Lies: Why is it OK for Obama but not Brian Williams?

OK, by now we have all heard about Brian Williams, news anchor of NBC Nightly News. He is also a journalist, winner of the Peabody Award and darling of the liberal news aristocracy. He is a liar! He admitted it. These are just a small example of what he did.

On Feb. 4th, 2015, he apologized for lying about his report on the Iraq War. He said numerous times that the helicopter he was in was was hit by an RPG (rocket propelled grenade) and was forced to land ( a January Nightly News account) but that account was debunked by a flight engineer on board one of the three helicopters involved. Then, he recounted on air that it was the helicopter in front of his that was hit, damaged and forced to land. Then, yet again after that was debunked, he recalled that they were flying so low, he was looking down the barrel of the RPG after it had been fired and hit the helicopter in front of him. However, the ARMY verified that the helicopter in front of the Chinook he was in was a full 30 minutes in front of his. Again, he lied.

Other lies were; he was a witness to a suicide inside the New Orleans Superdome during hurricane Katrina, he was witness to ‘…bodies floating..’  in the water in front of his hotel during the Hurricane Katrina disaster (even though his hotel was located on high ground and was not flooded), that a police officer saved him from roaming street gangs that were going to kill him, and that he was witness to the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9th, 1989 (evidence shows he did not arrive in Berlin until November 10th).

So, finally, his credibility was crushed and was placed on a six month unpaid leave from the network. Chances are, he will not be taken seriously again, at least not as a serious news anchor.

So what is the difference between Brian Williams and President Barrack Hussein Obama? Are the American citizens asleep? Or are they giving him a pass because they see him as the ‘first black President’? So let us list only a few lies the Barrack Hussein Obama has perpetuated on America.

‘If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor’. It has been shown that the President and his staff knew that was a lie, but they had to tell it to convince the American public it was a good plan and was good for everybody.

‘The average family will see a decrease in their healthcare bill by $2500 dollars’. Again, the president was advised prior to him saying this that it was not the case and the average family would in fact see an increase in the cost of their healthcare. Again, he needed to cram this bill down our throats and get it implemented before the truth came out.

‘The affordable healthcare bill is not a tax’. Yet again, this was a lie. Why else would the president put the enforcement of this ‘Obama Care’ firmly in the control of the IRS? Many people are just now beginning to see that their tax refunds almost disappearing due to the fines of this healthcare bill.

‘Not even a smidgen of corruption’, referring to the fact that the IRS was used for political purposes in attacking and targeting Tea Party groups and denying them tax exemption status and tying them up in red tape until after the election in 2012.

‘I don’t recall ever speaking to him’, referring to IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman who had visited the White House over 100 times.

Benghazi, where an American Ambassador and three others were killed by Al Qaeda; Fast and Furious, were American boarder patrol agents were killed by guns specifically sold to south American drug cartel members in the hopes to force more gun control measures in a false narrative, NSA, where the government is spying on its citizens, Obamas budget, (he has never had a budget) where he promised that it would cut the deficit by 4 trillion dollars but he has increased it more than the previous 44 Presidents combined. The list goes on and on. All of these lies verifiable yet we do nothing to stop him, Congress does nothing to stop him and the Supreme court does nothing to stop him. What is wrong with America?

All four gospels of the Holy Bible give the account that the Jews chose to crucify Christ and release Barabbas. We read in John 18, that Barabbas was a robber or a bandit. Roman documents clearly read that Barabbas was a notorious prisoner, and in the gospel of Mark, it reads that he was a murderer.

The custom, at the time, was for Pilate, or the praefectus (governor) to commute one Jewish prisoners death sentence at Passover. The Jews at the time chose Barabbas over Jesus Christ. Even Pilate said that he found no fault in Jesus. Matthew 27:25 reads ‘…His blood be on us and on our children’.

I give this account to show that good people can be blinded to the truth. The Jews at the time chose to be blinded and chose to release a murderer and convict an innocent man, Jesus. America, now, chooses to follow and believe a liar and turn its back on the principles that made this country what it is, or rather was….The city on the hill.

God forgive us.

Gender what?

Do you think GOD makes mistakes? I am a Christian, and I believe that God has never and can never make mistakes. The three major religions of the world, Christianity, Jews and Muslims, would probably agree on this, God does not make mistakes. So, when I saw this article ( it creaped me out.

It is not hard for me to figure out a persons gender.  When you were born, you had original equipment that would distinguish you as a male or female. I can even go so far as to recognize someone who has has the surgery known as ‘addadicktome’ or ‘chopadickoffme’. And there is no way I will allow a woman to kiss me if she has an adams apple.

My point is, God does not make mistakes. If you were born with the equipment that allows you to pee standing up, you will never be able to give birth to a child naturally. If you were born with the equipment to give birth to a child naturally, then no matter what they remove from you or add to you, your body is set a certain way.

Now, there are 58 different genders? What the hell are you thinking? Androgyne, gender fluid, intersex, two spirit? I am not the confused one, but you are. Did you not take basic physiology or biology? And what the hell are they teaching in schools today? Is this what is in Common Core these days? Is this what we can expect from the militant LGBT people?

I am not trying to be insensitive here, but I am tired of the politically correct movement telling me how I have to act or think. I will not use these listed terms in mentioning someones gender. If your a man, you are a man. If you are a woman, you are a woman. If you have had the surgery to change what you were born with, you are an ‘it’. A lesbian is a female that prefers the sexual company of other females. A gay person is a male that prefers other males sexually. If you are using these terms I think you are confused, because the term lesbian or gay does not refer to your gender but your sexual preference, and I am sorry you did not learn this in school.

Why is restaurant coffee so BAD?

OK, I am not really a coffee snob, however, I ask you why does the coffee in restaurants taste SO BAD?

I buy my own coffee beans and have them ground, but in the grocery store. It is store brand coffee, usually a Brazilian and or Ethiopian blend and I use the stores grinder. I use regular creamer and regular sugar. So I ask why does coffee in a restaurant taste so bad?

I like to take my wife out to breakfast on a Sunday morning. We typically frequent places that take pride in their selection of food and its presentation. This morning, we went to a place near our home that specializes on country fare. Good food that reminds me of my grandma’s breakfast. This place has nice, clean and comfortable seating area. Warm and inviting atmosphere with good service. You can tell that the owner and employees take pride in the service that they provide. I grant them credit for that attitude by spending my hard earned money there, BUT IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR A GOOD CUP OF COFFEE to compliment the good food?

I am not asking for a Starbucks to take over the coffee service, as I do not really care for the overpriced and pretentious service that is Starbucks, but how about something better than a stick and mud coffee like drink that is not good enough for the homeless.

A drink can either compliment or ruin a meal. A good cup of coffee can compliment a meal and make the meal memorable. A bad cup of coffee is like going to a fine French restaurant and getting a glass of Boones Farm Strawberry Hill wine or going someplace for a gourmet hamburger and washing it down with Colt Malt Liquor.

So, do you like coffee? Are you a coffee snob? Do you enjoy the coffee from a restaurant? Give me your thoughts.