Your pleas ring hollow

Your words ring hollow

I hear almost everywhere I go how we need civility. There is a need, explained via tv and radio commercials, how we need to come together and stop the divisiveness. Well, just a reality check for you all, after 4 plus years of hatered and vitrial against the peoples choice for president, after 24/7 of lies, false impeacements, fake fisa warrents, phony phone calls and 3rd party hearsay witnesses and months of socialists protesting, rioting and destruction of private property, murder, attack on law enforcement and the sanitation of history, you now want unity and civility?

Look at the history of conflict between Isreal and Palistine. Palistine would agree to a cease fire just long enough to regroup and fortify possitions, then start the war again breaking their own cease fire, killing and fighting to push Isreal back into the sea until they start loosing again, call for or agree to a cease fire just to regroup and fortify their possitions again and start the dance of conflict all over again.

Hillary Clinton once stated thet “civility can start again only when democrats take the house and the senate” which is almost what Adolf Hitler once said “We shall talk of peace only once we have won the war”. And now, once the democrats have won/cheated to win the presidency and arguably the senate, they now argue for civility? Your words ring hollow because there is no sincerity in those words.  

Where is YOUR civility when you act like rabbid animals trying to unconstitutionally impeach former president Trump, who is now a private citizen and when the Supreme Court refuses to officiate the senate trial. Yet you still demand this Washington D.C. circus which is clearly an unconstitutional act suitable for only the worst dysetopian movie. Where is YOUR civility when you label 75+ million Trump voters domestic terrorists? Where is YOUR civility when you continue to allow big tech to censor conservatives? Where is YOUR civility when you prevent any questions into the 2020 election for possible irregularities and fraud? When you continue to hate the opposition and use your illgotten power to silence those you hate, your pleas for civility ring hollow. I say ‘go pound sand’ you heathen.

And this brings up a sore subject to real freedom loving citizens. How much fraud is acceptible in a presidential election? Saying that election fraud is normal but did not effect the outcome is exactly like saying this chocolate ice cream has human excriment in it but not enough to effect the taste. How many scoops do you want? 

