OK, I am not really a coffee snob, however, I ask you why does the coffee in restaurants taste SO BAD?

I buy my own coffee beans and have them ground, but in the grocery store. It is store brand coffee, usually a Brazilian and or Ethiopian blend and I use the stores grinder. I use regular creamer and regular sugar. So I ask why does coffee in a restaurant taste so bad?

I like to take my wife out to breakfast on a Sunday morning. We typically frequent places that take pride in their selection of food and its presentation. This morning, we went to a place near our home that specializes on country fare. Good food that reminds me of my grandma’s breakfast. This place has nice, clean and comfortable seating area. Warm and inviting atmosphere with good service. You can tell that the owner and employees take pride in the service that they provide. I grant them credit for that attitude by spending my hard earned money there, BUT IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR A GOOD CUP OF COFFEE to compliment the good food?

I am not asking for a Starbucks to take over the coffee service, as I do not really care for the overpriced and pretentious service that is Starbucks, but how about something better than a stick and mud coffee like drink that is not good enough for the homeless.

A drink can either compliment or ruin a meal. A good cup of coffee can compliment a meal and make the meal memorable. A bad cup of coffee is like going to a fine French restaurant and getting a glass of Boones Farm Strawberry Hill wine or going someplace for a gourmet hamburger and washing it down with Colt Malt Liquor.

So, do you like coffee? Are you a coffee snob? Do you enjoy the coffee from a restaurant? Give me your thoughts.

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