What they don’t tell you

I used to live near Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert. Hot, dry and the desert has a beauty all its own. Yes, I saw tumbling tumbleweeds, rattle snakes and cactuses (cacti). Back then, I lived in a mobile home and when theeconomy callapsed in the early 1990’s, I noticed a cute little trick the government did to make the downturn not look as bad as it really was. They claimed a low unemployment rate which was to make you think that things weren’t as bad as they really were.
Let us make an example to show the trick. Let us take a guy named George, who has a job at Lockheed making $25 per hour on a union job. Let us also say he gets layed-off which adds 1 to the unemployment columb, but his unemployment is only good for 8 weeks.
Situation A: he tries to find work but can’t. His unemployment benefits are exhausted and he is no longer getting unemployment benefits. He is taken off the unemployment numbers. Now, the government does not count him and he ‘no longer counts’. The unemployment numbers are lessened by taking him off the unemployment rolls, but he still is not working and unemployed.
Situation B: he can only find work building camper shells at $15 per hour. He is taken off the unemployment rolls even though he has almost cut his former salary nearly in half. The unemployment count that the government uses does not paint a full picture of the situation, it only counts those actively recieving unemployment benefits and not the number of people unemployed. It will not show, for instance, any and all unemployed people not working that have exhausted their unemployment benefits. So, net time you here the gov’t saying we have low unemployment, that just means there is a low number of people actively recieving benefits. That is what I witnessed when living in the desert just north of Los Angeles. Many people with good union jobs that drove down to the outskirts of LA lost those jobs and some lost their homes and were forced to take whatever jobs that they could making much less that they did. That is a recession. Now, if those people that are no longer recieving benefits AND can’t find a job, too many people in that situation and you are looking at a depression.

You first have to win

Let me first say that, if you have read my blogs back in 2016, I was not initially a Trump supporter. My support was for Ted Cruz who I thought, and still think would be a good president. But, to my pleasant suprise, Trump was a good president and as a non politician, delivered on his promises. He is the first person to actually loose half of his personal wealth as president. He lost over 2 billion (with a b) dollars as compared to every other occupant of the oval office who gained enormous wealth. Even Bill Clinton, who claimed to leave office broke had actually made millions.
I will also stipulate, that now the truth is becoming exposed that if it were not for the illegal actions of those in the FBI and CIA, Trump would have been elected in 2020, not to mention the illegal actions of Hillary Clinton and the many people involved in the fake FISA warrant to investigate and eventually impeach Donald Trump. The fact that nobody involved in these felonies is in jail is proof of a double standard in politics.
That being said, there are too many ignorant morons allowed to vote that would rather vote for Karl Marx than Donald Trump, which is exactly what they got in 2020 with Joe Biden. Even in the 2022 mid term elections, when we should have had a ‘red tidal wave’ we only got at best, a pink trinkle. Mostly because Trump can’t stop talking about the ‘stolen’ election and fraud that happened in 2020. American voters are not that smart and have become nothing more than sheeple that can be ‘programmed’ to vote for their own demise. That is why, many people are attracted to Ron DeSantis. He has proven to be a strong leader in a blue state (one heavily democratic) and capable of winning re-election in double digits but more importantly, has less baggage and is younger than Donald Trump. Again, it is not fair what happened to Trump and there are many that deserve prosecution for lying and deseption (I would personally like to see Hillary Clinton in an orange jumpsuit behind bars for many years for her corruption). But in 2024, we, the Conservative Constitutionalists, have to win to be able to correct the damage perpetrated on America. The unfortunate truth is, that without the support of the independants and maybe some of the more right leaning democrats, we can’t win against the ballot harvesting and cheating that is planned in 2024. As was once observed, if it ain’t close, they can’t win meaning that with all the fake baggage and real baggage that Donald Trump has, he has a deminished possibility of winning. And it does not help Trump to be acting like a spoiled child and calling Ron DeSantis ‘Sanctimonious’. That proves to me that Trump is afraid of DeSantis supporters. Trump basically supprised the dems in control in 2016 with his win. It has been reported that Hillary and her supporters were so supprised, that Hillary herself blew her cool and had a tantrum when she lost. So now, I see Trump acting like Hillary did in 2016 and I am afraid that Trump can’t win with his baggage. So, I for one will say thank you Trump for what you did BUT to attack DeSantis like this turns me off from you. It’s not personal, Mr Trump, but we have to win first before we start to correct the damage of Joe Biden.