Wake up and smell the brimestone

Let this moment radicalize you
AOC is famous for not only being a moron, but for uttering the phrase ‘Let this moment radicalize you’. Well, my grand father used to say even a blind squirrel can find a nut every once in a while. So, even a Marxist moron like AOC can utter some profound saying. The left have been planning to steal the 2020 presidency for 4 years. The media whom I call prestitutes because the sold their integrity to the devil, have been lying and attacking president Trump everyday for 4 years. They have suppressed the truth and manufactured lies everyday just because Donald Trump is not a politician, but a man that not only loves this country, but loves the everyman and woman. Before Covid-19, this country had been enjoying the best economy in over 100 years with unemployment rates the lowest in all categories. Then, China released the Covid-19, or Kung Flu aka Wuhan Flu and that set up a perfect scenario for the Marxist in government to attempt a coup. By exacerbating the truth and mandating business to close for over 9 months, we can see what they wanted to do, they being the liberals and anti Trumpers. To destroy the economy that Donald Trump helped to create thereby setting up a way to blame Trump for the bad economy. They have been able to maintain a false set of emergency powers (was set up for no more than a month, but once enacted, can be maintained indefinitely), and force you to focus on the number of new cases of Covid-19 and not the death rate associated with the disease. And now, November 2020 we see the outright theft of an election from not only Donald Trump, but the American people themselves. The incidences of fraud are innumerable yet not being reported. Not even the former conservative watchdog Fox News is responsible anymore as they jumped ahead and claimed certain states for Biden much too early. Then, when the momentum was decidedly with Donald Trump, the counting stopped and the official ballot counting observers were thrown out, pictures and videos of people with suitcases, ice boxes and cardboard boxes started to populate social media and amazingly enough, where Trump was decidedly ahead, the counting went for Biden. In some instances, 15 thousand ballots, all for Biden (a statistical impossibility) suddenly showed up. In many instances, there are more ballots mailed in that there were registered voters in many key counties. Imagine a county with only a registered population of 10,000 having 15,000 or more ballots cast all for Biden. Again, a statistical impossibility. Look at both Biden and Trump, Biden who has been in political office for 47 years has done nothing but steal money and bribe the Chinese and Ukrainian governments out of millions for himself and his family (a proven fact that even Joe Biden admitted on tape) whereas Trump has given up his salary and personal wealth to make a better life possible for the every American man and woman. A Trump rally would garner 10’s of thousands of people where Biden might have 40. Not 40 thousand but just 40. There was no excitement for Biden. Joe Biden hide in his basement refusing to answer key questions had no plan, only “vote for me because I am not Trump”. He refused to answer basic simple questions on the campaign trail because he knew if the American public knew, they would reject him and vote for Trump. It reminds me for in the New Testament of the Holy Bible where the Jewish people rejected Jesus Christ and instead opted for a murderer Barabbas. I am not comparing Trump to Christ, only comparing the stupidity and blindness of the Jewish people to those of the American voting public of today.
The left leaning people in government, and that includes the R.I.N.O.s and never Trumpers in the republican party are responsible for this loss. And I have a way to punish them all. Stop supporting them. If the republican party expects any money to support republican candidates, they need money, don’t give it to them and don’t vote for them. Mitt Romney and others of his ilk should be shunned and publicly persecuted for their betrayal of the American people. John McCain, if he wasn’t already dead, should likewise be ridiculed and publicly persecuted for betraying the American people. Stop buying over priced coffee from companies owned and operated by left leaning companies. I can enjoy coffee without a Starbucks. You get the picture. When the republican party begs for money to fight for you, send them no money but remind them of the numerous times that they refused to support our president. Force the R.I.N.O’s out of the republican party. Force the ‘never Trumpers’ to publicly apologize for being the political elites that they are and stop giving then money. The republican party snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. It is time for the silent majority to not be so silent. Look at the violence of the last year. The Bible had prophecies about the end times. Well, look at the news and smell the brimstone people. Your freedoms have been under attack for 4 years. Since the lockdowns enacted because of Covid-19, you can’t practice your religion freely. Try going to church and sing praises to God, you’ll be arrested in some areas. Try expressing your thoughts on social media and the ‘tech giants’ will suspend your activity. You can go purchase alcohol from a liquor store, buy pot from a marijuana dispensary and buy your tobacco products, but don’t you dare go to church or have bible study. Try calling a homosexual an unwanted slang word and watch the government punish you with sanctions. Hundreds of people can riot in the streets, throw fire bombs and hit people with weapons…Destroy any symbol of law and order and they get a pass but don’t you dare assemble to support a republican or Constitutional loving politician or you too will be punished. The American people have become blinded to evil, as were the Jewish people of the Bible. While exiting Egypt, they constructed idols to worship and almost rejecting God. The very same God that sent messengers to fulfill His bidding was rejected just days after escaping slavery. The same people that rejected an innocent man (son of God) yet demanded a murderer Barabbas to be released from jail. It is much like the actions of Lot whos family was in the area of Sodom and Gomorrah. Lot could not find just 10 followers of God in that area and God destroyed it with fire and brimstone. Noah spent many decades building the ark all the while trying to warn the people of the upcoming flood. No on listened and instead ridiculed Noah for that monstrosity. And it then rained for 40 days and nights flooding the earth and destroying all those that rejected God. Well, the American people have rejected the good that has happened in the last 4 years. A flawed man yes, but sent to clear the corruption in Washington D.C. and create a way for the every man and woman to prosper in the ‘land blessed by God’. Well people, get ready to reap the flood of evil that is on its way. The good will be considered bad and the bad will be considered good. Law and order will be under attack as well as individual freedoms to be replaced with the same Marxist stranglehold that destroyed Venezuela.  If you put your ear to the ground, you can hear the horses galloping toward us bringing the four horseman of the apocalypse. Conquest, war, famine and death. War on ideas like freedom and prosperity in our streets, famine because there is no food (lock down the truckers and there is no food in your grocery stores…just look at what happened to toilet paper at the onset of Covid shut downs), death because people fear going to the hospital or asking police for help and dying in the streets by rioters and anarchists, and finally conquest as our way of life is destroyed by self serving politicians power drunk with powers provided by emergencies caused by the mishandling of Covid-19. If you want examples of this, just look at long term democratic run states and municipalities. The population is fleeing them and moving to more successful states only to bring their poisonous politics with them so they can destroy those states as well. Places like Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, California, Washington state and Oregon are all places where middle class people are fleeing.
WAKE UP AND SMELL THE BRIMESTONE PEOPLE. Get right with God because you may be seeing him sooner than you think.

