Thats right, I said it. Furthermore, I believe it. Are you crazy also? Let me demonstrate…

If you belive laws will PREVENT crime from happening, you are crazy. Laws only create a punishment for breaking the law. 1) It is against the law to kill. There are even several degrees of the law to differentiate the punishment of breaking the law against killing. Premeditated murder is punished more harshly than negligently killing someone, but the law does not prevent people from killing others. 2) It is against the law to steal, yet the law does not prevent some people from stealing what is not theirs. 3) There are laws against speeding, however, the law does not prevent you from inching your speedometer past the speed limit.

If you believe that all religions create a peaceful soul, you are crazy. Even those people that claim to practice peace, lie. You constantly hear that certain religions are ‘a religion of peace’ yet the followers of that religion regularly throw homosexuals off of tall buildings, behead practicers of other religions and teach their children to run into crowds with bombs strapped on their backs to kill people that do not agree with their views of religion. And what about those people that claim to be followers of a Jewish Carpenter yet interupt funerals with shouts of hatred because the person being buried was gay? Would that Jewish Carpenter approve of those actions? I do not think that Jesus Christ would yell words of hatred nor approve of such actions.

If you believe that the politicians that you elect have to follow the same laws that you do, you are crazy. When a politician fails to follow the law, purposfully creates their own email server, uses it for top secret government emails, then when being investigated, destroys the data, uses a hammer to destroy the smart phones and hard drives and lies about it and gets away with it with no punishment, that should prove that politicians live with a seperate set of laws.

If you belive that giving condoms to school aged kids for free will reduce teen aged sexual activity, you are crazy. That actually increased that activity. Think about it. You teach them about sex, and viola, they are going to want to experiment, and you gave them the tools to do it.

If you belive that taking guns away from citizens will stop violence, YOU ARE CRAZY. It has been proven that a lightly trained person with a knife can be deadlier than a person with a gun. And most gun violence has been perpetrated by people with mental defects. Mentally deranged people that hear evil voices in their heads, or people that want attention by killing or have no sense of right or wrong.

If you think that chasing God out of your lives will make life better, YOU ARE CRAZY. God gives us purpose. He gives us love, common sense laws to help us treat each other properly. He gives us hope and a future.

Our society is not as ‘civilized’ as it was in my grandparents time, or even my parents time. We are witnessing to continuing degradation of our society without GOD in it. I have heard some people say ‘why would GOD let this happen ?’ But you chased GOD away and told him that he was no longer needed or wanted. GOD did not let this happen, you did, by not standing up and saying “We need GOD, now more than ever.”

You are the silent majority. But the silent majority is irrelevant when they maintain their silence when evil walks among us out in the open. Are you going to maintain your silence, or shout out even if you are called names?

One thought on “people are crazy

  1. amen and again I say Amen. I have my father’s mindset this I am told. I voice my opinion even when it’s not asked for. It may not be the right thing to be bold but as I read it in the Bible Paul tells us to be bold and a stand-up. And I do. I remember a time and the clinic that I went to when I was sick and I sneezed with a little and a woman with a little girl said God bless you. I said He does when I get out of His way. She looked at me and said What? I have to believe she watrs raised to say those words, but didn’t really get the true meaning. Keep up the good work.


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