I don’t ‘think’ that schools are teaching students of today how to think.

My wife, after noticing that I was in the kitchen and on my way back to the living room asked me to bring her a ‘couple’ of cookies. So, knowing my wife and knowing that, even though she asked for ‘a couple’ I brought her four cookies, not just two. Did I mishear her? Or did I think that she really wanted ‘several’ cookies?

I just bought a smoker for meat. My smoker is big enough for two large pieces of meat, so I put two large chunks of meat in the smoker since I would be using the same amount of wood pellets for one piece of meat as I would for two. Was I ‘thinking’?

I was prepping the washing machine for a load of ‘unmentionables’ and did not have enough for a full load, so I thought my wife might have some to wash also and that might make a full load. Was I thinking?

Students of today are not taught how to think. I have a guy that I work with that is usually a thinking person, but when it comes to former President Trump, he becomes very ignorant. They named it ‘Trump derangement syndrom’. My associate, we’ll call him Sean, is usually a thinking man and, I might respect his opinion at times if he actually ‘thought’ more and hated less. I posted a photo of a Tesla EV car with a windmill mounted on the hood as a ‘California’ EV special. I was making fun of the state of California. You see, the governor of the state of California, Gavin Newsom, passed a law stating that no car with an internal combustion engine could be bought in the state after the year 2035. Making the only car you could buy an EV vehicle. The same week as that announcement, Californians were instructed ‘not’ to charge their EV’s because the electric grid can’t handle the load of charging them. The state has a large number of EV’s, but it is very small number compared to the total number of cars in the state.

Now, a thinking man would see a problem in this instance. Unless the state of California makes changes to strengthen and enlarge the electric grid, you will force a large number of citizens to be stranded, forced to walk or take public transportation. Yet we don’t see the state trying to prepare for the future. My associate, Sean, thinks that all is good. He believes that this is the path to the future and I am just afraid of change. This proves he is not a thinking man. So, if you have accepted the pablum from CNN, NBC, CBS and the NY Times, then stop reading now. Otherwise, you may need to grab your emotional support hamster and go to the nearest cry room because you are not capable of actually ‘thinking’.

My friend Sean said that I am still free to buy whatever I want and that the law passed in California doesn’t effect me. But is he right? First, the governor of California does not have the constitutional right to forbid a type of car from being sold in the state. At least it should be up for a vote by the citizens. Next, that eliminates choice. In a free society, people have a choice. Only socialists eliminate choices. Next, a gas powered car can stop in a gas station and refuel in several minutes whereas an EV takes hours atm. Next, I never said EV’s are bad and I am not preventing others from buying one if that is what you want. The technology has made vast improvements since 1910. Yes, there was an electric vehicle manufactured in 1910 that had a top speed of 25mph and a range of 100 miles. It was called the Detroit Model D Electric, look it up. Now, I have alot of respect for Elon Musk and his Tesla roadster with a top speed of 250 mph and a range of about 600 miles on a charge. But every choice has its limitations. Depending on temperature, charging time is 8.5 to 10 hours. (Tesla model 3) or 14 hours (Tesla model X) and if you need to replace the battery, that will run $10,000 USD or more, not including instalation. Then there is the cost to install a special charging station in your garage as you wont be just plugging in an extention cord to charge it. Then, the strangest thing… where does electricity come from? (Only a public school educated bubble headed moron will say ‘from the wall’. Most electricity is created by fossil fuels (coal, natural gas) and since we can’t build nuclear power plants, wind AND solar represent less than 15% of electricity. The batteries for EV’s can not be fully recycled yet…YET. But they are working on solutions. Like I said, technology is improving, so why not supliment our power needs by utilizing both responsibly?

More thought needs to go into EV’s, but the technology is here. There is a place for it in society. Remember the VCR? My wife and I had to finance our first VCR. Then, the last one we bought was from Walmart for around $50 dollars. It will take time. But the answer is not forcing everyone to buy one, but rather let the free market dictate its place in our society. A new Toyota Prius starts at $25,000 on up. A Tesla model 3 starts at $38,000. Reasonable for the technology in them. And the more genuine demand for them, the more manufacturers will invest in research and developement which will spur innovation.

However, I wont be getting rid of my 1992 Ford F250 HD truck and replacing it with a Tesla anytime soon. I can fill the tank in about 5 minutes. I have a 30 gallon tank with an average of 18 mpg. The truck was not made for hauling 1 or 2 people but for hauling cargo. Trips to the dump, hardware store, nursery for trees and shrubs, and hauling a camper or a boat. Your Toyota Prius wont be used to haul a ton of clean fill dirt for your landscaping needs. It is also impracticle to drive my truck just to drive 5 or 10 miles to work everyday. Your needs will dictate your choices. Don’t you think people should have chices?

Thinking is hard, so is ignorance. Choose your hard. Yes I make fun of EV’s, but only because I can ‘think’ ahead and see the clues. Gas powered cars are not evil and neither are the owners that choose to drive them. The same way that EV owners are not evil. Each serve a purpose. But ask yourself, try a thinking excersize, which will still be driven in 50 years, a Ford Bronco SUV made in 2022 or a Toyota Prius made in 2022? Or maybe, in 50 years they will have perfected Mr. Fusion from ‘Back to the Future’ where a partial can of beer and a banana peal will generate the 1.21 gigawatts of electricity to power your car. Short of that, screw your feelings. My coffee is stronger than your feelings and I don’t give a flying rats ass about your feelings. Instead of emotions, I think.