De Ja Vu

Have you ever had that de ja vu feeling? I am a field service representative and came across an accident. I am suprised I don’t see more accidents because of the amount of time that I spend driving. I saw that some had stopped to help those in a large sedan, but no one was helping a single driver in a small coupe. I got out to try to help the person in the small car. Her door was jammed and I could not open it. The driver was pinned and was in shock. I could not even get her seatbelt undone so she could breath a little better. I was talking to her, I put my hand on her shoulder and was trying to calm her down. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a man in a black suit. I thought he was a spectator, but he had something in his hand. I was trying to see what it was when the lady gasp. I looked at her to see what was happening and then noticed the emergency crew pulling up. In my concentration, I had become deaf to the sirens. As I waved emergency over, I tried to see that man again, but he was gone. As I was driving away, the image of that man kept bugging me. I know I had seen him before. I could not shake that feeling that I had seen him before. But as I drove up to my customer, I lost my train of thought. It was a couple of years later when I got that feeling again. I was driving on the freeway while it was snowing. The road started getting slick and I was getting that feeling in my gut that it was starting to get dangerous. I was coming up to a hill and got a funny feeling to let off the gas and let gravity slow me down before cresting the hill. As I crested the hill, I saw it. A 3 car pile up at the bottom of the hill and the road was to slick to brake too much. I started to slowly pump the brake and calculate where I was going to go to avoid involving myself in the crash. The people were out of their cars and I saw a safe path. I was slow enough to avoid any cars and swerve around them as I saw in my rear view mirror, a car driving too fast. As he hit his brakes, he went into an uncontrolled slide. I needed to get out of there and as I looked at the people trying to run to safety, I saw him. That older man in a black suit, looking down at a box in his hand. As I drove away trying to get away from the impending crash, I could not see him. The man in a black suit was gone and I saw the car bounce off of all three cars. I got of at the next offramp and drove past the carnage on my way back home and had that feeling that I could not shake. He was there. I saw his face, it was him. Not a look a like, it was him. I had a shiver and it wasn’t the cold. Who is that guy. But funny thing, the harder I thought about him, the more I kept loosing my train of thought. Soon, I was on the phone explaining to my boss why I turned around and the accident that I had witnessed.

It was around 5 years later that I was driving in the rain and the conditions and song I was listening to reminded me of when I was around 17 or 18. I had only been driving for a couple of years then and was driving my dads big 3/4 ton Chevy truck. As I came up to a signal, the car in front of me slammed on his brakes. I panicked and did the same. But I went into an uncontrolled skid and I just knew I was going to hit the car in front of me. I don’t remember what happened because it happened so fast, but it seems as if the truck slid sideways into the bike lane and missed the car within just inches. I was in shock… that feeling of coldness you get in the groin when something like that happens. I looked over to the sidewalk and saw a pedestrian. I was so thankful that I had not slid up on the sidewalk and hit that pedestrian when, in a moment of complete clatirity, I saw the man in a black suit holding an umbrella in one hand and a box in the other. I looked over to the guy in the other car and he had a look of shock that I had not slid into him. I looked back to where the man was, and he was gone. He was not anywhere around. I looked but he was not there. 

Do you know when a thought leads you to another? That thought lead me to another memory. I had just arrived at LAX airport from a training trip. I needed to use the restroom and noticed an overweight man in a grey trenchcoat sit on a bench in front of the bathroom. He looked like he had just ran or something because his face was white and he was sweating. A few minutes later as I exited the bathroom, the man in the trenchcoat was slumped forward and a man was walking away. I thought maybe the man walking away may have hit or stolen something to I yelled out to the man. He turned to look at me and it was him. The man in a black suit holding that box in his hand. He made a turn around a corner and I followed him, but when I turned that corner, he was gone. It was a dead end with construction cones and tape partitioning off the area. There were no doors or pathways. The man had simply vanished. I went back to the man on the bench, but by then, airport security was trying to perform CPR on the man. I had a chill run up my spine and then noticed the time and had to hurry to make the airport shuttle to go home. But I could not shake that man who had dissappeared. Who was he? Was it all just a figment of my imagination? Was there something wrong with me? But like the other times, I became distracted and lost focus and soon forgot. 

That is until this afternoon. As I finished my last morning call, I decided to take lunch at a drive thru. I went thru a Taco Bell and ordered my favorite lunch, two crunchy tacos, a combonation burrito and a Baja Blast Mountain Dew. I parked under the shade of a tree and had finished one of the tacos when I got an incredible headache behind my right eye. I closed my eyes and leaned back for a moment. When I opened my eyes, I saw him again, this time, my memories of him came flooding my mind. This time, I got out of my truck and approched him. He wasn’t affraid but looked at me while doing something to that box in his hand. I suddenly felt a calm come over me. He wasn’t scarry or weird looking, but more like a grandfather type figure in a black 3 piece suit. I asked him who he was. He looked right at me and said he was the keeper. I persisted and asked for more information. He said he is the clock keeper. That he was there to see the collection is escorted to the hearing. Now, he was speaking kind of spooky like when he pointed behind me. I saw it. Me slumped over the steering wheel of my car. When I turned back to the man, I was in a court holding room. A door opened up, a man in his mid thirties and a white suit was there and said, “Are you ready?”

