I have found that, after 36 years of marriage, not to ask my wife what she wants for dinner. She might take hours to figure out what she wants and by then, it is time for bed. So I inquired with many other married men about their experiences and they, too, experience the same delema. I even found a neat trick, I will give her three choices, on of which is a throw away and two other choices. That narrows her options and reduces the time required to answer. I even have an idea to get an old ‘see n say’ and put labels over each of the barnyard animals for restaurants so ‘ the cow says moo’ could be steak at the Outback and ‘the chicken goes cluck cluck’ could be chicken from Canes restaurant. My wife even knows of her indecision and will ask me for ideas.

Today, my wife was thinking of this problem as even those she works with admit that they, too, also have indecision problems when it comes to chosing something to eat. Well, my wife figured it out and the answer is in the bible. In Genesis, Eve once made a decision on what to eat and look at the trouble that led to. Poor Adam had to answer to God for taking Eves choice for dinner. So God must have had one of those fatherly talks with Adam telling him to be more careful in the future as to what choices to give Eve. Adam must have given that advice to his children and his childrens children. So, there is why women are undecided about what to eat for dinner. Pass it on.

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