my dad worked at Anhauser Busch in Van Nuys, California. Then, it was called Busch Gardens and was an oasis in the city. “old man Busch” as my dad called him, had created a park like setting open for anybody not just employees, that you could bring family and friends to. It had large grassy areas with plenty of different shade trees, bushes, a large man made lake with water features, a boat ride that would take a trip around the lake to the 3 pavillions that provided a shaded pic nik area. There was the Budweiser Pavillion, the Busch Pavillion and the Michelob Pavillion. These pavillions would provide free beer to those old enough to enjoy beer but were nice enough to bring the family for a pic nik lunch. There was even a log ride that went through an aviary where there were hundreds of different birds in a setting specifically for them with trees, shrubs and waterfalls inside the aviary followed by a log ride fall that Disney would be envious of. And in this family safe environment were performance stages that would have vaudeville style acts including one of my favorites at the time, the marionette show.

The marionettist, or puppet master, would control the puppets from above with strings on a control bar. I had bought a simple puppet and the control bar was a cross with fishing lines going from the ends of the rods to the feet, head and tail (it was a bird puppet that I could control its head, feet and tail). And the puppet master was on stage where you could see him. But he was good enough that you would forget him and just watch the marionettes. But in the end, they were just carved wood with faces painted on them.

I have infered before that I am a sci-fi nerd. I remember watching the original Star Trek on TV with my dad. I used to be a treker but now, I am just a trekkie, but there was one episode where Kirk, Spock and McCoy were searching for a federation historian in a Nazi like world. (Season 2 episode 21 ‘Petterns of Force’) The federation historian had become the furer but as it turns out, was drugged and being controlled by others.

The President of the United States of America is one of the most important and powerful positions in the world. The President is accountable to the people and is not a dictator. Unlike the Queen of England who rules over her subjects or Vladimir Putin, a former member of the KGB who rules with an iron fist over the Russian people, the President of the United States is ruled by the Constitution of the United States which regulates the government, not the people. This all too important position is too important to give to someone who is suffering dimentia. But let us look at this mans first few months in office:

Biden inherited energy independance. For the first time in decades, America was exporting energy. The industry was creating jobs, good paying union jobs that could transform a persons family financial position. But Biden shut down not just the pipeline to transfer oil between America and Canada but most private oil production. Americas oil production has been so stiffled that Joe Biden has actually begged OPEC to increase production to America. Members of OPEC hate America.

Biden inherited a stable southern boarder where those seeking to come to America had to wait in their own country. Those coming here was first vetted (investigated) before being allowed in. Those infected with Covid 19 or other numerous diseases had to wait as dictated by American sovereignty laws. Now, every illegal alien is being let in, unvetted, with those various diseases being sent to various cities across America. Maybe even your city.

Then, of course there is Afghanistan. Biden inherited a stable country where the Taliban was affraid to attack any American for fear of being destroyed and smashed into the sand. For months, the world watched the taliban march across the country taking control of each city. Our president looked in the camera and promised that could not happen. Then, in an act of mental incompetance, turned a third world army into a superpower that is more armed than some of our allies. The taliban is now empowered enough to demand a seat at the UN. They are murdering the American hostages (those hundreds of American citizens left behind enemy territory) and those that helped American military when we were there. Biden even proudly claimed to have killed a top taliban leader with a preditor drone strike, only to find that the man killed was actually someone that had helped American military and his entire family including several children. How does this make our allies ever trust us again. Biden has broken many promises and the damage done can not be reversed.

Then of course, there is the Covid vaccine that was expidited by the actions of Donald Trump. While Trump was still president, Biden, Harris and many other liberals claimed that they would not take the vaccine because Trump was involved in its developement. All Trump did was remove the red tape involved in the developement of a vaccine and called it ‘warp speed’. But instead of teaming up with Trump to encourage people to get it, Biden is acting like an American Marxist and creating even more segrigation by creating two more classes of people, vaxxed and non vaxxed.

Not to mention the fact that someone is controlling the microphone for Biden so the numerous gaffs uttered by Biden are not broadcast. One of the most recent (as of Sept 17 2021) is when President Biden was discussing wilfires to a panel in Idaho when the white House abruptly cut off his microphone. This was not the first nor will it be the last, but it contrasts with Trump who would give a press conference for over an hour without notes. Now, Biden can’t talk WITH NOTES. It is no longer funny but sick and sad. In his prime, Joe was mediocre at best. But now, he and the current administration are just clowns. Actually, they are Marxists in clown suits.

The marionette show had a puppet that resembled a large breasted opera singer. In the act, he had her sing and hold a note for a long time, so long that she had to take a breath and you could see her heaving boosums lift as she took that breath. Everyone watched the marionette and not the puppet master. Today, Biden is the marionette and someone in the shadows (possibly Barrack Obama) is pulling the strings. Nobody is looking at or for the marionettist. Perhaps we should.

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