Ignorance and want

Every year, after December 1st, I have to watch a few movies before Christmas day to help me get into the spirit of the holidays. “It’s a Wonderful Life” 1946 with Jimmy Stewart, “A Christmas Story” 1983 with Darren McGavin, “Lethal Weapon” 1987 with Mel Gibson, “Die Hard” 1988 with Bruce Willis, “A Christmas Carol” 1938 with Reginald Owen, although Patrick Stewart did a very good portrayal in 1999. Other movies I can watch them or skip them, but these I need to see before Christmas day.

It’s a Wonderful life reminds me that even though I did not get the life I thought I wanted, I still have had a good life with everyone that I influenced. And while I may never know everyone that I influenced, I did influence many. A Christmas Story reminds me of a simpler time in my life. While it wasn’t my dream to have a Red Ryder BB gun, mine was the Minolta Weathermatic waterproof 110 camera that I had to have. At that time, I still had dreams of becomming an Oceanographer and I was part fish because I loved to snorkle in the Pacific Ocean. A simpler time when there was more ‘good will’ toward your fellow man and my only job as a kid was to study and watch Saturday morning cartoons like Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Hour. Lethal Weapon reminds me that sometimes, the best friend just may be your opposite, and ‘Im getting to old for this shtuff. I said shtuff. My mother reads my blogs, so I said shtuff. Die Hard is a reminder to never give up. Just like Winston Churchill once said “Never give up. Never, never never give up”. I am reminded of the picture of a crane swallowing a frog, but the frog has its hands trying to choke the crane and the picture is encaptioned Never give up.

And the story of A Christmas Carol has many lessons, one of which is the warning given to Scrooge from the Spirit of Christmas present when Scrooge sees a wrinkled hand from under his cloak. A boy called ignorance and a girl named want. The boy named ignorance was the more dangerous of the two. I look around in America today and see examples of both of these dangerous children. Mankind has fostered both. Both are dangerous and destructive yet, as Charles Dickens warned, ignorance is the more dangerous of the two. We have a generation of people wallowing in ignorance and lack of respect for themselves as well as their fellow man (and woman). I can see only one sollution to a generation of ignorant people, it is called vouchers. Taxpayers pay for education and parents, not a village, are responsible for their children. So the power to chose what school to send their children is paramount is correcting the damage of public education where teachers are allowed to teach the children that trans-woman are normal, drag queens can strip tease in front of kindergartners and parents that protest are placed on the FBI terrorist watch list. I will still use words like mother, father, man, woman and I sleep in a Master Bedroom. And anyone that pushes or thinks that ESG is a good idea is, in fact an ignorant and dangerous person. Yes, Dickens warned us of ignorance and want, both being dangerous and destructive to society.

What movies/stories do you enjoy and what lessons do they teach you?



My dad taught me how to play chess at an early age. He taught me the moves of each piece, their strengths and weakness and value. As I learned, he started teaching me strategy, traps and sacrifice to obtain the objective, to trap the king. I used to get so angry and frustrated when I would lose. I also remember the rule of the house, you play to win; don’t let someone win just to make them feel better and whether you win or lose, don’t be a spoiled sport. So when the day finally arrived that I trapped my dad and I could say “check mate”, I knew I had legitimately won. That gave me encouragement AND my dad came to the realization that he had to pay better attention to his strategy because I was finally getting better. It was a long time before I won again, but those games were much longer.

So look at what happened. I was taught a game which takes a long time to get good at. I was taught win or lose not to have an emotional outbreak. I was taught to play your best and not to let someone win to boost their ego. All of these lessons meant it, meaning chess, would be a game I would enjoy well into my adult life and want to play and teach.

As an adult, do you still play tic tac toe? You can, and probably play it with kids or grand children. It is an easy game to learn and to let someone win if you want to boost their ego but is it a game you would play on a regular basis with people your own age?

