Man trying to play God

Man trying to play God

This weekend I treated myself to a series of classic movies which included Frankenstein, The Invisible Man, The Fly, and The Forbiden Planet. I do enjoy watching the classics. Movies made in the 1930’s thru the 1950’s were written well because there were no special effects, er, not what we have available to us now anyway. For the 1930’s, I can imagine that The Invisible Man was quite scary. As I was watching these classics, I was amused by thinking at just how old these movies were. Over 80 years ago, Hollywood was producing unique movies which we can only remake poor movies today. Oh, I know the special effects would be fantastic and they may even have fantastic computer generated effects, but they would all be remakes of some fashion to these classics.
But I also thought how the writters, actors and directors of early Hollywood was trying to convey a message, or warning to us. Look at what happened when Dr. Frankenstein thought he could play God. His monster killed Fritz, the Dr. Waldmen then the little girl. Dr. Frankenstein was ‘mad’ with power as he played God. The murders, damage and assaults are all the fault of this young Dr. who thought he could play God.
The Invisible Man, again, saw a young man wanting to play God by changing nature. By making himself invisible, he lost sight of the full picture, probably because he could not see part of the problem… he was invisible. He went mad with power thinking he could kill not only the powerful but the average person as well with impunity. He was playing with drugs and chemicals in an attempt to do something no man had ever done before. Again, trying to change nature by playing God.
In The Fly we see another young man trying to transport the human body from one place to another by disassembling the human body atom by atom and transmitting it wirelessly to another place. We see that in an attempt to prove his theory, he used himself as a guinea pig and mixed his DNA with that of a house fly and look at what happened. A horrifying end to a brilliant man.
The Forbiden Planet is a movie that shows us what happens to someone when they let their ‘ID’ run rampant. Remember your basic High School Psychology class? Your super Ego is comprised of your ID and your Ego. Your id is your basic instinct, the childish impulses. As it turns out, Dr. Morbius was playing with alien technology in an attempt to become more than he was supposed to be and the machine released his id that murdered and destroyed much. Again, Dr. Morbius was playing God and thought he was smarter than the rest of mankind.
Even more recent movies show the possible horrors of mankind playing God. The movie Laviathan again shows man playing God. In that movie, Russian scientists put a drug in the sailors vodka to modify their DNA in an attempt to make ‘Homoaquaticus’, a man/fish hybrid that could work under water in deep areas. But we see that the experiment went awrie and a terrifying monster was created.
Steven Hawking is a very smart yet ignorant man. He looks into deep space and says that there is no God. I am not as educated as Mr. Hawking yet I look into deep space and I see the face of God. No matter how smart mankind gets, we will never be smart enough to replace God. It seems that old Hollywood agreed. How about you?