OK mom, plug your ears

Remember when John McCain mattered? Remember that this man wanted your vote for President of the United States of America? Remember when John swore he would vote to eliminate Obama care? Remember when you thought Senator McCain was a Republican? Well, I can say that I did vote for Senator John McCain back in 2008 and I can also say “thank God he did not win”. Senator John McCain would have been as big a train wreck as Berry Insane O’bummer but the American populace would have been able to blame the Republicans for all the disasters which may have given us a Hillary Clinton President in 2012.
Senator McCain has had some bad news as of late. He has a cancer and may not be with us for too much longer. So instead of creating a legacy of success, instead of following the principles of conservatism, instead of following thru with his promise to the American people he will now, forever be remembered as a looser and a liar and someone who, when it mattered most showed his true colors as a R.I.N.O. and a liberal at heart. Those People who know McCain well say he can hold a grudge. He also has a legendary temper. What he did the other night was to give the finger to President Trump while giving a thumbs down to the American people and solidify the gratitude of the liberals in the Senate.
Now, I don’t want to diminish his service in the United States Navy during the Viet Nam War, er, police action. I will stipulate that Senator John McCain served honorably oh so long ago, but there is an unanswered aire of question when it comes to John McCain. Did he commit treason by giving vital information of flight paths to the enemy? Some sources say yes and some say no, but anyone under the age of 40 will only read about the Viet Nam conflict in their history books and yet have no idea what the war was about or how John was shot down over Hanoi and spent 5 plus years in a POW camp, some of that time being tortured. No, they will only remember the politician McCain who is so miared in the cancerous Washington DC that he so easily forgets why he was elected to go there. Like so many other long term politicians, they see the cesspool of Washington and think of it as a spa. They forget who they are supposed to represent. No, I no longer see a military veteran standing tall and adhering to the principles of conservatism, I will forever see a lying, looser turncoat liberal in a Republican suit who helped destroy one of the last chances to eliminate Obama care and in doing so, destroyed the Republican party for the forseeable future. That is right. Since the Republicans don’t know how to win and have almost alway snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, I give NO pass for anyone in the Senate nor the House of Representatives. They are all just as guilty because, when it was safe to vote to repeal Obama care, because BHO would and did veto the bill, they stood firm and acted like they were ‘acting in America’s best interest. The biggest indicator that they were only acting is that they had the votes necessary to simply not fund Obamacare yet they let that pile of manure steal our future. So now, they can’t even pass the same legislation that they tried to pass before. Dust it off, debate it on the floor and vote on it. That is what America voted you to do. But, back to John McCain…his election ads claimed that he was at the front of the effort to eliminate Obama care. Last night, he proved to be nothing but a lying, steaming pile of shit. Any good will that you had earned by serving in the U.S. Navy was flushed down the crapper last night when you could have been the deciding vote to fullfill your promise to your constituents and America, but no, you instead decided to force Obamacare down our throats yet again.
For those of you reading this, remember that your Senator and your Representative will never be bound to use Obamacare. That is right, they get probably the best healthcare paid for by you and me all while they force us to live with a different set of rules. So I will never feel sorry for Senator McCain and the fact that he has cancer of the brain because he is getting healthcare better than you or I will ever get, paid for by the very same people that CAN’T get that same level of healthcare. So while you and I are deciding whether to eat or get the medicine we need, John McCain will be getting only the very best medicine and only the best doctors.
If you and I want a real change, we need to pass a law that simply makes our politicians live by the very same laws that they pass for us. I think Senator McCain and the rest of the politicians in the sewer would do things differently if they had to live by the very same laws. It is time to hold our politicians feet to the fire. Call them and demand that they one, live by the same laws that they pass and two, do as they promised and repeal Obamacare. And as for John McCain, please go back to Arizona and roll away into obscurity like a tumbleweed in the desert, you lying sack of crocodile dung.

Mice vs rats

You have seen them scurrying around. Maybe you have had them as pets. I, myself, had a rat as a pet. Now, you may think that mice and rats are the same, but upon closer examination, you can see the subtle differences. Rats like small groups, mice like larger groups. Rats have a thick tail where mice have a small, spagetti like tail. Mice have big ears but rats have smaller ears. Both have delicate hand like front paws to manipulate food and both can live near water but the rat can swim for a long distance. In both cases, if you see one, there are many more you dont see.

Now, lets look at the ‘swamp’, or rather cesspool, that is Washington D.C. Democrates vs Republicans. Many people see that they are both the same, or at least act very similarly. Like those that see mice similar to rats but don’t see the differences. When democrats held majorities in the House of Representatives, the Senate AND White House, the Republicans felt safe enough to try and stop Obamacare or AHA. Then they claimed they needed the House of Representative and the American people responded and gave them a majority. Then they tried to repeal AMA but failed so they cried out begging for a majority in the Senate. Again the American people responded and gave the Republicans a majority there as well. Then, after more failed attempts to repeal this bad bill, they begged for a Republican President in the White House and yes, the American people again spokeout with their votes and gave them Donald Trump. So, how does the Republican majority respond? By trying to pass nothing more than a pig with lipstick, or if you will, a turd covered in chocolate. Thy still refuse to repeal AHA in toto then replace, they are trying to ‘fix’ Obamacare.

