The red pen

I remember in 6th grade, my teacher would use a red pen to correct our class work and home work. Sometimes, my work would be returned to me looking like it was stabbed and died. A red comma, red quotation marks, a word circled in red with the dredded ‘SP’ meaning that the word was misspelled. The teacher was trying to show you what your mistakes were and those marks were to show you what to look for in the future. Imagine turning in a book report with many spelling and grammatical errors, even the plot summary is wrong and no red marks to indicate what is wrong. The student would not learn. Isn’t that what students are supposed to do, learn? The teachers are to ‘teach’aren’t they? Those red marks prompted me to double and sometimes triple check my work. My parents taught me to write a rough draft first, then add to and correct it after my initial thoughts were put on paper. The first draft is a skeleton of my work, just to get the foundation in, so to speak. I learned to check my work thereby making my work better. Those red marks taught me and I became a better student because of them.

Later, in college, I recieved work back from my chemistry teacher with red marks in it. My handwritting was not clear in my stoiciometry homework and the teacher did not know what element I was refering to. Chemistry class is a terible place to make mistakes. Do not add ammonia to chlorine without knowing you will make the poisonous gas ammonium chloride. It is the same gas created when using chlorine bleach to clean up pet urine, or any urine for that matter. Those red marks could save your life.

But look at today’s schools, work is devoid of any red marks. Sometime ago, some self appointed experts claimed that it is bad to tell children that they are wrong. They said that if a child added 2 and 2 and came up with 5 to tell them that they are not wrong, that they will figure it out. It is more important to guard the childs self esteem than give them an actual education. Now, there are certain people in positions of authority that think that it is wrong to have standards. It is wrong to say that hard work is better than no work because some children can’t learn.

Look at participation trophies where all children get a trophy just for participating. Scores are not kept because it might make the children feel bad. Teachers don’t correct, they just encourage them to keep trying. I have said before that this type of thinking is bovine waste, road apples, camel dung, BS. I remember many years ago when women wanted to become firefighters. An honorable profession, but there were some that demanded the standards be lowered to allow some women to pass the test and become firefighters. That decision cost people their lives and the standards were returned to the former levels. Since the standards were lowered for the few women that could not carry a certain weight down a ladder, they risked the lives of their fellow firefighters and distressed citizens. I am all for women firefighters as long as they can pass the test. Life is not fair. It never has been and never will be.

Our forefathers knew that everyone had the right to persue happiness but not everyone had the same capacity to achieve it. Would you watch the superbowl if the quartedback was in a wheelchair? Should the Navy employ a deaf person in the post of a radarman? And I know that some of you might think the umpires in a baseball game are blind, but should the major leagues employ blind people as umpires? I hope you are not ignorant enough to say yes to any of those questions. Some people cant physically, mentally or emotionally handle certain situations but that does not mean they can’t persue happiness. I wanted to be the first marine biologist/astronaut on Mars but…. well, you figure it out.

It is our obligation to prepare our children for life, and we can’t do that while protecting their feeling from being hurt. Our children must be allowed to experience pain. That way, they can discover themselves the power from within to overcome adversity.

I am glad for all my red marks. They helped form who I am and how I interact with the world. My kids were not protected from red marks and learned how to interact and overcome adversities.  We owe it to our kids. If we can just help one child learn how to experience life, isn’t it worth it? Do it for our kids, otherwise the well educated morons from The left will continue to destroy the next generation.


You remember the line. “We have to send you back to the future”. The iconic movie of 1985, Dr. Emmet Brown made a time machine “out of a DeLorean?” The Flux capacitor allowed the occupant of the DeLorean to travel thru time, as long as you got up to 88 Miles per hour. It has been a dream of mankind to travel thru time, for a long time.

As you may have guessed, I love science fiction. Some science fiction tries to warn mankind of the evils if they do not change like “The Day the Earth Stood Still”. The original, not the piece of crap starring Keanu Reeves. Or “Logan’s Run” or the relatively forgotten “Soylent Green”. Yet others are made out of fear of the future like “1984” or “Equilibrium” or “Divergent”. Or what about my favorite “Twilight Zone” or Outer Limits” which brings attention to many of man’s fears and other ‘deadly sins’? But what, you might ask, do I mean by “timeless”. Some of those movies and TV episodes can be timeless.

I remember my parents exposing me to fine art by taking me to museums. I saw “Pinkie” and “Blue Boy” at the Huntington museum of fine art. . I saw beautiful works of art that transend time itself. One can be moved emotionally by gazing into the works of the masters. Some of the art I saw were hundreds of years old. Yet at another museum, I saw things that were thousands of years old.  But am I referring to art when I say “timeless?”

What about music? The Los Angeles Philharmonic visited my High School and opened up the beauty of classical music to me. Brahms, Tchaikovsky,Beethoven, Ravel or Bach certainly have composed timeless works of music. My iPod has many works of the masters on the memory chips. In a hundred years, I doubt anyone will be listening to Madonna or Lady Gaga. And very few remember the punk rock group “The Lizard Tongues”

Are you straining your brain trying to figure out what I mean by “Timeless”? After all, that term means different things to different people depending on the context.