Slow death

Slow death

In the movie ‘Tora! Tora! Tora!”, Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto is quoted as saying “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve”. There is no way to prove that he said this, but it is written that he thought that. It refers to that one moment in time that you forsee that the one you attacked is now alert and is working to destroy you. You saw it on September 12th, 2001 when all americans started putting flags on their cars and singing song paradies like “Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran” sung to the tune of the Beach Boys “Barbara Ann”. Or the scene in ‘Wild Hogs’ when the sheriff of Madrid takes the boys to “slap the bull”. John Travolta snuck up on the bull and slapped the rump of the bull, but when Tim Allen went to ‘slap the bull’ the shefiff deputies said it will be interesting now that the bull is alert.

  But I am waiting for that moment that America, in unison, stands up and says like Popeye “I have had all I can stand, I can’t stand no more” or like in the movie “Network” when the character Howard Beale yells out “I’m mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore”.

  We have all not only seen it, we have lived it. Covid -19 has made its way around the globe and has killed way too many people. But, like Rahm Imanuel said in 2008 “never let a crisis go to waste” there are many in our government that like the temporary power that a “state of emergency” gives them and are looking to find ways to extend that power, some initially floated the idea of a ‘state of emergency’ for 13 months. Many state governors have been seen acting like lords and tyrants by choosing who survives and who fails. In Colorado, Jared Polis (Schutz) allowed the big boxstores to stay open, but not the small or medium sized competition.

  Which poses a bigger threat, hundreds of people gathered in Walmart, or a few people at a smaller competitor?

  When the dust clears and the “true” covid-19 numbers are tabulated, we will see the hypocracy and felonious reporting that happened, and the high number of businesses that was forced under unnessessarily.

  Take Michigan Governor that  deems gardening supplies like garden seeds non-essential and therefore could not be sold during the quarantine. Imagine a hardware store that had to rope off the garden section because the govenor did not want you outside in your backyard planting your own food.

  Or Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam that made ita crime to goto church and threatened to arrest and jail anyone that went to church services even just to listen totheservice on your car radio while in the church parking lot. When we as a nation need God more than ever, there are those that want to prevent worship of God.

  And let us not forget the govenor that prevented drive in theaters from operating simply because he classified them as entertainment. (Colorado Jared Polis Schutz)

  It has been reported that in the state of Colorado alone, more than 400 small and medium sized restaurants will never be able to open because the owners have lost too much money being forced closed by government all “for the benefit of the public”. Think of the family that risked everything to open a small business like a restaurant and the many people that are/were employed by them. And why should minimum wage workers go back to work after being on unemployment when you can actually get more money not to work? Until July 31st, unemployment is calculated as half your weekly salary plus $600 per week. When minimum wage is around $450 a week before taxes, unemployment is preferable to and more financially beneficial to working. But there are some in government that WANT people relying on government and not themselves. Something needed to be done, but it is never beneficial to make a large portion of the populace relying on the government.

  Remember when this pandemic first started, Dr. Fauchi claimed that masks would do you no good, just wash your hands in Purel and wear gloves. Then he made an abrupt change about amonth later and said that gloves will not slow the spread of the virus, but you must wear a mask. This is the same man that said the President was being a zenophobe by closing the US borders to any Chinese national only to then say that the action taken by Trump probably saved thousands.

John Wayne once said “Life is hard. It is harder when you are stupid” But if the “Duke” was alive today, he would have to add a classification for a special kind of stupid. Do you want to rely on yourself and the blessings of God, or do you want to rely on government? Benjamin Franklin once said: “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

  In 1974, 6th grade, I remember Mrs. Ide gave everyone a country report. The day she was giving out the assignments, I was sick. The next day, the only country left was Russia. I did not want Russia and I pitched a fit. But I am thankful now because of what I learned helps me to see socialism and its destructive effects on the populace. This was amidst the ‘cold war’ between America and USSR Russia. Information on Russia was harder to get than say, Italy or Spain. And there was no Google at that time, and I had to visit several libraries, travel agencies, read two different encyclopedias and visit the microfiche dept at CSUN (Calif State University at Northridge). While researching life in USSR Russia, I realized that the government determines all aspects of your life. Who can and cannot buy a car, what jobs you will work, who will and who will not get medical treatment. Religion was a taboo subject and the Politburo controlled every aspect of life in the ‘Union of Soviet Socialsts Republic’. An individuals ability to make choices was limited.

