When I was young, instead of joining the Boy Scouts, my dad encouraged me to join the Sea Cadets. Our commander had a unique way of handling disputes between cadets, in the ring. Here I am, a tall overweight and awkward young teenager and I really did not want to get in the ring and fight after a cadet and I were caught fighting. I don’t know why I feared the ring instead of an outright brawl but I was. I remember a term used by one of the cadets watching. He said ‘rope a dope’. I don’t know if he was trying to instruct me or calling me names, but all these years later, I still remember the term, rope a dope. Now, the way I understand it is, the boxer positions himself in a defensive posture on the rope and allows the opponent to hit the boxer, but the ropes of the ring help absorb the shock so the opponent wears himself out until he makes a mistake that is then exploited by the boxer to gain the upper hand on the now fatigued opponent thereby winning the match.

Here in America in August of 2015, Donald Trump is running for the Republican nominee for president in 2016. In an earlier post, I compared Donald Trump playing chess to the others playing checkers. But what if Donald Trump is even more sinister than that. If you actually take a look at Trumps views on issues in the past, I just wonder about his true motives. What if Donald Trump is playing ‘rope a dope’ with the American people? Donald is a person who wants to be in control. He has an ego that matches his fortune. But he is not the guy that actually ‘does’ things, but rather he is the guy that ‘makes’ things happen.

Do you remember Ross Perot? This guy was much like Trump, an eccentric millionaire that was running for President on a third party ticket. He split the vote and was responsible for William Jefferson Clinton winning the Presidency in 1992. Many years after, we find Perot did not intend to win the nomination, only prevent the republican nominee, George Bush, from winning. It all stemmed from Perots involvement with back door investigating veterans being left behind in Vietnam. Perot wanted to punish George Bush which he did, but gave America 8 years of Clinton.

Donald Trump seems like the kind of guy that likes having people, especially politicians, in his pocket. People that owe him a favor, the bigger the better. What if Trump plans on running for president as far as he can go, then when it looks like the time is right, say something over the top or back out thereby giving America Hillary Clinton or worse as the president. Wouldn’t Hillary owe Trump a big or many big favors. People like George Soros and Donald Trump and even Micheal Bloomberg like to ‘lead from behind’. They are idea men that like to surround themselves with people that can get their job done. Puppet masters instead of puppets, the hand inside the sock so to speak. Now, I do not claim to know what is in the mind of Donald Trump, but look at the people following him. Blindly supporting and defending him. They do not know his past positions on issues. Gun control, religious freedoms, inport/export terrifs. He is right about several key issues, but what makes me think he will be a good leader for this country? Again, I am not predicting anything, just opining. Or, maybe it is time for a ‘non-politician’ to be in the White House. It is not like Donald needs the money, the job of president would be a big pay cut…in the short term. But like Perot, the country as a whole will suffer for the mistake of the few. God help us.


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