God is timeless. The Bible teaches us that God has no beginning and will have no end. (John 1:1, he was there before the beginning). Our mortal bodies have a beginning and will have an end. (Romans 8:2, Jesus saves us from the law of Sin and Death). The Bible teaches us that our souls have a beginning but will have no end. We were created by God (Jeremiah 1:5, God formed us in the womb)

I liken it to God sitting in his Lazy Boy recliner watching “The History of the World” on a heavenly High Defenition large screen projector. He has seen the movie so many times, he has the script memorized. We still have free will, but he has seen what our choice will be. You see, we are linear creatures. Because we have a beginning and will have an end AND we lack the ability to travel back in time, once a moment has passed, it is in the past. But God has this great remote control that can reverse or fast forward. Slow motion or fast replay. 3D projection. (Imagine the angels eating popcorn watching you and you making the decisions that you make). But just because He has seen the movie of your life and knows how your life turns out does not mean you do not and did not have free will. But Timeless goes beyond that.

Mankind has a hole in his spirit that only God himself can fill. We may chose to fill that hole with things that are not so nice, but mankind feels empty and instinctively tries to fill that hole. Every since Adam and Eve were cast from the Garden of Eden and damaged the relationship they had with God, mankind has been trying to ‘fill the void’. The search for God is timeless. Every since Adam and Eve, mankind has written about Him and worshipped him. Mans search for meaning and the search for God is timeless. But timeless goes beyond that also.

Think about it. God has the ultimate control over time. A million years is but a second to Him, and a second is a million years. We are bound by time. Steven Hawking, the smartest idiot on earth, has spent a lifetime trying to understand what ‘Time’ is. He claims to have gazzed into the heart of the universe and could not see God so Mr. Hawking says that He, meaning God, does not exist, but how can you not see God thru his work while gazzing into the depth of the universe? It is natural for us linear beings, trapped by the passage of time, to think God is bound by time also.

But the moment our mortal bodies cease functioning and release our soul, we enter into Gods time. In 1 Thessalonians 4:13 thru 18, we learn that when the Lord comes, those that are ‘asleep in Christ’ will rise to meet him in the clouds. It is not that those that died before us have been waiting for a day, a week, a year or even a millenia, to them, they will have just died. Think of it this way. A man dies just before the ‘Coming of the Lord’. His parents died 10 years before that and his grandparents died 20 years before that. But in 1 Thessalonians we learn that we will all awaken and rise up to meet Christ in the clouds at the same time. To his parents and grand parents, no time will have passed. It will be as if they had just died. We will stop being linear and enter God time. That is what I mean by the term “Timeless”. Our souls break free from the chains of time as we join Christ in the clouds to be escorted to heaven.

That will be the ultimate ‘time trip’ in my opinion. Yes, God is “Timeless”. What does that term mean to you now? I know I have the ‘hope’ of Christ. If you also share in that hope, share it with others. I promise, by sharing it, the hope grows and does not diminish.

The further ‘pussification’ of America

I remember in my college chemistry class, the instructor telling us on day one that we are going to be handling volitile chemicals and that we need to be careful and follow instructions. There was risk involved in taking the class but I was willing to take the risk for knowlege.

The instructor had spent many years in the private sector working with volitile chemicals and she, too, willingly took the risk. It turns out that one of the chemicals she worked with caused cancer. She died one night in her swimming pool of a heart attack.

Life has risks. You are not garanteed safety. I believe it was one of Americas founding fathers that coined the phrase ”He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security.” Another way of saying that is ‘Those that trade freedom for safety deserve neither’. I believe that life hold inherent risks and rewards.

I have been becoming more and more annoyed with these TV commercials from legal firms that promise money from major companies from class action lawsuits. You have heard them before…If you or a loved one has died from (insert physical ailment here) and took (insert drug here) then you might be eligable for financial compensation. All prescripion drugs have risks. There is no risk free pharmecutical drug. That is why your doctor and you discuss the side effects and risks and that you must agree to accept those risks in treating your ailment. But you take the risk because not taking your medication could be worse than taking your medication.

In my mid 20’s, I had an alergic reaction to penicillin. It is up to me to make sure that my healthcare provider knows that and I take an alternative drug. I do not think that I have the right to sue the manufacturer of penicillin or any drug because I have an adverse reaction to it. In biology we learn that all people, while our bodies are 95 % similar, that everyone has slightly different body chemistry. That is why there are drug trials to check how a drug will interact with differing body chemistry and potential side effects.

In America, the liars, er, lawyers have created a new religion and it is victimhood. The judges and lawyers are the priests and the clients are the parisheners and everyone must bow down to the idol of ‘lady justice’.

I was not raised to be a victim nor a pussy. When my doctor discusses medicine with me, I ask questions and make an informed choice. Life has risks. I am not garanteed safety and I am not willing to trade my freedom for safety. If you are willing, you are the problem and you truely deserve neither safety nor freedom.