  It is now 2020 in America and the Constitution was quietly put away. Instead of a Politburo, we have an unelected group of doctors that have joined govenors and mayors in controlling the sheeple. A health group called the ‘tri-county health’ has been making rules for the population and business’. When business’ can open, and when they do, what they can do. That makes an unelected group lording over people. I want to know when it became acceptible to suspend my Constitutional rights because you are living in fear?

And let us not forget the television commercials teaching children that they can become ‘super heros’ simply by washing their hands. That’s right, not just heros but SUPER HEROS. So are you just a simple hero if you only use Purel to wash your hands? Talk about setting our children up for failure. Are we supposed to give our children a cape after washing their hands with soap and hot water and call them Super heros just by learning to wash their hands? That is as stupid as saying there are no winners or loosers so everyone gets a participation trophy

  The mask: it is designed to prevent your spitle from being ‘sprayed’ or projected. After being properly fitted, a mask will contain your spitle and help prevent others spitle from being inhaled. But it also restricts your breathing. Many doctors and, yes, virologists agree that those that are health and with no underlying medical conditions should not, I repeat NOT, wear a mask. Not only does it constrict your breathing, it increases your carbon dioxide blood levels. That’s right, those headaches, light headedness and lethargy can be attributed to the mask. It is unhealthy for a healthy person to wear one for extended periods of time. The mask is also a symbol of fear. When people are alone in their cars and still wear a mask, is like a guy going to bed alone yet still putting on a condom; its a waste and shows a lack of common sense. I have witnessed people out for a walk alone and still wearing a mask. Remember when we were told we could only flatten the curve? Everyone continues to listen to the W.H.O. and the CDC even when they are wrong so much.

  Anyone who has been blessed with children or has dealt with young children knows that they are walking talking petri dishes. They put everything in their mouths, they will eat almost anything off the ground, they will have snot bubbles bursting from their noses. They also happen to be one of the least likely to be effected by Covid-19 so why did the government shut down all schools forcing working parents who had not been quarentined yet to stay at home with their children? Parents also know they are the most squirming of the small creatures and can be harder to wrangle than the grunun (a small, slimmy fish that migrates onshore once a year to mate off the Pacific Ocean) Yet many governors mandated that everyone over the age of 3 must wear a mask. And anyone caught without a mask in public is subject to a hefty fine, including a 3 year old. Again, proof that those with temporary power go ‘power hungry’ and refuse to use common sense, yet do everything possible to retain that power.

  Not too long after the start of the quarentine, everyone noticed a shortage of toilet paper. There was no toilet paper to be had at any of our grocery stores. This was a perfect example of a failure in the supply chain. Then meat started to become scarce so people again panicked and stores started to ration the purchase of meat. So if you look at the supply chain, you can see what went wrong. For example, gun stores were labeled essential so people that had not thought of buying a gun before bought guns because they were afraid of what might happen. When the instant background check used to only take 10 to 15 minutes and then in the middle of the quarentine, the background check was up to 7 days. So there were alot of people buying guns and ammo. However, new guns and ammo were not being made so many gun stores have empty shelves and after a discussion with a gun store owner, I found out his shelves may not be restocked for up to 3 months. If the supply chain can be broken in less than 2 months, imagine if government ran it for years. An example of a government ran supply chain is Cuba. ( Imagine of a choice of an expensive loaf of bread or nothing. Some might say that is a choice, but a true choice in a free society is 20 different brands of bread, or cereal or soup.

Freedom means making your own choices and living with the consequences. I remember a Warner Bros. short cartoon made for a commercial to teach about American freedom. It had the coyote chasing the road runner and the coyote missing the road runner and falling off the capitol building while the narriator says we in America have the freedom of life, liberty and the persuit of happiness, but not the guarantee of happiness. Many in Washington DC speak of equality, but equality of what? The Constitution of the United States of America guarantees equality of opportunity, but there are those in Washington that want equality of outcome. True freedom comes when you can open up a business providing a service or a product and let you fellow citizens determine if they want of need your service or product and NOT some power hungry governor or mayor or leader.

