Tide Pods, guns and Baal

How hard is it to wash cloths now? I mean really, now the detergant comes premeasured in a sealed pouch or pod that desolves in water. No more measuring or using too much soap. You just put in a load of dirty cloths, add a soap pod and turn on the washer. Now, who in their right mind would purposely put a Tide pod in their mouth? Well, believe it or not, the same group of kids that would leave school ‘en mas’ to demand more gun control. Don’t believe me? A simple Youtube search will bring up a slew of people the took the ‘Tide pod’ challenge and quite a few were admitted into the ER.

I do not discount the trauma that the students of the High School in Parkland Florida feel. Yes they have a right to be angry and feel unsafe. But when a 16 year old High School student wants to lecture me as to why I am evil for owning a gun and demand that I relinquish my Second Ammendment rights to self protection, I want to remind everyone that it was just a week or so before this incident that the biggest challenge to their lives was surviving the Tide pod challenge. The same mentality of young minds full of crap and vertually no life experience now wants to become the poster child for the anti gun movement.

Look, I was 16 years old once. I was one of the most level headed kids in my class with a very high IQ back then and I can tell you that I was an idiot. I had no life experience and even though I had a high IQ, I was also a walking hormone that saw boobs almost everywhere. I had no concept of the reason for the Constitution. Oh I had read about it and was taught about the Revolutionary war, but I had no basis in reality of what it meant and why it is so important. I had no concept of how the Constitution effected my life. And I can tell you, that had I heard there was going to be a walk out, no matter the reason, I would have joined in just to get out of Dr. Blakes english class.

Which brings me to another point. It seems as if (and the proof is evident) the the anti gun people in the media and the anti NRA people in Congress are using these kids to further their agenda. It is clear, to anyone that ‘thinks’ about this problem, that it is complex and forces one to ask many questions. As I stated in a previous post, there are many questions that must be asked by people with clear heads, not heads still steeped in emotion. Questions like why were the police called to the student killers house over 30 times in two years? Why didn’t the FBI act on the information that they had on the student killer BEFORE the incident, as they had a large file on him. Why was there only one armed SRO (Sheriff resource officer) in a school of over 3000, and why did he not enter the building where the student killer was actively killing? Why was the student killer on psych-tropic drugs? What mental problem did he have and who all knew about it? What kind of video games did he play and why was he expelled from school?

In human history, there were a group of people that sacrificed their children to further their religious and political beliefs. The Caananites. They worshipped a god named Baal, more specifically, Ba’al who was worshipped as the god of fertility, weather, rain, wind, lightning, seasons, war, patron of sailors and sea-going merchants, leader of the Rephaim (ancestral spirits). They, the Caananites, routinely sacrificed their children to appease their god. So, what is the difference between sacrificing children to the god Ba’al and sacrificing children to the god of liberal political movement? I have noticed that the ultra liberals routinely claim that their policies are better and should be passed ‘if just one child is….’ Remember the Congressional debates in December of 1996 when most of the Democratic men wore ‘Save the Children’ ties and the women Democratic members wore ‘Save the Children’ scarves? The whole debate was a reduction in the rate of growth of the budget. But the Democrats claimed it was a budget reduction and that children would be dying in the streets of starvation if the budget was not passed. I saw politicians using children to further their political agenda.   I had the same feeling when the commercials would come on TV showing starving children and a celebrity begging for money while crying her heart out. Yes, I felt bad for the children but I hated the feeling of maniputation more.Again, someone using children to fulfill their political agenda. And I get the same feeling of manipulation with the school shootings and the anti-gun agenda. No one wants to delve deeper into the problem than simply blaming the gun or gun ownership. Why is that? Think of that the next time some politician tells you that you must listen to some pimply faced 16 year old who thinks a good time is participating in the Tide pod challenge.

OK, meathead. Let’s have a real debate.

After the latest school shooting, there has been outrage yet again against gun ownership. The liberals are demanding an open discussion about the problem and I say ‘Bring it on”.

Before we address guns and gun ownership, lets first discuss the fact that all these schools are ‘GUN FREE ZONES’. So, basically the kids are in a shooting gallery with little or no reliable protection. Our politicians have armed guards at the capitol. Are our politicians more important than our school kids? If we really value the safety of our kids, we must make sure that there are armed and trained people that can protect our children. How about taking retired veterans as volunteers to take turns just patrolling the schools coordinating with the local police?