Playing God

I remember as a very young child, tying a string to a Hot Wheel and pulling it behind me. When my mother ask me what I was doing, I said ‘I am playing God’. Yet another time as a child, I wanted to hide from God, so I put a large cardboard box over me thinking that if I could hide from my parents, I could hide from God.

As I got older and learned more about God, I started to have a better understanding of who and what God is. Then, I remember before Christmas when I was in fourth grade, my mother lead me to Christ and I started my path as a christian. As I grew in Christ, I learned and understood more about who God is and how He wanted a personal relationship with me as not only savior and Lord, but friend. Yet through all this, I still have free will.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my grandfather was a close friend of mine. I liked spending time with this facsinating man. In his last days on earth, he was in great pain. One of the last times he was able to come to the dinner table, he prayed thanking the Almighty God for his life and everything he had. I found it odd that he is thanking God for his pain. But he was actually thanking God for his life, the good and bad. The last time I saw my grandpa, he was in too much pain to get out of bed. He had tubes coming out of him and you could tell that he was in pain by his continance. He looked up at me and said that life is worth fighting for. God is in control. He was teaching me up to his last moment that God was still in control of his life. That means that not only did God know how much pain he was in, but when my grandpa would die and go to heaven.

Forward a few years and we learn about a man named Dr. Kevorkian. This man was breaking the law by advising and creating a way for people to end their lives at their choice. I understand that people in great pain with a low quality of life think about suicide. I have one thing to say about that… you do not have the right to play God. One of the commandments teaches us ‘thou shalt not kill’. Actually, it would be more acurate to translate that as ‘thou shalt not commit murder’. The reason is explained. God said in Genesis that He made man (mankind) in His image. By murdering, you are taking away the life of someone God made in His image. No one has the right to take away the life that God gave us exept God himself. Even our founding fathers of this country understood this when they said that All men have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Since only God can give life, it is only God that has the right to end life. By commiting suicide, you are playing God. You are telling God that you know better than Him. Suicide is a form of murder.

Those that believe in God must reconcile in their heads that God is in control. Life is a gift and as my grandpa said, it is worth fighting for.

The beginning of the end?

OK. I did my civic duty. I was elected as a delegate to my states republican convention. I went yesterday. I woke up at 3:30 am so I could leave at 4:00 am to get to the convention center that it was being held at by 7:00 am. I paid $10 to park and another $65 to have the honor of being my districts delegate. I was one of nearly 4000 elected delegates and there were nearly that many alternates. Add the media and staff and guests and you can see nearly 8000 people conviened into a convention center from 7:00 am until around 5:00 pm. I got home after 8:00 pm last night. We heard from candidates for senate, congress, state offices, delegates to Wisconsin that will represent our state and we even got to hear from presidential candidate Ted Cruz. I was maybe 60 feet from him and he said all the right things you would expect from someone wanting to become the most influential man in the world. Donald Trump and John Kasich neglected to show up. But what i realized is that the republican party has very little concern for its members. The seating is barely sufficient for an average person watching a sport event for a couple of hours, but for the average delegate, 8 to 10 hours in those seats and my body is achy today. But I saw people range in age from early 20’s to late 70’s and from fairly good health to people on oxygen to motorized wheelchairs to do their civic duty. Those conditions would stress anyone out.

People running for major offices got 15 minutes to speak, minor offices recieved less time. People wanting to be a delegate  to the presedential convention got 10 seconds. So, after the Pledge of Alegience, the singing of our National Anthem and yes, we had a pastor give a prayer, the rest of the time was spent listening to people state why they were running for a particular position in government.

Again, it shows that the republican party is stuck in the 50’s. Today, everyone uses a smart phone or has a mobile device of somekind. The facility did not have a hotspot available and actually had reduced cell coverage. I had 1 bar of 3g and many people had a similar experience. Each county was responsible for its own delegates and my county was one of many that was unprepared and unorganized. In many aspects, a band of horney chimpanzies could have acted more organized. Everybodies time is valuable and it is the responsibility of the party to show respect for everyones sacrifice by making it easier for us to justify our time. If the party was to have all candidates websites up and available for us to research and make wireless available for everyone that uses a mobile device, that would go along way in showing respect for our time. Also, since the venue was known months in advance, if each county arrived early enough to help direct people find the correct seating i.e. where delegates sit vs where alternates sit. help with special needs delegates i.e. those in wheelchairs or those on oxygen. How about an email to all delegates and alternates as to the cost of parking. At the very least, start on time.

My point is, thousands of people throught my state took time out of their lives to participate in choosing representatives, the least our party leaders could do is show respect for our time by not wasting it. By wasting our time and making it painful and potentially dangerous by choosing that venue, our party leadership is disrespecting us. Much like the main party leadership disrespects us by playing the back, smoke filled roomsto try to create a contended convention. Mitt Romney, and the republican leadership lost in 2012 not because Obama was a great leader but because enough republicans felt disenfranchised that over 4 million republican voters stayed home. The republican leadership all need to be fired and fresh new people put in their place. By playng these games, the leadership is being  shortsided and obtuse and will eventually give the election to Hillary Clinton in 2016. And that will be the beginning of the end for not only the republican party, but our country as well.