When I was a kid, my dad never missed an opportunity to watch John Wayne. There were no DVD’s, CD’s, VHS’s or even Betamax back then. Just what ever was on CBS, NBC, ABC, or the local channels on TV. Then, Clint Eastwood came on the scene with the spagetti westerns and Dirty Harry series of movies. I was a kid and leaned more toward Don Adams of ‘Get Smart’ or ‘Green Acres’ with Eddie Albert. I loved ‘McCals Navy’ with Ernest Borgnine and Happy Days with Tom Bosley and the ‘What you talkin’ bout Willis’ of Different Strokes staring Conrad Bain.
There is something that can be learned from all of them, patriotism. No one can deny that John Wayne loved this country and espoused the values that made this country great. Clint Eastwood, Don Adams, Eddie Albert, Ernest Borgnine and Tom Bosley served in the United States Military and Conrad Bain, a Canadian Actor, served in WWII in the Royal Canadian Army.
They all fought back fear to do what was needed for good to prevail and evil to fail. And those above actors along with many more Hollywood actors and actresses abandoned or postponed their acting careers to join the war effort to fight off the evils of freedom in WWII. I have a much deeper appreciation for the likes of James Stewart after learning that he joined the military as a private and worked his way up to Colonel as a member of the European bomber squadron retiring in the 1950’s as a Brigadear General. Now how is that for the star of ‘It’s a wonderful life’?
The men and women of that generation and the following generation were more patriotic and faced the evils of freedom, some even sacrificed their lives for freedom. They had to face the fearful enemies like Hitler, Stalin, and many others that wanted to control people, that wanted to kill freedom and even anhialate races of human beings. Any one or any group of people that, for any purpose tries to control, kill or force people to act against their will is an enemy to our God given inalienable right to life, liberty and the persuit of happiness.
Even Hollywood, at the time, honored America with a long list of movies, animated cartoons and radio programs that focused and spotlighted on patriotism. Who would forget Daffy Duck fighting Adolf Hitler in the cartoon? (http://youtu.be/jI9QzNVJK1s)
After September 11, 2001, I remember everyone buying little American flags to put on their cars. Grocery stores, convienience stores and gas stations all had little American flag lapel pins to purchase. You could not go anywhere without seeing at least 1 American flag on a car. I wonder if everyone used up what little patriotism they had then because the patriotism of then has been replaced with tolerance for radicalism today.
Does Johnny Depp, Sean Penn, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Al Franken or even Morgan Freman espouse patriotism? Do they encourage small government and individualism? No, they have all shown a major disrespect to America and Americans and to freedom itself. Some even have befriended our enemies by giving aid and comfort to the likes of mahmoud Ahmadinajad, Hugo Chavez, Kim Jong-il and other socialist leaders. In my opinion, they are guilty of treason, just as is Jane Fonda and John Kerry. (Reference John Kerry lying on the Dick Cavett show in 1971 lying about our soldiers http://www.wintersoldier.com/index.php?topic=KerryONeill)
So, I ask, where are the real MEN in America? And why are our leaders of today, both Republican and Democrat, such lovers of the Progressive movement? These same people that think ‘If we just understand radicalist, they wont think we are a threat and they will like us’. That kind of thinking is weak minded and dangerous. Just recently, leaders of nations went to Paris, France to show support of France and to declare a unified resistance to radical Islamist. One leader was noticably missing, er, rather on the golf course yet again. After many people were making fun of Berry H. Obama for not showing solidarity with those that would fight terrorists, John Kerry goes and does the most embarrassing thing, well, you have to see it. It will make you ashamed of our current administration…(google this: Kerry Brings James Taylor to Serenade French With ‘You’ve Got a Friend’)
8:25 AM, JAN 16, 2015
Now imagine John Wayne seranading the Viet Cong in the movie ‘The Green Berrets’, or Clint Eastwood singing love songs to ‘Captain Red Legs’ in the movie ‘The Outlaw Josie Wales’. How about General George Washington approaching General Cornwallace and saying ‘ Hey, let’s negotiate. Maybe if you got to know us better, you would see that we really are kindred spirits’. Or Abraham Lincoln inviting General Lee for a beer summit and negotiating on just how many slaves a southern plantation can have. Kind of makes you sick to your stomache, doesn’t it? It is more embarrasing to see the French, who has not won a major battle in centuries, lead Americans by finally calling radical Islamists what they really are, terrorists. Berry H. Obama calls terrorism ‘overseas contingency operations’. The radical Islamists must be laughing their butts off at how stupidly our president acts. In a war, there can be no negotiated peace. In WWII, we did not negotiate with the Japanese, we made them surrender, unconditionally. Do you negotiate with a pack of wolves as they surround you, or do you kill the Alpha Male and as many of them you can until they turn tail and run away? Our leaders of today do not know how to win. So again I ask, where are the real men today, and why are they not our leaders? Well, I think I have, at least in large part, an answer. It starts in school. It is what I call the pussification of our children. (to be continued)

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