Next, lets talk about the mind altering drugs that we have over prescribed to our kids. A recent study claims that over 19% of school aged boys are classified as ADHD when in fact, less than 10% are actually ADHD. That means that we have over prescribed drugs to control ADHD by over 100%. Drugs like Addoral, Ritalin, Concerta and Vyvanse. The legally prescribed drugs being abused has become epidemic with drugs like Dilaudid, Vicodin, OxyContin, Exalgo, Norco Avenza and Astramorph being given seemingly willy nilly by ER doctors. And drugs like Ambian and Ritalin being prescribed to students when the known side effects of these drugs are horrific and have been linked to many crimes including those committed by student gunmen at schools.

Next, let’s talk about the movie industry and Hollywood’s part in these senseless killings. With most of todays movies glorifying death and showing, thru computer generated graphics, blood and brain matter being splattered across the set. Movies where it is impossible to count the dead bodies. Movies like Friday the 13th and all of its sequels or Nightmare on Elm Street and all the zombie movies et al that seem to glorify blood, guts and gore. Can’t we then place part of the blame on Hollywood?

What about the computer gaming industry? With games like ‘Grand Theft Auto’ where you can actually gain points by killing a hooker or running over pedestrians. Games like ‘Warcraft’, ‘Warhammer’, ‘The Witcher’, ‘Battlefront’, ‘Battlefield’ and others that desensitize kids towards violence. Many kids have been known to spend hours upon hours playing these games. How much of an effect have these games had on some susceptible kids? We know that those that committed the attack on the Columbine School had gotten some of their ideas from games such as these. We can then place part of the blame on the computer gaming industry.

Next, let’s talk about Law Enforcement. In the latest school tragedy, the killer was a former student that had the local police called to his house many, many times in the last 2 years. The FBI had a file on this killer kid and was even warned about him. His former classmates even joked that if there was another school shooting, it would probably be him. We can then place part of the blame on law enforcement and their lack of action. Looks like established laws did not stop him did it. So what new law would stop the next killer? As I stated in a previous post, laws will never stop crime, laws only place a punishment if a crime is committed.

Next, let’s talk about out public school system. You don’t see mass school shooting happen in private schools, only public schools. Places that have become socialists indoctrination centers for young minds full of kangaroo poo. How many socialist and ultra liberal teachers are pumping their students with grandiose ideas of rebellion and anarchy? There is a reason we don’t let citizens under the age of 18 vote. It’s because they have no concept of reality. They still have to goto emotional trauma ‘cry rooms’ because the president that they wanted did not win. They are ‘cry baby pissy pants’ because they get a failing grade because they did not study. They can’t participate in sports where some win and some loose, they have to be given participation trophies. You can’t even look at them sternly because ‘it will make them feel bad’. And you want me to listen to these morons? They can’t even get my order at McDonalds right.

OK, what about guns? I remember a time when student had guns in gun racks in their trucks because they were going hunting after school or went shooting before school. There were no mass shootings then. Why is it that the first thing anyone says, BEFORE THE SMOKE CLEARS is they want to take away all the guns or demand even more useless laws? They say only in America do gun violence in schools happen when a simple Google search would disprove that lie. Canada, Mexico, Russia and China have had their share of school violence. And the statistics used by the liberals claiming multiple school shootings is bull schtick. Just because someone is in a parking lot near a school and gets shot from a ricochet from a gang shooting does not make it a school shooting. What about the brave football coach that placed his body between the shooter and his students? What if he had been trained the carry concealed? Could he have stopped the killer student right then and still saved not only his students life but his own?

And finally, can’t we as a society take some of the blame when we value the senseless slaughter of our babies thru abortion? If you kill your baby, you are said to have made a personal ‘choice’, but if you wait a couple of years then kill, you are a murderer.

So, yes, let’s have this open and honest discussion. I wont be the one trying to hide behind emotional bull shit.





OK, if she did not want men to notice, why did she dress that way? Many woman’s magazines promise to help them with their self confidence, better sex, how to find a guy, how to attract a guy and many more ‘How-To’s’.  Men might not say so publically, but we want women to read these magazines. As one person put it, “I like the woman’s movement, especially from behind.” But what kind of message are we sending when on one hand, women are taught how to ‘dress to impress’ yet on the other hand, we punish men for noticing? This madness has been spreading unchecked, and now, in France, men are fined for ‘wolf-whistling’. That’s right, in a country known for its romance and having the most romantic atmosphere (really, women with underarm hair long enough to braid and men sitting at a café, drinking over-priced coffee, scratching their butts and complaining about last nights croissant?) will now be fined for lecherous aggressive behavior for giving the internationally recognized signal of approval, the wolf-whistle. Some say it is the ugly women that are complaining because they aren’t being whistled at.