What happens to a child that is given a trophy just for participating? What does it teach our kids when they don’t lose or win? These children have a harder time dealing with loss. They have a harder time dealing with realizing the value of hard work. They get angry when told they can’t have cake and ice cream for breakfast. They may not want to eat their broccoli at dinner before they can eat dessert. They need cry rooms in college when a presidential election does not go their way.

“It’s not fair” is uttered many times. Let me remind you that, life is not fair and life is not unfair but life is. Some people are born winning the gene pool lottery. Great genes, affluent family, great education, proper nutrition and a balanced family life. Others are born with medical conditions that will effect them the rest of their lives. Maybe a parent is lost to war or crime, maybe born into poverty. A million different scenerios. But how can we gain equality?

Equality. What does it mean to have equality? Let me first ask you how you envision equality. Equality of what? Equality of outcome or of opportunity? You have to delve deeper when someone says that they want equality. You must ask ‘equality of what’? You can not ever achieve equality of outcome unless that outcome is failure and poverty. But America was founded on the principle of equality of opportunity. Everyone has equality of opportunity and you can see it throught American history. Currently, Elon Musk is a good example. He immigrated to America (legally) and built Space-X, Tesla, bought and is renovating Twitter, was involved with PayPal and he has earned billions.

Chess is a game of equality. Each side gets the same number of pieces with the same powers and positions. It is up to the player to produce the outcome. I can play a strong chess player like Bobby Fisher, but the outcome may not be so fair. I have the same opportunity to win, but it is up to me to provide the outcome. That is equality. But liberals want equality of outcome. That would be like forcing Bobby Fisher to play a game of chess with only a king and two pawns when I have all the pieces. That is NOT equality.

Equality of opportunity or outcome. Ask yourself which you want.

Best or diverse?

It was approx 1980 or very early 1981 that I first started to realize that government ruins almost everything. I was looking for a better job than evening fry cook at Carl’s Jr and Lockheed in Burbank was looking to fill 50 apprentice positions. My dad worked for Lockheed and found the time and place to take a test to determine if you had the basic knowledge and aptitude for one of these prized positions. I took the test and then had an interview. I then waited to see how I did and what the ranking was. I was excited to be called in for a second interview, but that feeling was short lived. I scored somewhere between 52 an 58 and if memory serves me well, I think it was 52. Now some of the applicants that scored better than I did secured jobs elsewhere which gave me hope that I would actually secure a position as an apprentice which could have meant a salary, in the early 80’s of $20 an hour which was good money back then. Imaging how deflated I was when informed that even though I scored well enough to be hired, that because of government regulation, I would not be hired. That’s right, I am a white male and the government regulation dictated that Lockheed had to hire a certain number of minorities because of government contracts. So Lockheed was forced by government regulation to hire people that did not test as well as others. Best or diverse?
I see many companies now that claim they are diverse. Even my current employer has created and staffed a department to publicize, train (brainwash) and enforce diversity. My employer as well as others, maybe because of fear, espouse diversity instead of best. This is not what Dr. Martin Luther King meant. He said to judge a man by the content of his character and not by the color of his skin. To put it another way, don’t judge a person by appearance, but by who that person is at their core. A company should hire the best person for the job, not someone that ‘looks’ good.
Let us set up a scenerio for you. Let’s say you need surgery. Do you want the ‘best’ doctor to perform the surgery or someone only chosen because they were ‘diverse’? (Kind of like asking Alan Alda to do surgery just because he played Dr Hawkeye Pierce in MASH). If you are in college or a university in a physics class, do you want the best physics instructor or someone who takes every moment to tell you that physics is prejudice because light is white? These same people say that milk is racist because it is white and coffee is racist because black people can’t afford it. Those statements are in themselves racist. To say that milk, that comes from cows as a white liquid as being racist, that is a moronic statement. To say that a hot beverage that is brewed from the coffee bean is racist because it is black or dark brown is a moronic statement. These statements prove that those that utter them are racist and looking for any excuse to spout their hatred.
I grew up in Los Angeles in the 60’s and 70’s. In my opinion, the KKK and the Black panthers are the same, organizations based on hate and destruction.
Now, we are inbroiled in another type of hatred based on seperation. Less than half of 1% of the population of America identify as something other than male or female. The number is actually .4%. That means that we are involved in this ‘diversity war’ because .4% of the population wants more attention than they deserve. And the current administration, the Biden administration is giving them the lions share of attention. Do you really think it is a good idea to give puberty blockers to children and allow them to decide that they are not the gender that they were born? Puberty is a confusing time. You are changing and nature is doing what it has done since the beginning of time.

