Weak and empty



Tuesday, May 7th 2019 in Highlands Ranch, CO., another school shooting occured. One of the students hated God, his fellow students and president Donald Trump. He had. pentagram painted on the hood of his car along with epithets painted along the side of his car. The other shooter was a female who identified as a male. This shooting happened at a STEM school (science, technology, engineering and math) which is a charter middle school. There was no law enforcement presence in this school, but they are close to a police sub-station, so police arrived in two minutes and immediately ran towards the shooting and subdoed the suspects. One 18 year old student, who was going to graduate in a week, died and several others were injured. While the police were still investigating and students were still sequestered and parents questions were unanswered, Jason Crow, a democratic Congressman from Douglas County posts on social media the following:

“It is not enough to send thoughts and prayers, it is empty, it is weak, and it does an injustice to our children who are on the frontlines of this violence,” 

“We must pass common-sense gun violence laws and ensure we are preparing our educators and law enforcement with the tools and resources necessary to create a safe and welcoming environment. This must stop,” 

I must ask this Godless fool, why are you insulting children, parents and society with this anti-Christian rhetoric? How many gun contol laws are enough? When will our law makers address the ‘REAL’ problem? When will our law makers allow our children the same level of protection that they themselves enjoy? Why, in the midst of chaos must you and your fellow democratic law makers slap God in the face, insult your constituants and immediately focus on more gun control and more laws that will do nothing but eliminate more Constitutionally protected freedoms? 

The government is taking away more parental controls and removing discipline from society, and when our children are feeling awkward and trying to find their place in life, our government is handcuffing parents and preventing discipline and order. Jason Crow and other democratic law makers ignore the true cause of school shootings and immediately blame gun owners. When there are many laws being broken, more laws will do nothing. Jason Crow and his ilk only want to focus on more and more gun control laws yet ignore the mental state of these shooters. The Godless in our society have already chased God out of schools and embrased Islam. Now, we pump our children with pharmecutical drugs like Ritalin. We are forcing parents to get our children injected with drug concoctions to try and prevent diseases even at the risk of death. We have prevented parents from disciplining their children to correct bad behavior. And we tell our children that if they get pregnant, just go get an abortion teaching our children that life is cheap. Our children play video games that glorify death and destruction (grand theft, mass effect) and tell them that they may actually be the opposite gender thatthey were raised.

It has been proven the it takes a good guy with a gun to fight a bad guy with a gun. Jason Crow wants to prove his ignorace and prejudism by claiming that at a time of great chaos and confusion, your thoughts and prayers are empty and weak. Well, I say that Jason Crow and others of his ilk ARE empty and weak. He and others like him are Godless fools who only work to weaken society and spur more events like what happened in Highlands Ranch.