You encourage what you tolerate

My boss went to a managers meeting, one of an endless series of meetings, and came back with a slogan that he fell in love with. ‘You encourage what you tolerate’. Like all managers, I feel like calling them ‘pampers’ sometimes. You know, full of crap and always on your ass. And at first, I resisted this, what I call, bumper sticker slogan. One of an endless list of slogans meant to make you better or faster or more efficient for the company. But after my initial ‘resistance’, I started thinking about it in real life circumstances. We really do encourage what we tolerate.
Look at what is happening in America today. For decades, the silent majority has tolerated the far lefts constant attacks on what is the bedrock of American society. Freedom, individual freedom. The Constitution of the United States of America, the basis of our individual freedom, is the ultimate law of the land. It restricts our government, not the individual. But we, the people have tolerated poor education, poor management and poor civics. Every generation tolerates more and more hatred from those that want to destroy America. The silent majority has become irrelevant. Since we, the silent majority has tolerated the sick and twisted agents of destruction, we have encouraged their actions. And because we continue to tolerate it, like a cancer, it grows. As it grows, it becomes harder to manage and their actions become even more tolerated which feeds the cancer called socialism.
So, I hate to have to admit it when my manager, the Napoleon Bonapart of business, is right so don’t tell him I said this, but, yes, we do indeed encourage what we tolerate. So how much more will the silent majority tolerate before we stop encouraging the continued destruction of our society?
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One thought on “You encourage what you tolerate

  1. Good point taken. We have allowed the evil one to enter into our way of life. They come here from all over legally and illegally, and before you know it they are wanting to change our ways AR customs and our traditions to meet there ways of life, their customs, and there traditions. I remember when I travel to Germany to be with my spouse, the Army made one thing perfectly clear at a mandatory meeting I had to attend. You are not in America now, you have no rights here, you are a guest living in a foreign country. You must adapt to their way of living. So if that was how it was for us going to a different country, why isn’t it that way for those coming to our country. If they want to change our traditions, our way of living, an hour customs why did they come here in the first place. If they like their way so much why didn’t they stay where they were? Why is my way of living, my customs, my traditions have to be changed to suit those who were not born here? I happen to love America, I happen to love our traditions, our holidays, and our constitution which protects those who profess to be Americans. Merle Haggard wrote a song years ago I loved it then and I loved it now. The name of the song was if you don’t love it leave it. And it’s more needed now than then.


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