I do not have the honor of having served our country by joining the military. At the time I was 18, I had other lofty goals in mind. My father, however, did serve with distinction and honor like two of his brothers and his father. As an adolecent, instead of joining the Boy Scouts of America, I was in the Sea Cadets, a kind of Scouts sponcered by the Navy. I had two uniforms, one ‘dress’ uniform that we called a ‘cracker jack’ uniform after the little sailor on a box of Cracker Jacks, and a work uniform called dungerees which resemble blue jeans and a blue button front shirt with black oxford style shoes. And while in the Cadets, we learned many things that would help us in life other than how to tie a square knot. And I got the chance to serve for one week along side the ‘regular’ enlisted sailors on a 120 perform other foot missle retreiver. A boat designed to retrieve a test missle from the ocean or other coastal duties, one of which we called ‘whisky’ patrol. If there was going to be a test firing of a missle, the projected landing zone had to be free of all commercial and private craft so we would go and warn/escort the craft out of the area. For that one week, we cadets were treated like other sailors and expected to perform our share of the work. I got to talk to and listen to adult sailors talk about everything from relationships with girlfriends and wives, work and boss troubles and their take on government/politics. And I can remember one unmistakeable thought shared by all the adults… politicians foul everything up.

I did not study about the Korean war, but I have heard that it shared one thing with Viet Nam… America lost because those fighting the war were prevented from doing what was necessary to win the war by politicians that had no vested interest in winning the war. I understand that our military does one thing very well, kill people and break things. Kill the enemy and destroy the enemies toys before the enemy kills you and breaks your toys. Tsun Tzu wrote in his famous book ‘The Art of War’ that you never let an enemy get a stronghold or fight you inside of your territory, but rather take the war to him in his territory making him on the defense and never on the offensive. So, when in 2001 the enemies of freedom attacked the Twin Towers in New York, the Pentagon and a fourth highjacked plane that was foiled by brave civilians onboard, President George Bush was advised to take the war to the enemies homeland, one of which was Afghanistan. This country was allowing terror groups like the Taliban and ISIS to plan, prepare and practice killing Americans inside of America with the promise ‘Death to America’. Our objective was to stop the terrorist training camps, and find/kill Osama Bin Laden who was a multi billionaire funding the terrorist training camps. The problem was, we overstayed past our mission. After Obama/Biden gave the mulahs a planeful of American taxpayers dollars, this encouraged those people deadset on killing Americans and destroying America. Trump wanted us to leave Afghanistan but it was dependant on conditions on the ground. He wanted to get all American citizens out first, then all American equipment, then most of our military save for a small contingent to maintain control of the Kabul Airport and surrounding area. But that is not how Biden and his controllers handled the withdrawl from Afghanistan and look at the chaos created when politicians don’t seek and utilize the advice of professionals. When politicians plan our wars, we loose.

I have heard it said that those that can, do. Those that can’t become politicians.

Every since Donald Trump announced he was running for President, he was sabotaged by Republicans, Democrats and the media. At no other time in American history, was a candidate, president elect and then President lied about so much everyday by all the swamp monsters in Washington D.C. AND by every presstitute in media everyday thru his presidency. (I call them presstitutes because they have sold their integrity to the devil. A prostitute only rents her body for money, a presstitute lies to everyone and ignores the truth). The lies led to two false impeachments both after the dishonerable actions of the woman that looks like the crypt keepers wife and who has been destroying her district so much that San Franscisco is literally known as the ‘crap’ city of California. Where you have to download a mobile application to indicate where the numerous homeless dregs of society have deficated on the sidewalks forcing tourists to do the ‘poo poo’ dance to avoid stepping in the sh!¥. That used to be known as the Washington two step until Nancy Pelosi, behind the safety of her tall walls surrounding her property, betrayed her constituents and the citizens of America. This piece of Washington D.C. swamp monster crap did the unimaginable by tearing up the speach by Donald Trump during his State of the Union in early 2020 and then proceding to impeach him twice based on lies, and they have subsequently been proven to be lies. I guess Nancy Poo-losi is more comfortable in a cess pool than a jaccuzzi.