Look at the members of President Bidens cabinet. Pete Buttigieg is a gay man. His spouse and him adopted a baby. He and his spouse used a government law to take a couple of months to bond with their new child. Not a problem. Pete is in charge of transportation in America. Look at the train derailment in Ohio and the many troubles with the aircraft transportation industry. With him staying at home, now there is a problem. Was he the ‘best’ person for the job or was he hired to fulfill some quota?
The White House press secretary is Karine Jean-Pierre born in Martinique. She is a black lesbian. So what? I could not care less. What I do care about is her ability to do her job. The White House press room is not the place to endorse a TV show just because the President likes it. Simon Ateba, a bonified reporter has been ignored by KJP for over 7 months and kept refusing this reporters serious questions because the administration is ill prepared to answer them. Was KJP the ‘best’ person for the job or was she hired to fulfill some quota?
Ask yourself this question, do you want the ‘best’ or do you want someone simply to fulfill some quota so you can get a pass and say you support inclusion. If you hire the best, you are, in fact, doing what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr espoused to long ago whereas by virtue signaling, you are by its very nature looking at image (color of skin) instead of ability. Best or diverse.

You can’t argue with a bot

You can’t argue with a bot

Elon Musk is one of the richest men in the world today. He did not inheret his money, he earned it by being a bold visionary. He was so rich, he had, what we used to call “eff you money”. When he expressed an interest in purchasing Twitter, the political left went into full panic mode. And after he was forced to over pay for Twitter, the world got to learn the truth about Twitter version 1.0 and how it helped promote a mental moron into the office of the President of the United States of America. Elon looked at what he bought and started making changes to bring it (Twitter) into a state of profitability. So we will call the current company under Elon Musks leadership Twitter 2.0.

It was only after Elon purchased Twitter that I felt comfortable enough to join and watch/monitor/engage in todays political concourse. It was not until today that I experienced what some call Twitter Jail for what the Twitter bot called ‘cyber bullying’. My crime? Well, the thread was discussing Jane Fonda and her early years during the Viet Nam war. She engaged in giving aid and comfort to the enemy during war which is defined as ‘treason’ by:

Article III, Section 3

Treason , sedition mean disloyalty or treachery to one’s country or its government. Treason is any attempt to overthrow the government or impair the well-being of a state to which one owes allegiance; the crime of giving aid or comfort to the enemies of one’s government.

There are photos of Jane Fonda visiting the enemy, putting on the helmet of the enemy, sitting in an anti aircraft gun control chair and even sitting on the barrel of said anti aircraft gun smiling and laughing with the enemy and assuring them that she was one of the many anti war establishment in America at the time. That is a violation of Article III section 3 and is considered treason. I simply stated that her actions were a violation of the constitution and was considered treason. People convicted of treason are to recieve punishment of at least 5 years in prison and could include a punishment of death but instead she was allowed to return home, not be tried for treason and was allowed to earn millions of dollars working in Hollywood while still spreading her lies to the world.

The Twitter ‘bot’ considered my post as cyber bullying and I was instantly logged off of Twitter and informed that I had to delete my post. Once deleted, a timer of 12 hours was initiated before I could log back into Twitter. There was no way to contest my ‘Twitter Jail sentence’.

I do not blame Elon Musk, but the team that programmed the ‘bot’. Elon is not, I repeat NOT a conservative nor a republican. He is a businessman trying to make a flawed company prifitable. But I must ask, where were these ‘bots’ or sub-routines when there were so many ‘cyber bullying’ toward Donald Trump? Or against any right leaning political entity for that matter?

