. I have never trusted the electrical gossip tools. I don’t participate on them.
    Why is it I should be murdered because I dislike the opinion of someone.? God gave us the right to choose for ourselves, we should agree to disagree. Period.


  2. i agree, God gives us the choice, but i must share this thought of mine, one thing that makes America an amazing country, is the fact that we can disagree and still be decent human beings, i once got into a disagreement with an individual because they said anyone who stomps on an American flag should be put to death, i did no agree, i said the same right for you to have that opinion, covers them to have the right to it, even if i think its idiotic and plain ole stupid, but thats my opinion. we have the right to our own opinions in this country and i say we should. we may not agree with others opinions and choices, and they wont to ours, but that is what makes us all different and unique just as God created us. once we all agree that we can disagree and still be fine, things would be alot better, why do some people think everyone must agree with them and that they are always right. i personally dont like the idea of war, war usually equals death, but i also dont believe you should go to the enemy and take pictures with them then come back to the US and make tons of money. my point is we all have different opinions, we all just need to deal with it.


    1. I agree with you in that the person stomping on the American flag should not be put to death. (If they set it on fire, can I pat the fire out on them though?) Freedom of speach doesn’t mean only speach you agree with but must also protect speach you disagree with. What I don’t agree with is the attempts to subvert the 1st amendment and punish those that, for instance, don’t use a prefered pronoun of someone that does not identify with male or female. I don’t care if you want to identify as an Amazonian green tree frog and with to be called ribbit. Don’t suck me into your mental psychosis. If I call you mister ribbit, I don’t want the anti-free speach patrol arresting me like in Canada. I will, however, still treat mister ribbit with respect, even if I think he or she is a loon.


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