Westworld vs Western world

I just saw the movie ‘Westworld’ unedited and I have to say, it is a movie that I like. Before the movie, there was a 15 minute ‘the making of..’ special. Micheal Crichton wrote and directed it. The movie stars Yul Brynner, Richard Benjamin and James Brolin and they all acted well in the movie. I remember watching the movie as a young teenager with my family. It was like watching a John Wayne, Douglas Fairbanks and Robin hood movie all rolled in one. The premise of the movie is, for the rich who can afford it, at $1,000 dollars a day in 1976 dollars, you can goto the most advanced theme park in the world. Where robots make your dream of adventure come true. Westworld, where the park recreators have built an authentic reproduction of an 1890’s frontier town, complete with shootouts and dancehall girls and stage coaches. In the park, there is also Roman world, where you live in the decatent world of Rome in its hight of glory or you could choose Midievil world with Knights and jousts and everything that comes with living in those times.

The idea was to create an illusion of danger while maintaining complete safety. Micheal Crichton wanted to postulate the question ‘what if’. In a world driven by technology, a society becomes so dependant on that technology that if something were to go wrong, that society would become chaotic.

Now, look at America today. We have eliminated the cord to our telephones. Most people don’t even use them anymore, but instead have a palm sized computer with a phone app built into it. My latest smartphone cost more than my high end laptop. We have ‘Bluetooth’ and other forms of wireless communications dependant on cell towers. Our cars have GPS navigation in them and I actually ran into a college graduate that could not read a map and even though he knew what a phonebook was, never actually used one. Schools are forgoing the need for books and opting instead to using a tablet computer to download the electronic version instead. There is less of a need for professional or semi-pro photographers now because of the camera built into our smart phones. And when was the last time you actually used a calculator or wore a watch to remind you of the passage of time? The wristwatch is now just a piece of jewelry now. My point is, what would you do if all of our little gadgets stopped working? No more internet, no cell phone service, no electricity…what would you do? Could you read a map? Could you skin a rabbit and know how to cook it so it is safe to eat? How would you communicate with people far away? Could you survive for a time without the technology that you have become reliant to? I think the idea postulated in that movie could be all to real if something were to happen, even for a short period of time. Try living a day without technology. I bet most people could not do it.

So, has the western world become like ‘Westworld’ in that we are living in an illusion of safety? Just something to ponder as you read this on your tablet computer or smart phone. And yes, I wrote this on my iPad and watched the aformentioned movie on my Android tablet so I must ask the same question of myself.

Hands up, don’t shoot

OK, I admit that I am tired of the false ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ crap. It has been over a year, and the facts are in. After numerous investigations including independent forensic investigation, the false belief that Michael Brown was an innocent young teenager is false. The situation is tragic. A young man is dead, a law enforcement officer will never work again in law enforcement and a community is forever damaged. Stores have been damaged by vandalism that occurred during the protest and there is no way of determining how negative the impact will have on the people and community of Ferguson Missouri.

Fact: Mr. Brown had just performed a ‘strong arm robbery’ of a convenience store in Ferguson Missouri. After forcibly stealing several packages of cigarillos, he was walking down the center of the road with a friend. When Darren Wilson, a law enforcement officer, that was responding to reports of a strong arm robbery noticed Mr. Brown and friend that matched the description of the reports, a scuffle occurred where Mr. Brown was attempting to take the side arm of officer Wilson away. Now we will never know what would happen once Mr. Brown had control of officer Wilson’s side arm, but all police officers are taught that you do not relinquish your side arm. As far as officer Wilson was concerned, Mr. Brown may have shot the officer or at the least, had been a danger to the general public.

Fact: Many leaders of the Black community rushed in to pronounce judgement against officer Wilson and the Ferguson Police Dept. They came up with the ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ slogan and gesture trying to propagate the lie that Mr. Brown was trying to give up. The slogan and gesture was found to be a lie, but that did not stop the continued spread of the lie. The police department, grand jury, FBI and independent forensic detectives found that Mr. Brown was in fact attacking the officer and ignored the lawful order to get down on the ground. The officer Wilson told the truth and had acted appropriately. Again, these are facts on file and are irrefutable.