I will wear my sentence with pride as I did nothing wrong but simply state facts. It was not a threat nor was it ‘cyber bullying’. It has made me realize the time wasted on Twitter and continued use was and is a waste of time. So I deleted my post then deleted my account on Twitter. You can argue with a person but you can’t argue with a bot. Ask yourself this question, “how much of my life is controlled by a bot? I don’t wish Elon any ill will, but since Twitter was conceived and maintained with the idea of controlling peoples thoughts, how much time do you give to Twitter? Maybe it is time for you to delete your Twitter, Facebook and TikTok accounts and get back to real social interaction.

I wasn’t there. I did not see it.

I wasn’t there. I did not see it

I have written before about my 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Ide. She gave our class an assignment to write a report about a country. We had to include information about the culture, its politics and form of government, its major imports and exports, the people, its historical significance and what ever else we could research. I was sick on the day the contries were being chosen, so I got the country that was left which was Russia, the USSR. This was back in 1973 so there was no internet, no Google and America was involved is a not so secret ‘cold war’ with Russia. Among the many things I remember was that Pravda was the major news organization that was controlled by the USSR and the Politburo. The people of Russia was only told what the government wanted them to know, known as propaganda.

Fast forward to my college years, and a semester of psychology. Now I only took this class because it was needed toward my degree and thankfully, the teacher was able to actually make the class fun. Did you know that psychologists are hired on at advertising agencies to maximize the impact of commercials to help guide you into wanting the product that they are selling? Think of the cute, happy polar bears that share a Coka-Cola, or, at the time, a very popular actor/comedian smiling and talking about Pudding Pops. Movie theaters make very little money showing a movie. They make their profit on you paying $8 dollars for a tub of popcorn that cost them less than 25 cents or selling you a large Coka-Cola for $6 dollars that cost them 10 cents worth of syrup. So, psychology is being used to control what you buy. Do you really think that Jesus Christ wont love you if you don’t spend all that money for G.I. Joe with the Kung-Fu grip for your son at Christmas? And do you really need to buy the Chevy convertable Corvette to be a man?

So, we are being brainwashed every day much like the citizens of Russia or China. With so many reports now how even our FBI, CIA and the N.I.H. headed up by Dr. Faucci were paying social media platforms like Twitter, Youtube and Facebook to censor the media consumers and only allow certain information to be shared but shut down, shadow ban and out right block ideas that were not to the liking of certain members of government. Doesn’t it sound just as evil as the propaganda of the USSR?

I refer the George Orwells book “1984” many times because it is relevent. In the book, which was a warning not an instruction manual, the controlling government had politispeak, the ‘ministry of truth’ which was code for ‘lies we want you to believe’. Just look at the slogan of Big Brother; war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength. Winston Smiths job was to rewrite old newsclippings to make Big Brother look good. He who controls the past, controls the future. If you can brainwash young minds while they are in school, then you have a useful idiot that you can control. Stop and think about that.

We all were shocked, saddened and appalled with the news of the school shooting in Uvalde Texas, or any school shooting but I will use this incident for this example. Now I was not there. I did not see it. I do not personally know anyone that was effected by the incident. Let me just say right now that I am not saying it did not happen, I am only stating the facts. I have to trust the news reports about the shooting. But let me ask you, if a news source is habitually caught lying and distorting the truth to further an agenda, how can it be trusted with anything? If a reported can only be trusted half the time, how can you differentiate between the lies, half truths and truthes? What is the difference between Provda and NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN or even Fox?

Have you heard the story of ‘the boy who cried wolf’? He lied once too often, and when he needed the townspeople to truly believe him, they didn’t and he did not live to regret his foley.

In the movie ‘The Matrix’ the character played by Keanu Reeves is offered a choice between a red pill and a blue pill. The red pill represents an awareness to reality no matter how unpleasant it is, or he could take the blue pill and remain blissful in his ignorance. To know the truth, we must be willing to admit the good and bad. We must demand accountability with our news sources if we are going to believe them. Ronald Reagan once coined the phtase “trust but verify”. That is what my dad did when he asked me if I did my chores, he trusted me, but verified that I had mowed the lawn or not. Pretty hard to fake that.