So until the majority of the American populace realize that they are in a pot of boiling water and not a jacuzzi, we will continue to suffer a slow death. That is the reason many want to continue a spirit of divisiveness. We need to come together like we once did on December 8th, 1941 or September 12th, 2001. Until then, as long as we allow anarchy and divisiveness, we will suffer a long and painful death…a spiral into socialism where we will be beholden to government and its elites who think they know better than you how to live your life. 

America HAS become too stupid

Martial law is practically enacted without any politician actually signing a declaration. No foreign army is marching our streets, but a foreign entity has invaded. A small virus, too small to be seen by anything but a special microscope, originating in China and making its way all over the world. Nick-named the ‘kung-flu’, covid-19 or more properly called corona virus 2019 causes flu like symptoms or a severe cold. To those that are healthy, covid  19 is nothing more than a bad cold or mild flu. To those with underlying health condition, compromised immune system, it could be very serious. Chinese officials have been lying to the world and suppressing the real statistics so the rest of the world was unprepared.

Now, the ‘Kung Flu’ has a mortality rate much less than the current strain of the flu, yet look what panic has created in America. In my state, much like many other states, we are in a ‘shelter in place’ order. So, now the government is telling the public who can work, who can’t, where and when you can go. Welcome to a socialism dry run. To further illustrate this, look at the fake shortage of toilet paper. There was always enough toilet paper before, but now, some people have decided to horde certain things including toilet paper causing a psuedo shortage. Now, I had to go to the grocery store as it opened to get tp and I paid $25 for what was only $18 before. Health clubs, bars, restaurants, hair and nail salons and many other small businesses forced to shut down at the whim of the governors to stop a virus that is much less deadly than the common flu. Now, the federal government, us, must pass an emergency ‘stimulus’ package to get money in the hands of those who have been forced out of work. Now, we all become reliant to the government for money, permission to work, and toilet paper. Sounds like Russia during the ‘cold war’ with police check points and law enforcement asking for your travel papers. Oh, did I mention that we now all need to have papers indicating whether we are in an essential job or not. It reminds me of the joke about Russian check points “papers please”.

This is an election year, and how better to take down a president that has withstood four years of constant attempts to eliminate him with lies and false evidence. Now, this instance causes an emergency where people demand government interference and don’t mind being told to stay at home. Reminds me of what Benjamin Franklin said about essential freedoms…

        ”Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

When the economy is in a good condition and unemployment is at this countries lowest in decades, when people that want to work are, when our current president has fulfilled most of his election promises this came at a convienient time.

Rahm Emanual once said “Never let a good crisis go to waste”. Could this national emergency be just the crisis enemies of the president need to try and again make him look like the failure that they themselves are? The president was semi effective at ‘draining the swamp’ In Washington, we have the equivalent of cockroaches scurrying and trying to find shelter while trying to get rid of the enemy. Why else would Nancy Pelosi, after a bipartisan deal was made, fly out in a personal jet to hold up the emergency bill to add tons of ‘pork’. Unnecessary additions to the bill that we, the people, have to pay for like millions of dollars to support New York art galleries.

Again, what we are seeing is a possible future of socialism if those in power decide that, after a short period of time, they don’t want to relinquish that power. Benjamin Franklin knew that once essential freedoms are relinquished, it is very difficult to regain. It will be up to us, we the people, to make our politicians know that this ‘covid 19’ situation is only temporary and that we will not stand for an extended or protracted government control and that we prefer, nay demand our freedoms be returned in full after a very short period. And for Gods sake, get rid of Nancy Pelosi and her ilk. They need to be retired

When you are sick, never trust a fart

When you are sick, never trust a fart

Kind of self explanatory there. When you are sick, what you think is one thing, could be completely erroneous and potentially messy and embarrassing. Anyone with a bad cough from the flu instinctively knows this. If not, you only need to experience this once to never want this to happen again.

Well, I watched the 2020 State of the Union given on the 4th of February of the year of our Lord 2020. And I watched Nancy Palosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, dressed in white sitting in a powerful seat. So powerful, that she is third in line for the President in case of emergency. That position requires a certain level of decency and decorum. It demand a certain level of respect. But just like a feeling that you need to pass gas when ill, Nancy was dressed as one thing, the fart, but actually is ‘the accident’ of a mess.

Can you think of an action more childish than tearing up the speech of the President. It reminds me of a child that plugs their ears and loudly hums ‘lalalalal’ so they cant hear what is being said? Or stomping your feet, falling to the floor and flailing about while screaming when they do not get their own way? That is what Nancy did when, after the President was finished with his speech, she took each page of his speech and tore it in a public way.

