Have you ever gone to the DMV? I used to live in the Peoples Republic of Khalifornia and I always hated going to the DMV. Actually, any government bureacracy is the very model of inefficiency. People would be wise to bring a packed lunch and an assortment of video entertainment on your smartphone. Even with an appoitment, you will be waiting in line. Not to mention the uncomfortable chairs the waiting room is stocked with. They feel and look like rejects from the 1960’s and are hard on your back.

Today, I did my civic duty. No, I did not participate in Jury Duty, which I have done eight times already. I volunteered to be a deligate for my counties Republican Party. A true grass roots effort to bring back sanity to a chaotic world. I was one of three selected delegates representing my precinct. The other two delegates were like myself in that they felt the need to get involved so they could try to reverse the destructive direction of our nation, state and county.

It is interesting in that we volunteered to serve and we have to pay to be said volunteers. To be honest, $12 dollars is not much to help defray the overall cost of the day. The facilities were rented and lunch was provided, so, it was not bad. But, get there at 8 AM to pay and verify your identity and credentials, basically to verify you are a delegate that was chosen at the caucus. The assembly started at 9AM, er really closer to 9:30AM. You sit in chairs which are hard plastic and made to be stacked on top of each other for easy storage and made for the buttocks of a young, pert teenager. Also, the chairs hook to each other to make it easier to create rows which are too narrow. If I crossed my legs, my foot would be in the lap of the person to the right or left. (I am conservative, so I tend to cross my right leg. Hmm). The leadership tries to follow parlimentary rules yet proceed to a fairly quick pace. Yeah, quick pace. Right.

My advice to the counties party leadership…we can not continue to proceed like it is 1950. Technology and society has progressed. We have tablet computers and smart phones. But no wifi in the facilities. I needed to get information on two candidates for a county position. I tried to Google the information but was unsuccessful. So I went to the parties county website and still could not find what I needed. The website was not optimized for mobile devices which is a bad sign and let me tell you why… the party must attract younger members to survive. Younger members dont use laptop computers anymore. They use mobile devices. I looked at the opposition website and it looked slightly more attractive. A younger member of society will be attracted to the opposition just by the fact that they took more time to optimize the website for the younger audience.

Now, I truly believe that conservatism works everytime it is practice and that there will be a brighter future for myself and my kids if we, as a county, get back to the tenants of the founding fathers and distance ourselves from any form of socialism, but we had better learn to be more attractive to younger people to survive. Our opposition is acting like Santa Claus and making promises that can not be kept but is attracting the younger crowd. Just saying. I wish the leadership would read this and act on it as I am almost never wrong, as I had a thorough education. I was not taught by socialist teachers. Oh, don’t tell my wife that I think I am almost never wrong. She might disagree.

3 thoughts on “Part of the problem

  1. If I 9my way there wouldn’t be any Republican party or Democratic party, people would be elected on their stand on the issues, not who is backing them. Money shouldn’t have anything to do with who gets elected.


  2. Its not about the good old boys club, or whose been stealing the longest from the American people, the majority leader is an idiot, the minority leader is an idiot, and we should fire all those who’ve been supposedly serving we the people because they get to Washington and the good old boys take them aside to INTRODUCE them to the WASHINGTON WAY of doing government and soon they forget that they owe we the people, not them the party good old boys.


    1. I heard it said that you take a good man and elect him to politics. He goes to Washington DC and sees it as a cesspool but after a couple of weeks, thinks it is a Jacuzzi.


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