How long before we demand transperency, truth and accountability? Is it too late for America? For the sake of our children, I pray not.

To tip or not to tip. That is the question

My favorite aunt taught me, at an early age, the difference between a TIP and a gratuity. And I think this is a good time to educate a generation of the difference.
So, to my generation, we weren’t comforted when we were wrong. In little league, you only got a trophy if you were a winner. In school, if in math, you answered the question (2+2=) and if you answered anything other than 4, you got a big red ‘X’ meaning you were wrong. If you were routinely late to work, you would be fired. My generation would turn in school reports that we typed on a typewriter and had to research subjects by reading encyclopedias because there was no internet nor handheld computers that had a phone app on it.
To our countries shame, we have coddled our children into believing that they are owed an easy life and our government is backing that belief, so it is no supprise that the younger generations believe that just by doing their job, they deserve more than a paycheck.
Tip is actually short for T.I.P.S. which is an acronym for ‘To insure prompt service’ which is a type of gratuity given ‘before’ service is rendered. A TIP (or TIPS) would be appropriate to give at an hotel to the consierge or bellboy so if you want extra towels or ice or pillows, they would bring them to you in a timely manor. A gratuity is given after service is rendered as in a ‘sit down restaurant’ and the waiter has made your dining experience pleasurable by making sure your glass is full, you get a new fork if you drop it and you get whatever condiments needed to insure you enjoy your meal. Waiters and waitress’ are paid a lower minimum wage and are encouraged to work for you while dining at that establishment.
Would you tip someone at McDonalds? No! Those employees are paid a different minimum wage, now in some states $15 dollars an hour. (No wonder my quarter pounder has increased 40%). If you goto a food chain hot dog joint, stand in line, place your order and have it given to you, you don’t give a gratuity. Now, if it is a privetly owned hot dog cart, you might be inclined to give him/her a gratuity.
I don’t give a gratuity when I buy a 2×4 from Home Depot or a ream of paper from OfficeMax.
At my local, chain owned donut shop, if you take my money and hand me my bag of donuts, your gratuity is your paycheck. If I do my job, I don’t get a gratuity from my customers, I get a paycheck. And where I live, January 1st marked an increase in the minimum wage to $15 dollars an hour. But my salary has not been increased in several years, not even keeping with inflation rates. Food, gas, services and rent has increased and my money is stretched thin as it is. If you keep demanding a gratuity just for doing your job, maybe I will go somewhere else or just do without. I have seen a automated fastfood restaurant. There were a total of 2 people there and all they did was keep the food robots stocked with food. Those robots don’t demand a gratuity, they don’t show up to work late or need to leave early and don’t take maternity leave or sick time nor take vacations. Your job is quickly being replaced with automation because you refuse to work, demand more than what you are due and generally arent worth the $15 per hour. Wake up and see what the long term effects of your actions are. Life is hard. It is harder when you are stupid (John Wayne)

Freedom and risk

Choice is freedom & life is risk

Choice is freedom. Remember, when you were young and your parents finally let you chose what to wear? Before that, you had no choice so your mother did pick out the dorky outfits, but that was OK because your friends also had their mothers pick out the dorky outfits for them too. But finally, you were given the freedom to chose what to wear. Maybe, when your mom or dad went shopping for clothes, they might ask you what you wanted. You may not have been given a choice in underwear or socks, maybe not even shoes, but you may have been given a chance at some influence on your clothes. How about when your dad finally asked you what you wanted at McDonalds. Hamburger or cheeseburger happy meal. That was your parents giving you a chance at freedom to chose.

Our Constitution, the Constitution of the United States of America, clearly states that the citizens have the right to life, liberty and the persuit of happiness. You will note it does not grant the right to be happy, just the persuit of it. It does not grant you the right to succeed, but the right to try and succeed. As a citizen, you have the right to persue happiness as long as you do not interfere with everyone elses right to persue what makes them happy. The right to chose your path to happiness. Many years ago, even Warner Brothers Studios created an animated ‘schoolhouse rock’ style short that educated kids on this. I remember Wille Coyote chasing the roadrunner as the narrator read the right to persue happines but not the guarantee of happiness as the road runner, yet again out smarted the coyote and Wille fell off the roof of the Captal building. I believe that cartoon short has been locked away or destroyed, but it did exist.

