Covid relief?

After the government forced a shut down of our economic engine, some in the government were trying to get us back on track while others were planning on a long term shut down and wanted to give each of us a $600 covid relief check in the hopes of convincing you that they actually cared. But once they shut us down ‘for just two weeks to flatten the curve’ and we were in an emergency situation, those in power just kept extending their emergency powers thereby stalling the economic engine. People lost jobs, opportunities, a year and a half of education and employment. This country went from one of the best employment participation numbers to some of the worst in this countries history in mere months, forcing the government to try to appease the populace with a mear $600. This money, borrowed/stolen from the taxpayers was nothing even close to what was lost but people were so desperate, that they clamored for it. Our government is so acustomed to giving things away, they can’t stop. Uncle Sam is seen as santa clause, but only after stealing your wallet. Uncle Sam is santa clause? More like the grinch with a santa suit.

But to non citizens, even our enemies see uncle sam as an idiot jester with pockets so full of gifts, they are spilling out of his pockets.

Biden and His Woke Military Leaders Left All This for the Taliban

Our enemy, the taliban, just got their American covid relief package. Our enemy, like a pack of wolves, saw weakness and pounced on the opportunity and was rewarded with brand new, top of the line weapons, clothes, bombs, attack helicopters, 10’s of billions of dollars of modern warfare equipment and billions of dollers worth of american money. You got $600 dollars and were told to stay at home and wear your mask and get the ‘ouchy from Foucci’ covid vaccine shot but our enemy gets 10’s of billions of dollars worth ofthe best of our military equipment. And our government isn’t requiring the taliban to get a vaccine shot or wear a mask. Agree or disagree with our mission in Afganistan, it is important to be reasonable with American lives and equipment but instead of planning a reasonable withdrawl from Afganistan, our leaders were more interested in shutting schools down, forbidding you from going to church, keeping business’ shut down, forcing you to get a vaccine shot and wear a mask and mucking up presidential elections rather than planning a proper plan for withdrawl from Afganistan. Remember, the taliban and ISIS are sworn to destroy Isreal and America ‘death to america’ , and not only are our leaders giving our enemies the equipment to fulfill their goals, but they are hell bent on making us too dumb and weak to fight back when they do attack us with our own equipment.

Elections have conciquences. The American general public were bombarded with lies every single day for four years, and they were all proven to be lies, that many voted against Trump because they believed the lies and truly thought a senile old man suffering from dimentia was going to be a better choice. Yet the chaos in Afganistan is the result of your stupidity if you voted for a Biden/Harris ticket instead of the president that the taliban was afraid of. I blame Biden and his administration as much as I blame the rattlesnake that bites me because I know how dangerous and deadly a rattlesnake is, but rather I blame those that put me in the presence of the rattlesnake…those ignorant morons that voted for Biden. The deaths in Afganistan that have been and will be caused by the taliban and ISIS are on you.

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