42107AB8-8182-4950-953A-0CC153A87BB7I still remember Mr. Brown’s High School science class when he taught that oil and gasoline came from dinosaurs. He taught that the term “fossil fuels” came from the fact that our gas did, in fact, come from thousands of years of dead dinosaurs converted into petro-chemicals thru heat and pressure just like how coal is converted into diamonds. If you ever watched the Robin Williams movie “Mrs Doubtfire”, you may remember the scene where Robin Williams character, thought he was alone in the studio and said this :

Hi, boys and girls.

Today we’ll be talking about dinosaurs.

It’s A Dinosaurus Line!

And please welcome… the king!

It’s a dinner show. Hi! Where you from?

I’m gonna make you lunch.

Thank you very much. Thank you! All right!

Ladies and gentlemen,

put your claws together!

Please welcome… James Browntosaurus!

§ I eat wood

§ It tastes good

§ No meat, big feet

§ I eat wood

Oh, I got to help myself!

go on! I’m goin’ extinct!

Oh, thank you, James. But right now…it’s time for the Raptor Rap

§ I’m a raptor, doin’ what I can

§ Gonna eat everything till the appearance of man

§ Yo, yo, see me, I’m livin’ below the soil

§ I’ll be back but I’m comin’ back as oil

Or the 1976 remake of King Kong staring Jeff Bridges and Charles Grodin when the sponsoring oil company scientist claims there is oil on the island, it just needs a couple thousand more years to cook before being ready. 

The thought of a limited supply of oil has been prevelant in pseudo-science and the backbone of environmentalists. I remember hearing that we would run out of oil by 2020, then 2030, but we are no where near running out of oil. 

The Al Gore movie “An inconvienient truth” was banned from the UK for being so fake and the facts so incorrect, it was more Fiction than Truth.  https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/earth/earthnews/3310137/Al-Gores-nine-Inconvenient-Untruths.html 

You see, what we all learned about oil is false. True scientists are changing their opinions on petro-fuels as the true cause is discovered. On ‘’https://www.plasticstoday.com/materials/sorry-folks-oil-does-not-come-dinosaurs/75573139560635, modern scientists have discovered it is really plankton and decaying marine organisms that create oil as it settles to the ocean floor and is covered by sediment. Layer upon layer the pressure builds up with heat and this biomass is converted into oil. Much the same process used in labratories to convert green algea into fuels. This process is cyclical meaning the earth makes oil continuously.

There is no settled science in “global warming” as scientists are continuously, through experimentation and a search for truth, finding just how little they know about this planet called Earth and how it works. Sorry Sinclair oil, time to retire that green dinosaur as a mascott.


Sinclair Dino image is copywrite property of Sinclair Oil

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