OK, if she did not want men to notice, why did she dress that way? Many woman’s magazines promise to help them with their self confidence, better sex, how to find a guy, how to attract a guy and many more ‘How-To’s’.  Men might not say so publically, but we want women to read these magazines. As one person put it, “I like the woman’s movement, especially from behind.” But what kind of message are we sending when on one hand, women are taught how to ‘dress to impress’ yet on the other hand, we punish men for noticing? This madness has been spreading unchecked, and now, in France, men are fined for ‘wolf-whistling’. That’s right, in a country known for its romance and having the most romantic atmosphere (really, women with underarm hair long enough to braid and men sitting at a café, drinking over-priced coffee, scratching their butts and complaining about last nights croissant?) will now be fined for lecherous aggressive behavior for giving the internationally recognized signal of approval, the wolf-whistle. Some say it is the ugly women that are complaining because they aren’t being whistled at.

In American colleges and universities, free speech is being stifled by passing “hate speech’ codes. A student can be fined for using words that disparage homosexuals, women, people of other ethnicities or religious beliefs (except Anglo Saxon Christians of course). But now, even words are being banned from colleges and universities. Words like illegal alien, male, female and others will be punishable by immediately failing the class that the words are used in. That’s right, the institution of higher learning and debate, where ideas are supposed to be expressed, is now only an institution of indoctrination for ultra liberalism.

Our society today wants men to be more like pansies and women to be more like men. I think that is called ‘homogenization’. It reminds me of a movie called Equilibrium (2002 by Dimension Films) where in a dystopian society, wars are eliminated by chemically removing all emotion from its citizens. Any showing of emotion like love, hate or sadness is severely punished by death in a furnace. The population is controlled by the constant injection of a drug called Prozium and the enforcers of non emotions are called clerics who are given authority to destroy all art, books, music and anything that can create an emotion in the consumer of the art or book or music. These emotion police have authority to use deadly force to eliminate any and all emotion. Anything that can cause any emotion is forbidden and the High Ruler of the society is called ‘Father’, a sort of ‘Big Brother’ figure. Imagine it, a society were there is no emotion. No hate, so there would be no love. No jealousy so there would be no pride or shame or envy. A society where everyone is a walking automaton that does the governments bidding with no hesitation. No one whistling at a beautiful woman and no one killing or stealing, basically no one is living.

Todays liberals are fighting eons of human development. Men are hard wired a certain way, as are women. Maybe, these liberals would rather live in ancient Sparta. They certainly act like it. Read your history, Spartan men were raised to be the ultimate warrior, and women were raised to bear Spartan children. At birth, the Spartan infant was taken to the elder, who would take the child to the top of a cliff and inspect it for any defects. If the child was deemed defective and not worthy of being a Spartan, they were tossed over the cliff. The male children were, at the age of 7, taken away to a military camp where they were taught not to cry at pain. They would get into fights just so they could be numb to pain. They had to kill without being caught or risk death themselves, all while being educated as they were also very intelligent men. Many male children did not succeed or live to be Spartan warriors. The Spartan women were said to be the most beautiful ever. They were also taught in gymnastics as they had to be healthy enough to bear many healthy children. These Spartan women were also well educated. But did you read above were any child thought not to be good enough to be a Spartan was sacrifices off of a cliff, just like an ancient abortion clinic. The children were singly focused on being the best Spartan they could be all for the right to do the governments bidding. It is no wonder why King Xerxes had a tough time fighting the Spartans.

Todays liberal just is not happy unless they are mad. That should prove they are mentally sick. They fight for Tolerance, yet those with a Tolerance bumper sticker are the least Tolerant people I know. They have set out to ‘fundamentally transform America’. The only way to do that is to destroy America and those values that have made America Great.


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