In order to control a population, you limit or eliminate choice. Where I live, our governor has decreed that plastic grocery bags are ‘bad for the planet’ so he, and the democratic legislature, passed a bill eliminating statewide, plastic grocery bags. Your only choice now is to pay for paper or buy reusable grocery bags all in the name of becoming more environmentally friendly. Now notice what happened here. Instead of encouraging people to make the choice to use reusable bags to be more environmentally friendly, he, like all the other liberals, decided that he/they knew better than you and took your choice away. That is a sign of socialism, to take away your choices. In California, the governor there, with the aid of a democrat government decread/ made into law that you will not have the choice to purchase an internal combustion (gas or deisel) powered vehicle and force you to buy an electric vehicle. Damn the consequences, they know better than you what is good for you and your family, so, they take away your choice. It does not matter their reasoning for it, the fact remains that the fewer choices you are given, the less free that you are.

This is not what our forefathers envisioned. They could not have possibly known about electric powered cars and handheld computers with the ability to call anyone in the world, they just knew that you have the responsibility to chose what is right for you and your family.

This also means that you must take responsability for your choices. Life is full of risk. There is no Constitutional right to be safe. As we learned, the Constitution states our God Given right to life, liberty (freedom to chose what is best for ourselves) and the persuit of hapiness, but no where is it stated that you have the God given right to be safe and not suffer the consequences of your actions.

When I was in Jr. High School, I was a member of the ‘Sea Cadets’. One summer, my unit was sent to one week active duty. My post was on a 65 foot missle retriever stationed out of the Long Beach Naval Shipyard. I had packed my bags to be prepared for a one week deployment and my parents gave me a little bit of money for incidentals. I had to make that little bit of money last. Now I had my billet, a rack or cot on board the boat, my bag with clothes and the Navy provided 3 meals a day but I was on my own for candy, soda, snacks, magazines or whatnots. Now this was a time when a Hershey chocolate bar was about .20 cents, soda was about the same and a Playboy magazine (what, a young boy about 14 years old on a Navy base look at let, alone buy a Playboy? And you’re suprised?) so if I was given $3 to $4 dollars. That was alot of money for my parents to give me, considering the average yearly wage was about $12,000 to $13,000 a year. So if I blew all my money, I was out, no asking dad for more, he wasn’t there. I will spare you the specifics, but after trying to act like an adult, which I was not, and some penny ante poker I learned to sparce out my money. I had to live with the consequences of my actions.

Who thinks that life isn’t filled with consequences? Who believes life isn’ filled with risks? And only an idiot believes that the government is responsible for their safety. Benjamin Franklin said it best when he said “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

The danger today, is that America as it was designed no longer exists. The freedoms that we had just 50 years ago no longer exist. Too many people belive the notion that government is supposed to make life fair. Too many people believe that the roll of government is to take from the rich “who don’t pay their fair share” and redistribute it to those that don’t have as much. People get what they deserve,and as long as people continue to vote for politicians who promise to give them a risk free life, to take from others and give them what they have not earned, who continuously lie about their opponents claiming that they want dirty air and dirty water and that the reason you are poor is because someone else is rich, then that society gets the dictatorship that they deserve.

It was Alexander Frasier Tylor that penned

“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship.”

Stop and smell the cess pool that is Washington D.C. That isn’t cherry blossoms you smell. When our current president and the dominions of theft grant money from the pockets of the citizens to illegal aliens, who refuse to seal the borders of the United states but give to secure the borders of foreign countries, who send weapons to help the war in Ukrain but take them away from American citizens, and who promises to pay back student loans after people foolishly went into debt for an education that is worthless, then we are already living in the beginnings of an emerging dictatorship. This is the consequences that we deserve for allowing ourselves to belive that restricting choices and allowing government to dictate what is good for us for our safety.

A goverment powerful enough to give you what you didn’t earn is big enough to take away what God himself gave you. Welcome to the Amerika that you voted for. Happy New Year in a free-ish dictatorship of your creation.