In American colleges and universities, free speech is being stifled by passing “hate speech’ codes. A student can be fined for using words that disparage homosexuals, women, people of other ethnicities or religious beliefs (except Anglo Saxon Christians of course). But now, even words are being banned from colleges and universities. Words like illegal alien, male, female and others will be punishable by immediately failing the class that the words are used in. That’s right, the institution of higher learning and debate, where ideas are supposed to be expressed, is now only an institution of indoctrination for ultra liberalism.

Our society today wants men to be more like pansies and women to be more like men. I think that is called ‘homogenization’. It reminds me of a movie called Equilibrium (2002 by Dimension Films) where in a dystopian society, wars are eliminated by chemically removing all emotion from its citizens. Any showing of emotion like love, hate or sadness is severely punished by death in a furnace. The population is controlled by the constant injection of a drug called Prozium and the enforcers of non emotions are called clerics who are given authority to destroy all art, books, music and anything that can create an emotion in the consumer of the art or book or music. These emotion police have authority to use deadly force to eliminate any and all emotion. Anything that can cause any emotion is forbidden and the High Ruler of the society is called ‘Father’, a sort of ‘Big Brother’ figure. Imagine it, a society were there is no emotion. No hate, so there would be no love. No jealousy so there would be no pride or shame or envy. A society where everyone is a walking automaton that does the governments bidding with no hesitation. No one whistling at a beautiful woman and no one killing or stealing, basically no one is living.

Todays liberals are fighting eons of human development. Men are hard wired a certain way, as are women. Maybe, these liberals would rather live in ancient Sparta. They certainly act like it. Read your history, Spartan men were raised to be the ultimate warrior, and women were raised to bear Spartan children. At birth, the Spartan infant was taken to the elder, who would take the child to the top of a cliff and inspect it for any defects. If the child was deemed defective and not worthy of being a Spartan, they were tossed over the cliff. The male children were, at the age of 7, taken away to a military camp where they were taught not to cry at pain. They would get into fights just so they could be numb to pain. They had to kill without being caught or risk death themselves, all while being educated as they were also very intelligent men. Many male children did not succeed or live to be Spartan warriors. The Spartan women were said to be the most beautiful ever. They were also taught in gymnastics as they had to be healthy enough to bear many healthy children. These Spartan women were also well educated. But did you read above were any child thought not to be good enough to be a Spartan was sacrifices off of a cliff, just like an ancient abortion clinic. The children were singly focused on being the best Spartan they could be all for the right to do the governments bidding. It is no wonder why King Xerxes had a tough time fighting the Spartans.

Todays liberal just is not happy unless they are mad. That should prove they are mentally sick. They fight for Tolerance, yet those with a Tolerance bumper sticker are the least Tolerant people I know. They have set out to ‘fundamentally transform America’. The only way to do that is to destroy America and those values that have made America Great.


The Time Machine

“We have to send you back, to the future”. Everyone knows that iconic statement from Dr. Emitt Brown played by Christopher Lloyd. That crazy haired inventor that, as Marty McFly said, “made a time machine, out of a DeLorian?” Man has had a fascination with time travel for ‘a long time’. To go backwards in time or even forward and live in a different time. Science fiction is full of stories, movies and books about traveling thru time. I have even dabbled in stories about time travel. In High School and college (and beyond) I wrote short stories about time travel. I even forced myself to study Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity because of my short dabbling into SciFi. But I want to focus more on the story by H. G. Wells called ‘The Time Machine’. I love the 1960 movie starring Rod Taylor. Really, who wouldn’t want to sit in that prop and pretend just as Leonard and Sheldon did in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in season 1 episode 14? It would be the ‘Best Seat in the House’ 😉

In this time story, H. George Wells played by Rod Taylor, travels far into the future only to find mankind has ‘evolved’ or ‘devolved’ into two groups. The Eloi and the Morlocks. As H. G. Wells explains, mankind split into the one group that sought shelter underground and became the ‘masters of machinery’. In the story by H. G. Wells himself, he explains that the Morlock’s were the new vermin. They were ‘nauseatingly inhuman’ and characterized as human spiders or human rats . Then, the other group, called the Eloi stayed above ground only to become cattle for the cannibalistic Morlocks. The Eloi were beautiful, fragile and dumb. They had become complacent and had their food and clothes given to them while the Morlocks would trick the Eloi underground only to feast on them. Wells describes both of these human subspecies with good and bad characteristics. The Eloi, while beautiful were both lazy and ignorant with no thirst for knowledge. The Morlocks, while being disgusting and vile, also were workers and had initiative and showed some forethought in their actions. The few evil Morlocks using the complacent Eloi to sustain the lifestyle of the evil underground dwelling and grotesque ‘monsters of the dark’. A quick internet search would lead you to a group of biblical people called Canaanites that worshipped the false god Moloch and sacrificed their children into the fire. Also, Morlocks root word is ‘Mor’, which means death. Think of rigor MORtis

