I wonder if you see the irony

In WWII Germany, the way to identify the unwanted citizen, those that were trouble makers and generally concidered the main reason Germany had financial problems and was not a major powerful nation, was to force them to wear something to identify them from the pure, properly thinking German citizen.

The German Jews were blamed for the poor financial condition of the country. They, the Jews, had made there way in Germany and had become doctors, lawyers and business owners. The country was trying to recover from a total financial meltdown (look up the financial problems and crash of the Weimar Republic, Germany between 1918 to the mid 1930’s) The government leaders messed up the currency so bad, when inflation hit (hyper inflation) the paper currency was worth more as wallpaper than to purchase things. (Remind you of anything?)

The German Jews were forced to wear a patch indicating that they were “undesirable” or “second-class” citizens. The Doctors were told by the gov’t that they could only practice on fellow Jews. The Jewish lawyers were told that they couldn’t practice law anymore. The government confiscated Jewish businesses. A short period of time later, the Jewish citizens were forcibly rounded up and placed in camps across the country. But it all started with identifying them as ‘different’.

Covid-19 (Sars Cov-2), while being serious (it is becoming discovered that it was, in fact, created in a research lab in Wuhan China. The lab was funded, in part, by Dr. Foucchi to enhance and strengthen the virus. (Was someone or some ones trying to create a weaponized virus?) was not handled properly, or maybe it was being handled in a way to create worldwide fear in which case, those people should be rounded up and executed for crimes against humanity). The human immune system (which God designed) worked and the ultimate statistics are that if you contract it, the survivability rate is about 99%. Now, after president Donald Trump streamlined the process to develope the vaccine, there are severale experimental vaccines available. Now understand that because of the streamline process, the FDA has not authorized any of the vaccines. It is an experimental drug using new technologies with unknown long term effects. This is also a vaccine for the original form of Sars Cov-2 and not any of the variants so you are not protected from any of the various variants of Sars Cov-2. Also, no one can definatively say that you will not need a booster shot in a short period of time. So it is natural, if some people (including myself) want to wait for more research. But now, it is becoming almost like those that have not allowed someone to inject you with an experiment drug have to be singled out and identified, much like the German Jews in WWII. I almost expect a special patch that an unvaccinated person will have to wear. Instead, a vaccinated person may just carry a paper from the doctor stating that he has had the vaccine and is ‘given’, by the unelected officials by the health dept., his freedom to walk around without a mask (with limitations). When did an unelected group of people decide when you could be granted your inailienable right, given by God, guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America?

I am not an ‘anti-vaccer’. My children had the mandated vaccinations to be able to go to public school not because I ‘had’ to, butbecause they made sense to me. But here is a question: if you have been vaccinated, then why are you afraid of someone who isn’t? And if the first thing you think of, is that everyone must be vaccinated for the vaccine to work, then the vaccine must not be very effective then. Why else would governors of certain states be enticing its citizens with a million dollar lottery? If you truly believe in the science, then the vaccine should be able to stand up to scutiny all by its own merits. And instead of 5 ‘1 million dollar winners’, why not 50 ‘$100,000 dollar winners’? or 500 ‘$10,000 dollar winners’? If the vaccine is so effective, then why the big push to force it on people? What is next, the denial of services to those who can not produce ‘travel’ papers (a vaccine passport)?

The Bible warns that in the end times, people without the ‘mark of the Beast’ will be denied access to goods and services. Those without the mark will be sought after and encarcerated or killed. What if the government or health department were to be able to insert a small computer chip the size of a grain of rice with a simple number or other indicator that the person has had the vaccine? Then, the police department or store clerk could point a RFID chip reader at you and see if you have had the vaccine and therefore allowed into the store or DMV for services or police to avoid a ‘non compliance’ citation. Could this be the mark of the beast God was warning us about?

The older ai get, the more cynicle I get and ask what the underlyingmotive of things are. Do you have similar concerns? If you chose the vaccine, that is your decision. Apersonal choice that I do not want to rob you of. There are definetly legitemate reasons to get the vaccine. Just don’t castigate those that choose not to. I do not know what the future has in store, but my parents taught me to wonder ‘what if…!

We are liars

In the bible, one of the ten commandments reads “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor” (Exodus chapter 20 verse 16) which, written in a more modern way might read “do not lie”.