Do you remember when John Boehner, the Speaker of the House during Obamas SOTU speech in 2011 in a moment of disgust tore up President Obamas speech? Of course not, because no matter what you think of the President, you do not disgrace the office of Speaker of the House or any position to which you represent the people of the United States of America. At that point, you are not a citizen, but you have been chosen to represent your district. By acting in a childish way, you disrespect ALL those citizens that you represent. I hope San Fransisco, CA was paying attention to the mess that came out in the Halls of Congress when San Fransisco thought they needed to fart, Nancy Palosi came out. Clean up your mess, learn from your mistake and change your shorts.

Meadow Muffins

As you may know if you have read some of my blog entries, I love movies. I remember a movie that I watched many years ago about some kids that sold the manure generated by there fathers ranch to local buyers. The movie was called ‘KidCo” 1984. It seems that the IRS decided to sue the kids for back taxes. The kids took the IRS to court and pointed out that the feed that the cattle ate was already taxed and paid by there father. By taxing the manure, the IRS is essentially taxing the grain twice. Forgive me as it has been many years since I have seen the movie but it makes sense. Dr. Kron, one of my High School biology teachers taught us about organisms. The instinct in any organism, no matter the size, is to live, grow and reproduce. The government is an organism who instinctually knows to feed, grow and reproduce. We know that no matter the wording of any proposed tax, that tax will never go away. Reference the tax to pay for the Spanish/American War. It was a tax imposed on all telecommunications that started in 1898 and did not sunset until 2006 when there was a new tax plan adopted. Imagine a tax of 3% on all long distance telecommunication on all Americans for over 108 years. I am sure that we overpaid the cost of that war.

The state that I live in adopted somrthing called TaBOR many years ago. It stands for ‘the Taxpayers Bill Of Rights’ and it basically makes it so that no new tax can be adopted without a full vote of the people of the state and that any overpayment in tax revenue must be returned to the taxpayers in the form of a rebate check. Well, since we voted in a Californian socialist as the governor of the state, there has been a major push to eliminate TaBOR and let the government retain the excess tax revenue. It is called proposition CC and it not only eliminates TaBOR, it also eliminates the special tax incentives extended to veterans and those that have ‘Homesteaded” their homes. The government claims that it is NOT a new tax, however, by keeping the excess tax revenue, it is somewhat a new tax. The state government has not operated on a budget and decides to spend money ‘like a drunken sailor’ on things that the voters have not approved. They, the state government’ takes the gas tax to pay 10 million dollars on new offices for the highway department then claims they ran out of money to pay for road repairs, bridge repairs and snow removal. But they claim this only after spending millions of dollars on a set of pink buses called ‘Bustang” to entice passengers to ride the bus more. They tear up residential roads to widen bike lanes and spend millions on special buses called ‘Trans Fort Max’. Mean while our roads deteriorate and our bridges get older so they can claim, once again to those not paying attention, that the government needs more money and you are selfish to want your tax refund of about $250 dollars, nearly $500 for families. This is not chump change, this could really help struggling families. Besides, it is their money that they over paid the government.

My aunt had a fish as a pet in her grooming shop. It was an oscar fish. This fish would grow to the size of its aquarium. Take it out of a ten gallon aquarium and put it in a twenty gallon tank and it would grow to to fit its new tank. The government is much like that oscar fish. The government has never disliked any tax. My parents taught me at a young age not to believe the news but research any matter myself. They told me to look to where the money goes. Who gets what and how much do they get to line their pockets with. Well, I see how well big government manages tax revenue. Look at places like California, New York, Illinois and Michigan. All states where the major polulation is in cities that mismanage money that negatively effects the rest of their state. Detroit, Los Angeles and San Francisco, New York city and Chicago are all Sh*thole cities with major crime, homelessness, and high taxes on the citizens and business’. They are all also states that heavily restrict peoples 2nd amendment rights and all are seeing a major portion of its citizenry leaving the state partially because of mismanagement.

I developed a theory back in the early 1990’s. It is: when the rich revolt, they invest elsewhere. When the poor revolt, they burn their communities down in an act of chaos. When the middle class revolt, they move away. Well, it is the middle class that actually supports a community thru consumerism which means tax revenue. If no one is buying, no tax revenue. So, much like the movie ‘KidCo’ the government is trying to tax everything including, ahem, road apples, prairy pies, meadow muffins. And that, to me, is a load of crap.