It is no wonder why the general populace can’t see a difference between a democrat or a Republican. But let us try to see the subtle differences. Like mice vs rats, there are diferences. The democrates fight a long game. They take any and all ‘progressive’ advancements toward socialism as a victory then fight like mad to retain those advancements no matter who it hurts. Republicans fight a short game, thinking only how to win the fight, even if they loose the battle. If a democrat is caught in an illegal act, they circle the wagons and defend him, deny any wrong-doing or destroy any evidence for that person. If a Republican is seen near an illegal act, they rebuf him and denounce him, basically destroying him. They fight very differently, just like mice and rats. Mice will ‘jet’ away trying to find a place to hide and make small attacks. Death by many bites, or a plaque by many mites. Rats attack differently. In a fight between a mouse and a rat in an enclosed space, the mouse will try to get behind the rat and bite the tail while the rat will try to confront the mouse and have a frontal assault, trying to bite at the smaller animals head. Mice, like democrats fight the ‘death by many bites’. Many small advancements toward socialism so you become aclimated to them over time. Rats respond to the attacts to its tail just to stop the attack, just like Republican only responding in a way that ‘looks’ good if they might loose but do nothing when they might win, because at the heart of it all, Republicans have forgotten how to lead.

Just like mice and rats, from a distance, they look similar. But if you take a moment, you can see the differences. So, when you look at ‘the Dome of Dummies’ in Washington D.C., don’t assume they are similar or the same. Look for the subtle differences. When you do, you will come to the same conclusion that I did. THEY ARE ALL RODENTS. They have become entrenched in the sewers and swim up the toilets of Americans just so they can bite you in the ass. Get rid of the lot and replace them all with men from society that might actually keep the best interest of America in mind. And one more thing: stop watching news that is biased. NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, et. al. they are all not worth your patronage. Those fake news agencies are the militant wing of the democratic party. The ‘propagandists’ so to speak.

Grandma always said that a new broom sweeps cleanly. Sweep out the crap from Washington D.C., drain the swamp and clean up the cesspool. Then we might actually get something done.

If you think about it, it will not work

For many years now there has been a debate about healthcare. Longer than you think, actually. There are many aspects to this subject. Healthcare is important to the individual because, face it, your health is contingent upon several factors including genetics, lifestyle and environmental. You can have great genetics but be hit by a bus and die young, or, you can have average genetics and have a great lifestyle and environment and live a long and healthy life. The factors involved, if you use mathematics, can be infinite. The fact of the matter is that everyone is an individual with a unique set of genetics , environment, lifestyle and the monetary means for the healthcare that they want.
Next, healthcare is a service that is rendered by highly trained individuals dedicated to the healthcare of others. Doctors spend many years in school and residency. Nurses spend years in training and continue to train every year. Radiologist, medical technicians, etc all provide a service just like auto mechanics, heating and air technicians, and plumbers, they all provide a service. The value of such service depends on the difficulty of said service. A janitor and a neurosurgeon are equal in value as a human, but the service that they provide is not. A person can be trained as a janitor in a very short period of time, however, a person that wants to be a doctor spends more than 8 years in school. How much will it cost to go to janitor school vs med school? Each man has value as a human being, it is the service that they provide which differentiates their status in society.
This is where the extreme left goes mental. They do not see the value of a persons service. They want to preach that all people should be equal. The term ‘From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.’ was popularized by Karl Marx, the father of Marxism. A definition of Marxism is ; The political and economic philosophy of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in which the concept of class struggle plays a central role in understanding society’s allegedly inevitable development from bourgeois oppression under capitalism to a socialist and ultimately classless society.
Capitalism allows the individual to create and keep the fruits of his labors. In America, capitalism has spawned the invention of millions of things that make life easier and more productive. The cell phone, computer, millions of inventions that would not have come about without the freedom to make life better for one and for all. Mankind would still be traveling by foot or by horse, there would not be a middle class and the rich would be like lords and every one else would be like surfs of feudal England.
Now, let’s look at insurance. This is a concept where many people pay a monthly fee, and if and when you need healthcare, there is a large pool of money paid monthly so that when the few people that need medical help, that pool of money can pay towards that medical need. I am writing only on the concept and not the implementation. With free market solutions, companies like Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Kaiser or others could make policies that could fit individual needs of people allowing the individual the freedom to choose the policy that best fits their needs.
Now, let us talk about single payer, or government control healthcare. The government decides what policies are available, who will be covered and at what level, they determine the prices of services and, since it is government regulated, government mandated and government controlled, there is no freedom to choose. The large pool of money forcibly taken from the citizens in the form of taxes, go to the government. The money is filtered thru the government. This means that only pennies on the dollar are available for a said service. The government is a very hungry beast and will eat up as much money as it can get. The government can and would mandate the conditions for service, and when service is rendered. Imagine waiting 9 months for surgical procedures, or 6 months for a cavity to be filled, or 6 months to see a cardiologist for a consultation for a pacemaker. Think it cant happen? It already is, it is called Medicare. Many healthcare professionals are leaving the field and retiring because there is no money left for them and the incentive is to wait, hoping that the patient dies before getting the care that would extend their life. Have you paid attention to the Veterans Administration? There is a Veterans Hospital that is not yet finished being built with extensive cost overruns. Into the Billions with a B, not just Millions but Billions of taxpayer money wasted to build a hospital that may never open in time to save the lives of veterans. That is government control. When has government EVER managed money well? The government has not even had a budget in over 8 years.
This is a very complicated issue that will need real men with real solutions to give the citizen real options. The first thing, as I said before, is to repeal the AHA or Obamacare. THEN, design legislation that will allow free market to create solutions. Remember, it is the freedom to choose, or not to choose that makes people free, not government control.
I love my country. It is its government I worry about. That fat feeling in your wallet is not money, it is someone from the government reaching into your pocket and saying ‘Trust Me. It is for your benefit”.