My point in all this is that those that continued to propagate the lie of ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ are nothing more that emotionally charged, brain dead morons that must be told by their leaders what to think and what to do.  I have a new slogan and gesture for them, it is ‘head down, don’t think’. That is a very appropriate slogan and gesture because if you think about it, those that will not or can not think for themselves are in that position, the position of subservience. ‘Head down, don’t think’ is exactly what is happening. You have to have your head up to see the truth and you must be brave enough to think for yourself. But instead of using their brain, they willfully accept the will of those that they blindly follow. Only when you raise your head can you see the lies that are being fed to you. But if you put your head down, you look and act like a subservient person, willfully filling your brain with the lies of the likes of Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton. But I guess that is what they want, thoughtless followers willing to be their foot soldiers of lies.

Martin Luther King wanted equality. He dreamt of a nation where the color of your skin did not matter but only the content of your character. But that is not what we have, When we hear the term ‘Black lives matter’ it makes me cringe, because as a Christian, I am taught that ALL LIVES MATTER. When a person utters the term ‘Black Lives Matter’, you are saying that Black lives are more important than the Latino, Asian, Caucasian and middle eastern lives. Yes, black lives matter. Yes, my life matters. And my opinion matters also. If you have adopted the slogan ‘Black Lives Matter’ you are broadcasting that you believe that ‘Only Black Lives Matter’. And you have proven that you are a brain dead, emotionally charged moron. If Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today, he would not approve of ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’ or ‘Black lives Matter’ because of what the slogans imply.

If you are angered by my blog post, maybe you need to take a deep long look at yourself and your life. Maybe you are angry but do not know where to focus your anger because you can’t believe that you are wrong. Well my friend, unless you can walk on water and turn water into wine and cure diseases with just a touch, YOU ARE NOT PERFECT and you are the problem. So when I see you angrily chanting the lie ‘Black Lives Matter’ or ‘Hands up, don’t shoot’, I will be thinking, of you, ‘heads down, don’t think’, and I have no respect for those that blindly follow the rantings of the likes of Al Sharpton.

All lives matter, even yours, even mine. Don’t be delusional. Don’t be a blind follower of people that only see you as a brain dead foot soldier. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted and expected more from you, no matter the color of your skin.

The disposable society

After I graduated from High School, it was natural to continue on to college. while I had a job during the day, I went to school at night. I talked my mom into going to a basic writting class with me. In this class, we were given a subject and we had to create an ‘op/ed’ style possition on that subject complete with research. One of the subjects chosen was trash and recycling.

I remember going to the library (Google what a library is if you don’t know, but I did not have the convienience of the internet for research back when I was in school) and reading, researching and then forming an opinion based on what I had learned. At that time in America, we had disposable pens like the Bic and the Papermate office stick, disposable diapers, cheap one-time use toothbrushes, one time use plastic cups from restaurants, styrofoam food containers from places like McDonald’s and Burger King, you could buy a shirt from a vending machine that was made from a cloth-like substance made of paper in an emergency. Everything had ‘planned obsolescence’ factored in the design and manufacture and Abortion was still fairly (less than 10 years from Roe v. Wade) new to society and I noticed that the divorse rate was on the rise.

All of this caused me to entitle my paper ‘The disposable society’ because marriages and people had become disposable and no one batted an eyelash about it. Disposability was not only factored in the manufacture of goods like cars and refridgerators, but in the minds of Americans as well. If you don’t like it, toss it in the trash. Come to think of it, I researched that over 35 years ago and it has become more prevolent in todays society. When we were done with our calculators and PDA’s like the Palm Pilot, batteries and old typewritters, appliances and so on, we just tossed them out and bought new. If you ‘Like’ someone, marry them, have your fun and when you are done or get tired of your spouce, get a divorce and start anew.

