Modern man vs Real man

I have an advantage over some people. You see, my parents love me, wanted me and my whole family took it to teach me to become a real man, not a metrosexual man or even a modern man.

The New York Times recently published an article describing a ‘modern man’. I can only presume from the article that the New York Times is, with this article, downplaying the importance of a real man. In this article ( ) according to author Brian Lombardi, a real man only drinks real soda, not diet soda or Mt. Dew. Well, a real man drinks iced tea, tap water, beer, whiskey, wine and coffee. Like Mike Rowe said in his rebuttal, he keeps childrens drinks in case a modern man stops by.  And by coffee, I don’t mean no sissy half caf decaf soy latte with a lemon wedge from some Seattle based over priced coffee house, but real coffee made in your own coffee maker.

Lets look at the other ways Brian declares what a wussie, er, modern man is:

1. When the modern man buys shoes for his spouse, he doesn’t have to ask her sister for the size. And he knows which brands run big or small. (NYT)

Well, no real man in his right mind would buy shoes for his girlfriend or spouse. After 30 years of marriage, I can not nor would I attempt to buy shoes or any clothing for my wife. I will, however, take her out to try on and buy cloths that she has chosen and tried on and is happy with.

2. The modern man never lets other people know when his confidence has sunk. He acts as if everything is going swimmingly until it is. (NYT)

Like a Navy Captain, it is up to me to provide strength. The Captain is a mighty and powerful thing as should a real man be. I will ask for advice or direction, but I will not show weakness to others except my wife in private. But I am also man enough to admit when I am wrong and learn from my mistakes.

3. The modern man is considerate. At the movie theater, he won’t munch down a mouthful of popcorn during a quiet moment. He waits for some ruckus.

Does a modern man eat with his mouth open? Besides, at nearly $10 per person and another $20 for movie snacks, a real man can wait the six months and buy the DVD of the movie and watch it in his home and use the money he saved to buy something nice for his girlfriend or wife.

4. The modern man doesn’t cut the fatty or charred bits off his fillet. Every bite of steak is a privilege, and it all goes down the hatch.

Ahh, if I don’t like it, I aint going to eat it. Fat is good for flavor while the steak is cooking, but I will cut off what I don’t like. Besides, John Wayne never called a cut of steak a fillet. The fat is what you give your dog, a real pet.

5. The modern man won’t blow 10 minutes of his life looking for the best parking spot. He finds a reasonable one and puts his car between the lines.

Well, the real man will let his girlfriend or wife out in front, then go park. In the rain or in the snow, you don’t let a lady walk and get wet. On nice days, it is still the gentlemanly thing to do. It shows you value her safety and comfort.

You can read the article here ( but the article does not describe a man at all in my opinion but a metrosexual man that has no testosterone in his body. Look at number 25

25. The modern man has no use for a gun. He doesn’t own one, and he never will.

Well, a real man owns at least one if not more guns, knows how to use them, goes to the range often to know how his weapon will fire and uses that ‘gun’ to protect his family when called upon instead of being a victim or a slave to those that have a gun when he does not.

A real man is filled with love for his girlfriend or wife, takes his vowes of marriage seriously, and shares his love freely with his family and friends. He has a long fuse (hard to anger) and forgives when asked.

If you want an example of a real man, you can watch John Wayne in any of his various movies. Or, you can just look at the many men that volunteer to go into the armed services. Those men that run toward danger when others run away.

No, the New York Times has no clue what a real man is, so they create a metrosexual man who is more female than male. A modern man has had the testosterone taken from him and replaced with weakness, victimhood and eventually slavery to those that will take advantage of him and his family. I will prefer to be a real man and not some sissyfied, New York metrosexual modern man who only resembles a man on the outside.

My dad is a real man. My grandfather was a real man and I aspire to be a real man and I have taught my two boys to be real men. Brian Lombardi is NOT A REAL MAN. And one final thing….real men don’t read the New York Times.