Hmmm, monsters of the dark. Those that would, from the secrecy and relative safety of the shadows, prey on the weak and complacent. Couldn’t we then call those of the swamps in Washington D. C. the Morlocks and the general public, you know…the silent majority and those that relish being ignorant of reality the Eloi? I guess I would be an educated Eloi, kind of like those, that in the movie finally saw the evil monsters of the dark and helped H. G. Wells in the end by fighting them, but what about you, are you a Morlock or an Eloi? Or are you like H. G. Wells who saw the evolution of man and decided to do something about it. In the end of the movie, after sharing his increadible story to his friends, who did not and could not believe him, H. G. Wells got back in his machine only to disappear into time. But he left with 3 books. Supposedly, he was going back to the future to educate or rebuild society with the Eloi. What 3 books did he take? What 3 books would you take? What 3 books do you have now to help rebuild a civil society?

The Eloi were preyed upon and consumed by the Morlocks. Life would have continued as it had been if it weren’t for an outsider from a different time and a different set of values. How much longer will Americas Eloi let the Morlocks use them? It was not good for the Eloi until they stood up against the Morlocks. It has not been good for us, the silent majority, to let the violent minority force us thru fear to keep our opinions to ourselves. How many more Law Enforcement officers will be killed, how many more innocent students will be used as target practice before we address the real problem, and it is not the gun but those with mental health issues. It is allowing criminally illegal aliens to stay in this country. It is not securing our borders to enforce our soverenty. It is over taxing the citizens to assist an ever growing government that refuses to live within a budget. It is time to speak up and not be so silent anymore. If we don’t speak up, we will find ourselves marching into the darkness with the Morlocks, and it will be too late then.

people are crazy

Thats right, I said it. Furthermore, I believe it. Are you crazy also? Let me demonstrate…

If you belive laws will PREVENT crime from happening, you are crazy. Laws only create a punishment for breaking the law. 1) It is against the law to kill. There are even several degrees of the law to differentiate the punishment of breaking the law against killing. Premeditated murder is punished more harshly than negligently killing someone, but the law does not prevent people from killing others. 2) It is against the law to steal, yet the law does not prevent some people from stealing what is not theirs. 3) There are laws against speeding, however, the law does not prevent you from inching your speedometer past the speed limit.

If you believe that all religions create a peaceful soul, you are crazy. Even those people that claim to practice peace, lie. You constantly hear that certain religions are ‘a religion of peace’ yet the followers of that religion regularly throw homosexuals off of tall buildings, behead practicers of other religions and teach their children to run into crowds with bombs strapped on their backs to kill people that do not agree with their views of religion. And what about those people that claim to be followers of a Jewish Carpenter yet interupt funerals with shouts of hatred because the person being buried was gay? Would that Jewish Carpenter approve of those actions? I do not think that Jesus Christ would yell words of hatred nor approve of such actions.

If you believe that the politicians that you elect have to follow the same laws that you do, you are crazy. When a politician fails to follow the law, purposfully creates their own email server, uses it for top secret government emails, then when being investigated, destroys the data, uses a hammer to destroy the smart phones and hard drives and lies about it and gets away with it with no punishment, that should prove that politicians live with a seperate set of laws.

If you belive that giving condoms to school aged kids for free will reduce teen aged sexual activity, you are crazy. That actually increased that activity. Think about it. You teach them about sex, and viola, they are going to want to experiment, and you gave them the tools to do it.

If you belive that taking guns away from citizens will stop violence, YOU ARE CRAZY. It has been proven that a lightly trained person with a knife can be deadlier than a person with a gun. And most gun violence has been perpetrated by people with mental defects. Mentally deranged people that hear evil voices in their heads, or people that want attention by killing or have no sense of right or wrong.

If you think that chasing God out of your lives will make life better, YOU ARE CRAZY. God gives us purpose. He gives us love, common sense laws to help us treat each other properly. He gives us hope and a future.

Our society is not as ‘civilized’ as it was in my grandparents time, or even my parents time. We are witnessing to continuing degradation of our society without GOD in it. I have heard some people say ‘why would GOD let this happen ?’ But you chased GOD away and told him that he was no longer needed or wanted. GOD did not let this happen, you did, by not standing up and saying “We need GOD, now more than ever.”

You are the silent majority. But the silent majority is irrelevant when they maintain their silence when evil walks among us out in the open. Are you going to maintain your silence, or shout out even if you are called names?