Danger Will Robinson, Danger

Danger Will Robinson, Danger

That was the warning that the B9 Environmental Robot from Irwin Allen’s “Lost in Space” would yell out to Will Robinson to alert him of a dangerous condition. I have to admit that I watched alot of movies as a kid and yes, they somewhat helped form my opinions. Will Robinson, played by Bill Mumy, at least had the robot to help warn him of danger.

In Logan’s Run, Logan-5 played by Michael York, had to figure the truth by himself. If he hadn’t had 3 years taken from him by the security computer, he may never tried to figure the truth that the society he lived in was a lie and the people were being controlled. carrousel was a trick perpetrated on the people so they would voluntarily commit suicide without a fight.

In Soylent Green, Detective Thorn, played by Charlton Heston, found out that the government had run out of sources of food for an overcrowded society and was processing people as food for the population in the form of Soylent Green. That society had instituted suicide centers so a person could die in comfort before being processed like sheep for food.

In Westworld, and the subsequent movie Futureworld, Peter Martin, played by Richard Benjamin found out the hard way what happens when technology that is designed for mankinds pleasure can become the greatest danger to our society and in Futureworld, Chuck Browning, played by Peter Fonda, was nearly killed by a duplicate of himself created by Artificial Intelegence bent on destroying mankinds freedom before mankind destroys themselves.

In H. G. Wells ‘The Time Machine’ H. G. Wells, played by Rod Taylor, saw that humans had become two very dangerous creatures. The Warlocks who had become cave dwellers that kept the machines working and the Eloi who had become lazy and childlike taking all for granted and not working for anything. The Eloi had become sheep and the Warlocks had become canibals, feeding of the Eloi.

In ‘The Forbidden Planet’, Dr. Morbius, played by Walter Pidgeon, thought he could control the technology of the Krell and decided not to share the secrets with mankind because they were not ready for it, but the power and technology of the Krell gave form and power to the most dangerous thing known to man, the ID. The ID along with the EGO are part of the humans ‘Super Ego’, and if not controlled will destroy a man.

In ‘THX 1138’, THX, played by Robert Duvall, wanted to break free from a society that forced conformity and homogeneity, where government controls your every move. Government controls who you can marry, who can procreat, where you work and the level of education you can get with no room for freedom of expression or even thought that is not sanctioned by the government.

In George Orwell’s “1984”, Winston Smith, played by John Hurt, was eventually punished/tortued for thought crimes against ‘Big Brother’, who was a government that controlled the subjects through lies and propaganda. Gaslighting people and using dark psychology to manipulate thought.

Ferenheit 451 depicted a society devoid of education. The protaganist Guy Montag, played by Osker Werner, was a fireman, but the firemen of this society burned books as they were deemed dangerous. All books were banned and you were to only get your education from government controlled TV. That wasn’t water being pumped thru the firemans hose but gasoline to help burn books.

In the book “Banker Class”, by Richard Roberts, we find an enforcer named ‘Valentine’ and in that society, The 13 banks controlled every aspect of your life including your job, interest rates for business transactions and you allowed education which was controlled by an artificial intellegent computer called the ‘Guardian’ and there were no books, just your ‘device of worship’ which was a handheld computer monitered by the ‘Gardian’.

All of these movies, books and stories were warnings to mankind. Any government or enforcement agency that manipulates its people, punished free speech or thought, stifles the free expression or creativity of man is evil and should be stopped. Arrest, try, convict and encarcerate those that hurt freedom. We have God Given rights which cannot be taken away by man to life, liberty (freedom) and the pursuit of happiness (but not a guarantee of hapiness) and anyone, any entity or government that seeks to take those rights away need to be punished severely and those attempts quelled immediately and severely.

It has been said before that if you put a frog in hot water, it will immediately jump out, but if you put him in lukewarm water and slowly increase the temp., he will cook but never jump out. I have been alive for many years, long enough to have experienced true freedom and it pains me to see what America has sunk to. So in the words of a great robotprogrammed for our safety says, “Danger America. Danger”. Stop and think what you are no longer allowed to do and ask yourself, “is our government so big that it can not only give me things but take things away.”