Can’t win for loosing

OK, the second Presidential candidate debate is over. I hear many Republican politicians whining and demanding Donald Trump to step down. This just proves to me how out of touch our countries politicians are. They, the political elite, want to convince the American public that Donald Trump can’t win. All because of some ‘locker room’ talk over 11 years ago. Donald Trump has said nothing worse than any man in America has. Contrast that with what Hillary Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, has done. Bill Clinton raped women. Bill Clinton forced himself and molested women while President and it was Hillary that destroyed the lives of those women for daring to tell the truth. So, Donald should step down for using ‘locker room’ language over 11 years ago yet Hillary is qualified to be President after covering up crimes that her husband had done. Commuting many crimes against America including destroying top secret emails that she improperly and illegally kept in a personal email server. Hillary ignored the pleas of a friend , the ambasador in Bengazi, allowed him to be murdered along with several other Americans then blamed a video that no one ever saw knowing the truth, yet lying to the American citizens. I am not even including the many former friends of the Clinton’s that ended up dead in lascivious means including a man found dead after being shot in the back many times with a shotgun yet declared a suicide. Hillary, who declares to be a self appointed representative for woman’s rights and gay rights yet has accepted 10’s of millions of dollars from leaders of countries that do not have woman’s rights and publicly murder homosexuals. The bible says not to point out the splinter in your neighbor’s eye until you remove the log in yours. If Donald Trump is not qualified to be President for saying something over a decade ago, what does it say about Hillaries qualifications?

Donald Trump was not my first choice for President as I have opined before. But he IS far and above better than Hillary would ever be. With Hillary, we would get another 4 years of the same or worse policies that has fundamentally transformed this once great nation from a beacon on the hill to a land of immorality. From a God fearing nation blessed by God to a Godless nation who God has, or soon will, turn his grace away from us because we, collectively as a nation, chased God away.

The choice this election could not be in contrast more than more lawlessness to a chance at redemption. The choice is ours, much like that of the Jews when they had a choice to choose Christ or Barabbas and they chose poorly…will We?