Many years ago, I uprooted my family from Southern California to a new state in the midwest. This new home had something California did not, all four seasons. Now, the first winter we had, we were welcomed by more snow than I was expecting. Actually, I was told that winter had more snowfall than the previous few years. After many years in my new home state, and shaking off the dust from what has become refered to as ‘The Peoples Republic of Khalifonia’, I have aclimated to four, real seasons. One observation that I have made is the snowflake. Every one knows that no two snowflakes are the same, each one has unique qualities that make it different than any other snowflake. These snowflakes are delicate, and melt easily once you apply any heat. And if it lands on the ground and you step on it, it mushes into the other snow flakes and turns into mush. 
We just finished a long, nasty presidential race were the two main choices were an idiot that was an egotistical, self centered person that treated women poorly and Donald Trump. I watched the returns that fateful evening, staying up until 2:00 am, my time, just to make sure of the results. And the results revield something quite shameful. The supporters of Hillary were crying, getting on YouTube demanding that the results ‘are fixed right now’ or they were going to commit suicide. People marching in the streets protesting the election results. College professors letting these delicate students off school so they could grieve and worst of all, many institutions of higher learning making ‘cry rooms’ available where these adult students could be comforted by emotional support animals and genuine grief councelors. These future socialists have been nick named ‘snowflakes’. How appropriate is that name. Delicate little adult, only by age, students that when a little adversity is applied, they melt, or more appropriately go into a full emotional melt down. So emotionally delicate are they, that when anything disrupts their dimented view of fairness, they literally do not know what to do. 
Now imaging these puff pastry morons graduating and finally obtaining a job in the work force. If a deal falls thru, if the boss tells them they can not have their emotional support dog at work, that they did not do a good job etc… what are these snowflakes going to do? They are already an embarrasment to an older generation. Imagine, during WWII after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, these snowflakes hiding in the basement, crying into the matted fur of their emotional support dog. Maybe, logging onto YouTube and demanding the Japanese fix this or they will commit suicide. Do you really think we would still have won WWII? We had civilians collecting metal toys, tin cans and other scrap metal to be used in building airplanes. They, our great grand parents, were issued ration cards so they could only buy limited amounts of gas and food and various sundries. Women that had never worked before obtained jobs building the very planes that were flown by our military, i.e. Rosey the Riviter. That generation did not give up. Young men of 16 lied about their age to be able to join the military and fight against evil. Other men that were labeled unfit to fight because of a medical condition, known as 4F, went to Canada to join their military and fight. That generation was a generation of steel, not snowflakes. 
No, we have a generation of imasculated wimps whose testes have been severed and put in a jar only to be looked at on special occasions. The wussification of America was almost complete until this outsider called Donald Trump came along and spoke to the true majority of Americans, that we can and should demand better than the past eight years. Yes, snowflakes is a fitting designation for these cry baby pissy pants in college. Easily melted, and just plain ‘flakes’. And for that, their parents spent thousands of dollars on an educaion that is whoofully inadequate. I am ashamed of them and so should you. Their parents should demand a refund for the education they did not recieve. Snowflakes, fun to watch, but when the heat of the sun shines on them, they melt. And if you are angered by reading this, go to your mommas basement and cry into your support animal because I dont care what you think. Oh, is that a tear or are you melting?