I have had it. This current generation has just made me angry at their blatant ignorance and expectations. So let me, the youngest of the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation smack some knowledge on ya all.

There is a difference between a Tip and a gratuity. Tip is actually short for TIPS or To Insure Prompt Service. It is a gratuity given before a service is rendered as in Tipping the bellboy of a hotel or concierge. That is an amount of money given to make sure that if you wanted fresh towels or additional ice or more pillows, that you would get them in a prompt manner. A gratuity is a gift, usually money AFTER service has been rendered. It is supposed to reflect a level of service that HAS ALREADY BEEN GIVEN. As in a nice sit down restaurant where the waiters work for a small minimum wage and have to earn the gratuity.

Merriam Webster defines a gratuity as “something given voluntarily or beyond obligation usually for some service;”. Did you catch that? …given voluntarily.

I went to the ‘smoothy’ spot, I wont call it a store, and I purchased two smoothies. On the receipt was a spot for me to give a tip. Same thing happened when I went to the local coffee spot for a gormet coffee drink. The receipt had a large area for a tip. I went to buy some donuts from a local donut shop, same thing. At each of these places, I was given a bad look when I refused to give a tip. Why the hell should I tip you for doing your job? You do not work at a chic restaurant where the waiter is wearing a tuxedo and speaks with a French accent, no…you work at a fast food place. No different than McDonalds or Taco Bell. I don’t tip people for doing there job. I do not get a tip for doing my job and believe me, I am well trained in my job. I have to put up with shit that would send you generation X’ers crying to your momma. No, I do not get a tip for doing my job, I get a paycheck. If I go above and beyond my job description, I get a paycheck. I don’t even get an ‘atta-boy’. Most adults with real jobs do not get tips. Sometimes you feel like ‘Doing something extra and above expectations is like peeing your pants while wearing a dark suit. It gives you a warm feeling all over but nobody notices”.  A fast food job, like all entry level jobs is a place for High School teen agers and college students to get a start in the career world. It was never and will never be a living wage. Your job is to make a cup of coffee. It is not rocket science. You can be replaced by a machine. Believe it or not, back in the 1960’s and 1970’s, there were coffee vending machines, and you did not have to tip them. When was the last time you gave a ‘gratuity’ to the pimple faced teen ager behind the counter of McDonalds? Well, guess what boys and girls, Those jobs are being replaced with automated kiosks THAT YOU DON’T HAVE TO TIP. That’s right, all that bitching and moaning about raising the minimum wage has created the need to kick you out and replace you with a robot. Those kiosks will work 24/7 and never need to take a break. You wont have to hear them cry about a living wage while working the counter of the local burger joint.  There are even frozen yogurt robots that will dispense frozen yogurt on demand 24/7. You will never get a sour look from some over educated moron because you did not ‘tip’ them for doing their job.

Some restaurant workers are paid a lower minimum wage because they work in a venue that, if they hustle and provide diners with a hassle free dining experience can make $200 a night in ‘tips’. I am sorry, but $200 a night times 5 nights a week is $1000 a week, or roughly $52000 a year, plus the modified minimum wage. That is over $25 dollars per hour which is more than I make with over 30 years experience and heavy training each year. So, yes, if I take my wife to an actual real restaurant, I am watching and if the wait staff provides me with a nice dining experience I will give them a 15 to 20% gratuity, But if you work at Joes donut haus or Jims Baggle emporium or the local hippie smoothy spot where they will give you a shot of organic wheat grass, I am not giving you a tip to do your job. And if you snear at me again, you little turd, I will call the manager and complain. Remember, you can be replaced by another teen aged face over educated moron or better yet, a kiosk that can’t give me attitude.