Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day of 2017, and I thought it would be nice to remind myself on why I get a day off of work.

This Federal Holiday used to be called “Decoration Day”. It is a time of rememberance. A day to remember the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Services. The men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice while protecting the Blessings of Liberty.

People used to go to cemitaries to decorate the graves of family members that have died while serving. They used to take their children and make a picnic and tell stories of those men and women. Now, this day should not be confused with Veterans Day where we honor any and all veterans of our military services, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and National Guards. No, this unofficial start of summer is specifically set apart to remember the sacrifice of those of The Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Spanish American War, the Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, Viet Nam War, the Iraqi war and otheres that don’t immediately come to mind.

Something I did not know until recently is that the Flag of the United States of America is briskly raised to full staff, then slowly lowered to half staff until noon at which time, the flag is raised back to full staff for the rest of the day. The meaning is quite emotional. The flag is raised to full staff then slowly, solemnly lowered to half staff to reverently remember more than 1 million men and women soldiers, sailors, marines et al that died on the battlefield. At noon, the flag is raised back to full staff by the living in rememberance of their sacrifice and a promise to not let their deaths be in vain and to continue to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and to secure the Blessings of Liberty for all.

So, I know this is a short entry into my blog, but it was still worth the time to write it, if for nothing else as a reminder to me not to take my freedoms for granted because they were bought and paid for by so many to give me the right to have a blog.

To our honored dead, your sacrifice will not be in vain as long as our hearts yearn for God and the freedom to worship him as we want, for there can be no true freedom without God. Rest in Peace and thank you all, our honored dead.

Peaceful majority

We have all heard it. The politically correct crowd says not to condemn a group of people because most of them are peaceful. Right now, the flavor of the times are the people of the Islamic faith. How many times have you heard that Islam is a religion of peace? That we must be tolerant of Muslims because of the peaceful majority, is what we hear all too often today. Is that what you think?

Well, let us go into our ‘way back machine’ as Mr. Peabody would say and look at some other instances of ‘the peaceful majority’. In the late 1930’s through the better part of 1940’s, there were a large group of Germans who were members of the ‘peaceful majority’ who became insignificant when compaired to the radical minority. I am sure there were many Germans that did not want to stick Jews in large ovens and cook them to death or march large groups into gas chambers to be murdered by a mixture of vile chemicals that left its victims painfully gasping for air. I am sure that there were, in Germany, a ‘peaceful majority’ that thought it was cruel to take members of their community that practiced a different religion and without anesthesia, cut open the flesh of these people and put ground up glass in the wounds only to crudely stitch them up just to see what would happen to them. And surely, there were a peaceful majority that would not approve of soldiers, taking Jewish women out to a field, stipping them naked, shoving their gun barrels in the womans private place and pulling the trigger, then leaving the bodies in a mass grave. Since the peaceful majority stood by and did nothing against the violent few, they became enablers of the violent. Approx. 14 million people were murdered and butchered in concentration camps of which over 6 million Jewish people were slaughtered, in part, because the peaceful majority did nothing to stop the violent minority.

Most people in Russia were members of the peaceful majority, but the violent minority still managed to murder over 20 million people because the peaceful majority were silent which made them irrelevent.

In China, most Chinese were peaceful, yet the violent minority were able to slaughter over 70 million people. The peaceful majority were silent which made them irrelevent.

Japan, prior to WWII, murdered over 12 million innocent people, most were killed with swords, shovels and picks. Again, the peaceful majority stood silent which enabled the violent minority. So the peaceful majority? Well, they were insignificant.

In Cambodia, most were members of the peaceful majority, yet they were insignificant and irrelevent against the violent minority  when over 1.5 million were slaghtered.

