In one of my earlier posts, I mentioned that in elementary school  I had to write a report on Russia. I was sick on the day that everyone was choosing the attractive countries like France, Italy, Spain and even Canada. The next day, my teacher informed me that I was assigned Russia by default, as it was the only remaining country. Now, back when I was in elementary school, there was no Google, there were no computers in everyones home nor was there any internet. No, my generation had to work. We had to go to the library and travel agencies and use things like encyclopedias. I even had to look at old newspaper articles on microfiche machines To say that I was resistant would have been an understatement. I learned alot about Russia and socialism. I still remember alot of it and that knowlege has stuck with me and has helped mold my political views. To sum up what I remember is that socialism removes choices and it is the government that decides for you where capitalism leaves the choices to the individual.

In Russia, or the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republic) the government was run by the political elite and was the model of socialism based on the teachings of Karl Marx. The motto was ‘From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs’, but it was the government that decided what your needs and abilities were. While in school, the government decided what you would do for a career, you had no choice. It was the government that decided what you needed to survive. If you wanted to be a doctor but the government decided you would be better as a plumber, then you became a plumber. It was also the government that determined how much you would get paid and how much you paid in taxes. It was government that decided for you, you had very little choice.

Lets say you wanted a car. You had to petition the government and plead your case as to why you needed a car. The government then would tell you whether or not you could buy a car. Now that you had a car, you still had to go thru check points that the government had along the highways. ‘Papers please’ was what you heard as you drove up to each checkpoint. You had to have travel papers specifying what and why you needed to go. Your car and all contents would be searched before you could proceed. Sounds like Oceana from the book 1984 doesnt it? I am not being fair though, you did have choices. If you wanted toilet paper, your choice was to goto a government distribution center and wait for your few rolls or goto a blackmarket distributor, and wait for your few rolls or you could just do without toilet paper so you did have choices.

Blue jeans and bubblegum. You are thinking ‘what?’ Things like blue jeans and bubble gum were nearly impossible to get. There was a black market for certain goods that people wanted. Some people used to travel to Russia with extra blue jeans and sell them on the black market. And you really needed to be careful of what you said because all the hotels were bugged by the government. Yes, even the bathrooms. Imagine being the guy that was assigned to monitor your hotel room. If you were getting ‘jiggy with it’ someone might be listening. And look over your shoulder there bud. That guy in a black raincoat might be following you. It was the hight of the cold war and no one trusted anyone. Oh, did I mention that religion was forbidden and a Bible was contriban? Better hide that Saint Christopher necklace. This is not taught in schools today, but I had to learn it from many different sources for my report. I learned that socialism in all of its forms removed choices and limited its citizenry. Communism has never worked in any form. People yearn to be free. Throught history, communism has never worked.

Now, look at America. We have the liberals crawling more and more to the left. Barack Hussein Obama was classified as the most liberal senator before running for President, even slightly more liberal than Hillary Clinton. But now, Hillary Clinton is embroiled in many felonious activities and, like any good communist, will twist the truth to avoid criminal prosecution.. She has done hundreds of times which just once demands jail time. Not to mention the multitude of people that were freinds of the Clintons that were found dead in the late 90’s. I will never forget a friend of the Clintons whos death certificate reads suicide after being shot many times in the back with a shotgun. Our students are being indoctrinated by flower child druggies of the 60’s who want to relive their protests of yesteryear. They dont want to teach reading, writing and arithmetic but instead, want no mention of God, the Bible… they want abortion on demand, and making gay, lesbian or transgendered a minority class which makes it a crime to refuse to photograph their wedding. So it turns out that Nakita Khruschev was correct in stating ‘we will bury you’, but maybe not in the manner he thought. Incrimentalism, like the frog in a pot. Drop a frog in boiling water and he will try to jump out. Place a frog in lukewarm water and slowly turn up the heat, he will be cooked without trying to escape. So has America gone. We, the people are the frog and socialism is the heat. Drop an American in the 1960’s USSR and he will try to escape communism. But slowly erode American principles and slowly build a socialist infastructure and that American will vote for Bernie, er Hillary, er communism. Why else do you think that over 40 percent of Americans are begging for communism. They wear Che Gaverra tshirts and demand God be removed from schools and courts then demand free stuff like free cell phones and college and food and … the list goes on. If you are one of these anti freedom socialist clamoring for communism, get ready. Thomas Jefferson once said ‘”Government that is big enough to give everything you need and want is also strong enough to take it away.’ It is time America got a true education on the dangers of anti-capitalism or you can remove the stars from the American flag, replace it with a hammer and sycle and rename the USA ‘Union of Soviet Socialist America’.

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