These commandments are so well known that even those that are not religious or believe in God knows this to be true. We claim to be a society that abhors liars. We teach our children not to lie and that lying is bad yet we lie to our children and ourselves every day. And for the most part, we tell ourselves that if I lie, it is only to protect myself or that it is just a little white lie that can’t hurt anybody. Heck, if you think about it, honestly, you probably lie many times a day. Sometimes we know that what we say is a lie and that others that hear it also know it is a lie but we still say it because it might be funny. Like “there are no calories in a stolen cookie” or “if I break the cookie, the calories fall out” and these might be considered innocuous lies because they hurt no one and everyone knows we are just being funny. Really? LIE

Since the discovery of ‘Covid-19 in late 2019, we have heard many lies, the one that unnerves me (there are so many now) is the lie that our kids can become super heros by simply washing there hands. Go onto YouTube and type in the search bar “wash your hands and become a super hero’ and it will populate with many videos or radio commercials that proport this very lie. Even Lego Batman says children can be a ‘Super hero’ by washing their hands. LIE

Now everyone knows that judging a person by their skin color or shape or any other physical characteristic is, for the most part, wrong. While Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a very flawed man, God chose him to point out that just because a person has darker skin, we should not make judgements of their character. God made mankind in his own image and we are all valued by God so much that another commandment reads “Thou shalt not murder”. We, as a civilized society claim that we value life by making it a crime to murder. Even those that don’t believe in God see the value in this law. So, why is it that we so willingly lie to ourselves and others about prejudice? There are radio commercials now that claim that prejudice is a virus. ( again, a simple YouTube search will give many examples) LIE

How about the violent riots over the last few years by the group “Black Lives Matter Inc”. This group does not even hide the fact that they are Marxists and aim to destroy the current America. Now, the term “black lives matter” is true, just as all lives matter. After all, we are all made in the image of God. (And by the way, I worship a Jewish carpenter that was far from having white skin). So when someone that does not know the core values of “Black Lives Matter Inc” sees a sign the simply reads Black Lives Matter, they would agree. Of course black lives matter because ALL LIVES MATTER. But we see many people absent mindedly supporting the BLM, Inc because they are made to feel inferior because they have anything other than black skin. BLM LIE

More than 2 genders? Really? I learned long before kindergarten that there were two genders. You either have external plumbing or internal plumbing. Boy and girl. (and like the song says viva la difference) Adam and Eve begat … boy and girl get together and make other boys and girls. Now personally, I couldn’t give a pile of steaming road apples if you wanted to call yourself a redwood or you self identified as a garden slug, there are only two genders and to teach our kids anything else is a major disservice to our children. Our kids are already confused once they hit puberty and to add confusion by telling them that they can be any of the myriad of other made up genders is just wrong. We now have 5 year old boys, who claim to be girls and with the support of their teachers, not necessarily their parents, have the right to go thru gender reassignment surgery. Talk about adding major confusion to an already confused child. And once this 5 year old boy goes thru surgery, once puberty hits, he will even be more confused. More than 2 genders LIE.

If a boy is school can’t sit still, he is obviously in need of drugs to keep him still and attentive. This is, (sorry mom) BULLSHIT! Children need activity, that is what is called recess. Let the kids burn off that natural energy. To pump our kids full of pharmaceutical drugs like Ritalin, is to tell them that drugs are ok. After all, your parents and teacher endorses this drug to quell the natural energy of these kids all to make the teacher feel better because she or he might not be able to handle the natural energy of these kids. These teachers have an unnatural sense of self importance. This is not to say that some people need Ritalin, but not to the degree that it is prescribed. ADHD to the degree that it is diagnosed, LIE

You have a right to healthcare. One of the biggest lies perpetrated on America. You have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Your rights there do not intrude on the rights of others. My right to life does not interfere with your right to life. However, healthcare is a service, performed by many specialists that have taken the time and spent the money to learn a specialty service. To demand that someone pay for your so called right infringes on other peoples rights. Someone has to pay for the service, namely the government, namely you and I having to pay for someone else’s service. Like I believe, life is not fair nor unfair. Life is. Someone might be born with a disease. Maybe they are born prematurely and have problems with their lungs or be born with a blood disease. This is tragic, but that does not mean that they have a right to someone else’s money. Would you say you have the right to a plumber?, Electrician?, Car mechanic? No you do not. You do not have the right to someone else’s labors. That is theft (the basis of socialism). And once the government takes control of this service, they can and have determined who deserves said healthcare. A fat man might not be able to qualify for healthcare until he looses some weight. Think this is absurd? They do it in Japan right now. Healthcare a right, LIE

These are but a small sample of the everyday lies that we live with. When did it become normal to believe lies? When did it become fashionable to tell our children that they must be honest, yet we force them and ourselves to live a life of lies? I said it before and I say it again now, WE ARE ALL LIARS. What lie do you willingly live with?