OK, this post is for adults. If you are under 18 years of age, don’t read. 

OK, to the ladies in relationships out there, men are not complicated. Just because you are and you can’t figure us out does not mean that we really are complicated. Example 1) You ask your guy what he wants for dinner. A sandwich will do just fine. If you want to make it really special, add soup. If you add a salad and desert you just had a four course meal and if you add a cloth napkin, well that means I should have worn a tie. 

Example 2) You and your man go out to dinner, the man generally knows what he wants, can usually find it in short order in the menu and will be ready to order in minutes. The woman will concentrate on that menu like it is a foreign language, even if it is a restaurant that you frequent for years. The man will order what he wants… boom! Done! The woman will finally say something like ‘I want the chicken fried steak but no onions, no mushrooms and the dressing on the side and give me eggs sunnyside up, but not too runny and hash browns, no make that breakfast potatos crispy but not too crispy but a nice golden brown but not so golden that they are crunchy”. 

Example 3) The guy is happy wearing jeans a shirt and tennis shoes. Add a tie and sport coat for those formal occasions. A woman will say “Honey, you would look so cute in your brown sweater, and wear a tan button front shirt and your khaki pants with those really cute brown leather loafers and the brown dress socks” at which point the guy is thinking ‘I have a brown sweater?’ 

Example 4) The woman will ask the man what he wants for his birthday planning something expensive, when she can give him what he wants and it is usually free. Just because you, ladies, want something planned out and romantic and cost more than a few dollars does not mean we men do to. And the ‘free’ thing that you can give him I guarantee wont be returned or exchanged because it will be exactly what he wanted and in the right size as well.  And if you do all the work, you just made him feel like a king.

So ladies, just because you are complicated with no owners manual does not mean we men are. Our owners manual is usually one page in english and does not require assembly, just flip our switch. You know instinctively where our switch is and how to turn it on.



One thought on “Men vs Women

  1. Well just a minute there bud, this lady thinks that you’ve crossed the line. What do you mean women are complicated and men aren’t. From what side of the fence are you looking from. Yes men are not complicated? Give me a break, they are most complicated and frustrating. Who is it that won’t stop and get directions? Who is it that refuses to accept a woman’s help? Who is it that won’t admit when they’re not feeling good? Who is it that won’t admit when they can’t do what they used to do anymore? Who is it that refuses any help on any project they may be working on. Who is it that refuses to read the directions because they know it all? And you say women are complicated? I don’t believe I ever told a man how to dress, what to order, nor did I take longer to decide on something on a menu than he did. Yes I think you went a little too far this time Tinker thinker. I know for one you owe me an apology.


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