But that is the point, the longer someone is in Wahington D.C., the longer they seek to destroy that which makes, or made America great. Ronald Reagon said in his inaugeral speech in 1981 that government is not the answer to our problems, but government is the problem. The fact that nobody is being taught anymore, is thatthe Constitution of the United States of America sets up rules for government, not the individual. Thomas Paine, one of our founding fathers, said “Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one”. Have you ever heard of an Oscar fish? A type of large chichlid fish that is used as food in south America but pet aquarium fish in the USA and the UK. This fish can grow to the size of its tank. So government is like that Oscar fish. The more it grows, the more it eats and needs to feed. That is why taxes never go down. If taxes were to go down, government would have to shrink and the government will never shrink without a fight. The Spanish American war tax was in effect from 1898 until 2006 and was only sunsetted because other more expensive taxes were enacted. That is 108 year tax to help offset the cost of the Spanish American war.

Senator Chuck Grassley wrote a paper in 2018 about the fraud waste and abuse of taxpayer dollars. He found that our government is paying $10,000 for a toilet seat cover (not the toilet seat, just the cover). I could renovate my whole bathroom for what the government claims to spend on just a toilet seat cover. Is it any wonder that when President Biden ordered our military to leave, they left billions of dollars shrink wrapped in plastic for the Taliban. ( not a typo, I said billions, plural in $100 bills just in cash). That is taxpayer money. Not to mention the billions of dollars spent on equipment left in Afghanistan. Our government has not been operating on a budget but expects you to. How else can you be expected to pay your share of the national debt which is $80,885 per person as of 2020. That is every man, woman and child in America owes that.

When I was in the Sea Cadets, my father said that if there is a war or conflict, follow the money. Well, tell me why America elected a man who was proven to be involved in quid-pro-quo with the Russians, he even bragged about it on tape. If he used his position as vice president to prevent his son from being prosicuted in Russia, and accepted money from a foreign power, what else has this man done or agreed to? What might be used as blackmail against Biden? Is this really a man we want acting as president of the United States of America? It is clear that Biden IS mentally deficient and is exhibiting his dimentia in public. Even at his best he was never an effectual polititian. When I was in the Cadets, Jimmy Carter was president. And he was a major screw up, but now he must be thankful that there is someone that is an even bigger screw up so people can forget about him. He left 52 American hostages emprisoned in Iran for 444 days. No matter what Carter did or said, the Iranians were not afraid of him, nor afraid of America. But Ronald Reagan was a wild card and basically had a reputation for being a cowboy and would ‘let loose the dogs of war’ on the Iranians, so they released all hostages the very day Ronald Reagan was sworn into office out of fear. With the Taliban unafraid of Biden and America, what will the Taliban do to the American citizens now trapped in Afghanistan?

In the end of Jimmy Carters presidency, the National debt in America was $908 billion and the interest rate was 20%. As I write this article, our National debt is closer to $29.78 trillion with an artificially low interest rate of 0.25% and Congress is planning on passing a multi trillion dollar human infastructure bill that will massively increase our National debt. And think of this, Biden has only been president less than a year. Can we really afford to give him more time to break America?

A military term I learned while in the cadets is ‘SNAFU’ which means ‘situation normal, all f#ck3d up’. But couldn’t we now change that to SNABU, situation normal all Bidened up? Americas withdraw from Afghanistan IS the biggest foreign affairs debackle in American history. With our enemies AND allies laughing at us. How will we ever regain the respect that we once had on the world stage? Now is the time for Michelle Obama to exclaim ‘For the first time in my life, I am ashamed of my country’, but she was at home in Washington DC as she is one of the swamp monsters herself.

When I was in the Cadets, I got to see how the regular sailors lived as I too had a bunk onboard that boat. I saw plenty of Playboy and other magazines and even ones that were hardcore magazines that was kinda like Playboy and the Devils Angels made a porno mag. I saw alot of Not Safe for Work pictures, but Those were nothing compared to what passes for democratic politicians today, now they are truly ‘Not Safe for Work’.

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