It was a joke that people like Mickey Rooney and Elizabeth Taylor had more marriages than underware. It was no longer a taboo to get a divorce just because you were tired of your spouse. I am not including those divorces of necessity, just those that I classified as disposable. Abortion was being used as a contraceptive instead of a necessity for the health of the mother or the product of rape or inncest. On a side note, I find it strange that a child has to have the permission of a parent to take an aspirin but no parental permission is needed to get a surgical proceedure like an abortion.

How many pets are discarded at the pound because it has become inconvienient to care for them? what could we find in our lanfills that ‘could’ be recycled? How many times did you ‘trade up’ to a new phone because you wanted something ‘bigger and better’? How many plastic pens could we find in our landfill? How many cloths get thrown away instead of donated to charity?

Our society can be judged by our attitude towards things. Do we negate things we no longer want? Do we throw away our children as easily as we discard an old, used pen? Do we discard our marriage as easily as last nights leftovers? There is no doubt that America is on the wrong path. My grandparents were not concerned with ‘things’ as much as ‘God, family and country’. My parents have the same values, so where did we, as a free society, go wrong?

Political correctness has most asuredly hurt as has tolerence. But the biggest turn has been the fact that we have allowed the ‘freedom from religion’ to dictate to the rest of us. We have also ‘tolerated’ a minority dictating what and how we should think. From our schools that have chased God away, to our courts that have forbidden God to be uttered to our homes where we have replaced God with our toys like TV, computers, tablets and our cell phones. So it seems that we have progressed from disposing our pens and diapers, to disposing our children and finally our God.

2 Chronicles 7:14

Then and now

I just finished watching the movie ‘Our man Flint’ with James Coburn. This 1966 movie was a spoof of the popular James Bond 007 movies. It is a Lampoon of the 1960’s style spy movies and James Coburn played the character to a ‘T’. In the movie, near the end, we see that the scientists had created a utopia where men did all the work to maintain the utopia and in return, they would be allowed to take a drug and spend time with a woman or many women. The women were psychologically reprogrammed to be ‘pleasure units’ for the men. Now, to be honest, as a red blooded American man, watching girls in bikinis in the movie was ‘pleasurable’ to say the least. But let us take a closer look at the movie and compare it to today.

Women today are ‘programmed’ via television to be free from the ideas of monogamy. Today, it is alright to have premarital sex and get pregnant because Planned Parenthood will just take care of any mistakes that happen to occur. Men are programmed via television and other government agencies that the government will take care of you from the cradle to the grave. That it is alright to take drugs, have premarital sex because the government will take care of any unwanted baby via an abortion.

You see, the hippies of the 60’s that were radicals and protested the government then are now in control of the government and do not want anyone to protest them.

My history teacher used to say that ‘those that do not study history are doomed to repeat it’. No, he did not make up the saying, he was just stating a fact that has been passed for generations. My teachers also taught us that there are no new ideas in the world today, only the technology changes. So with that in mind, look again at the movie. Men like to look at scantily clad or naked women. Mankind is naturally lazy and take the path of least resistance. Mankind in general wants someone else to take care of them and have no responsibility. And there are always a group of people thru out history that thinks that communism is a good idea, it is just that the right people have not implemented it yet. The original pilgrims (yes, read about what really happened and how they prospered and why. The first year everybody contributed equally and the proceeds were evenly split so it did not matter how hard you worked, you still got an equal share which is the basis of communism. That year, they almost starved. The second year, you got to keep what you labored for so the harder you worked, the more you got to keep which is the basis of capitalism).

The fall of the Russian government over a hundred years ago which led to the USSR and the Stalinist type of communism is another example. Nazi Germany and World War 2 is another style of government control of the people. History is full of examples of a government that got too big and eventually collapsed creating a dictatorial type government. Rome during the time of Christ is another easy example. You see, true freedom comes from the ‘freedom’ to make mistakes, learn from them and live your life the way you want as long as it does not interfere with the freedoms of others. But there will always be those that want to control his fellow man for the ultimate ego trip.

The movie is almost 50 years old, proving that ideas are not new, just the technology.