How can we fight against an ideology of hate and murder? The violent minority teach their children at an early age that Alla will bless them if they kill non believers of their religion. They live and die by the sword. To them, they are at war will the world of non believers. They call it a Holy War or jehad. ‘Convert or die’ is their montra. They believe it is not a sin to lie to an infidel. The peaceful majority are insignificant against the violent minority when they believe it is OK to teach children that strapping a bomb to their back and running into a crowded place to kill as many people as possible just because they believe in a different religion. When the Muslim peaceful majority stand by and do not stand against the violent minority, they are irrelevent and enable the violent minority. With an estimated 15 to 25% of Muslims that are members of the violent minority, that ideology must be resisted by the 75 to 85% of the peaceful majority. Homosexuals are slaughtered just for being homosexual, being thrown off tall buildings or worse. Women are a second class citizens and must have at least 4 male witnesses to rape. Little girls are forced to go through what is called female circumcision (look up what this butchering technique is and how it is done) and members of the Islamic faith that leave the faith are to be beheaded. Again, the peaceful majority are irrelevent. The innocent dead are crying out for justice, and the peaceful majority do nothing to stop little 8 year old girls from dying at a concert. We send or children to concerts, the violent minority send their children to murder.

Only a truthful and open discussion of the ideology of hate and intolerance can shed a light on the problem, not hiding your head and trying to be sensitive to the peaceful majority. It is time we, the peaceful majority stand against the violent minority. Use our voices and demand from our representatives that the violent minority not be given any power. We need to vet each and every person coming to America. Those that want to accept the blessings of Liberty must also respect and conform to our laws or not be let in. They must conform to us, not conform us to their violent and wicked ways.

In WWII, America was part of the global peaceful majority until we were attacked. Well, when will the global peaceful majority of today stand against the violent minority?



Today, May 23, 2017, we learned that yet another radical Islamic coward decided to kill himself and others in a heinous attack in Manchester England. At a concert given by Ariana Grande, a suicide terrorist killed 22 and injured many more. Most attendees were children, teen aged girls and parents all trying to enjoy a night of music and entertainment by a young actress, Ariana Grande. First, as a Christian, American, father, grand-father and an all around great guy, this attack was cowardly and he and all others that utilize those tactics of terrorism and attacks on innocent life deserve a special place in hell. To believe that God would condone murder and reward it in heaven is proof of mental disease. But, I was even more appalled at another act of cowardice.

After some research on YouTube, there is video of Ariana Grande, in a donut shop, licking donuts and her boyfriend, claiming how she hates Americans and America. Then, when someone pointed it out to her and challenged her on it, she blaimed her answer on fat children. So, after that attack at her concert, where did Ariana go? Canada, Mexico, France, Germany or Spain? No, she came running back to America and has tentatively cancelled her concert tour. Now, I understand her choice to come back home to America, but I find it cowardly and hypocritical of her to bad mouth America AND Americans yet she enjoys the safety that America and Americans provide. It reminds me of all those ultra left actors and actresses in Hollywierd that promised to move to Canada if Donald Trump won the presidential election. There was even an American Airline that offered free one way trip to Canada to those very same people. Not one person followed up with their threat to leave. It makes them ‘liars’ and hypocrites, because they know that no other place in the world can offer a person with the chance that America does. America is not perfect, BUT IT IS STILL THE BEST OPPORTUNITY ON THE EARTH.

There is obviously a double standard in America. If you are effective in espousing freedom for ALL Americans and there is not a D after your name, you must be destroyed but but if there is a D after your name, you are to be worshipped as a god (little g) and can do no wrong. I am not a Republican nor am I a Democrat but a Constitutional Conservative. I see stupidity in both R’s and D’s. Something drastic must happen to radical Islam to stop the murder of 8 year old girls trying to enjoy a night out of music and entertainment. It is never acceptible to murder innocent people to force your religious beliefs. And it should not be acceptible to show wanton disrespect to your home country and countrymen, yet come running to them with your tail between your legs for protection.

Again, we should pray for those families effected by this horrible event. But let us also remember what the enemy is, intolerance and hate. My God says to love your neighbor as yourself and not to murder. What does your God say?