The symbol for the cinema has always been two masks, one smiling and one frowning depicting comedy and drama. One of the mainstays of both is misunderstandings and misconceptions. They fuel both comedy and drama and depending on the situation can lead to a funny or a sad situation.

Late 1970’s TV, a sitcom (situational comedy) called ‘Three’s Company’ staring John Ritter as Jack, Joyce DeWitt as Janet and that girl that posed in a bikini Suzanne Somers as Chrissy. Based on the British TV show called ‘Man about the House’, most episodes were based on misconceptions or misunderstandings. In season 1 episode 4, there is a scene where Jack and Chrissy are in the kitched with a puppy. Jack is playing with the puppy and says “…you like to have your belly rubbed?” as Janet is walking in the front room only to hear Chrissy giggle. Janet assumes that there is some hanky panky going on in the kitchen which leads to a funny situation.

The bottom mask in the symbol for cinema is the downside to comedy. Drama, symbolized with the frown. This is the dark side, or flip side of the coin. In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, act 3 scene 4 we see an enraged Hamlet forcing his mother to see the ugly mistake of marrying her brother in law…”You are the queen, your husband’s brother’s wife”… and in a spat of rage, thrusts his sword into a tapestry where he thinks his evil uncle/step father is hiding only to find he has killed Palonius, father of Laertes and Ophelia. Laertes was a friend and Hamlet may have loved Ophelia. The damage done was devastating where Ophelia committed suicide while Laertes plotted to kill Hamlet. If you mix misunderstanding with rage, you get drama and situations based on those ingredients lead to damage and destruction. And anything broken can be fixed but it will never be the same again.

I try to let life teach me. One of my favorite sayings is …Life is not fair or unfair, life is. Everything that happens to you can be a learning experience if you analyze it.

I recently found that my only sibling, my sister, based on a misunderstanding and misconception mixed with hurt and rage and an unwillingness to fully understand has been living a lie. For over 10+ years she has lived with a terrible misconception and misunderstanding. Her unwillingness to clarify the situation has created drama, and coupled with rage, she has fractured our relationship. She has go so far as to erase me from her life and the life of her family. So efficient has her elimination of me and my family been, that I have no address, no email contact and vertually no way of trying to correct her misdoings. As Margaret Mitchell, the author of ‘Gone with the Wind’ so eloquently said “I was never one to patiently pick up broken fragments and glue them together again and tell myself that the mended whole was as good as new. What is broken is broken, and I’d rather remember it as it was at its best than mend it and see the broken pieces as long as I live.”

A relationship requires effort from both parties, and if one party refuses to extend any effort, there is no relationship.

Lesson learned, don’t allow half truths and misconceptions to fracture important relationships because like a vase that is broken, no mater how well you glue it back together, it will never be the same.

So my plea to those that may read this is, life is full of moments. Don’t waste time with hate and anger as they expend more energy and are more destructive than love. Try to fill your soul with positive moments and don’t allow misunderstandings and misconceptions to create destructive drama in your life.


Getting your hand dirty vs an empty wallet.

I used to watch the TV show “Dirty Jobs” with Mike Rowe. His voice has been the narriator of many other TV shows, but he had a concept for a new show about the everyday worker. He had only envisioned a few episode and was suprised at how rapidly the show grew in popularity and the varied everyday jobs that were around. From working on a pig farm in Nevada to crawling in sewers, Mike saw America at its best. He did not see college educated people, but the people that make America work. From plumbers to butchers, even a cattle rancher that found a new way to sell pasture plop by filtering it, removing the moisture and forming it into pots for plants. Mike even went before Congress ( to promote trade schools over colleges. I remember when President Obama claimed he has skimmed money for ‘shovel ready jobs’ that were anything but ‘shovel ready’. Mike feals so strongly about this that he went and created an organization dedicated in promoting the skilled trades (

So, lets look at what is happening in America today. More and more people being driven to go to college for a degree, racking up debt that the government took over, and these students can’t get jobs to pay back those loans. Look at the degrees that they are getting:

    Computer sciences

    General sciences (no specialty)




    Intercultural studies

    Ethnic studies

    Fine arts

    Theater arts

    Gender studies

These are either useless subjects with most classes focused on propaganda or subjects so flooded that almost everyone has that degree. You could throw a rock and hit someone with a computer science degree. And the average student loan debt is approx $30,000 ( But what is more needed, a plumber or a computer programmer? A welder or an actor? An auto mechanic or a graduate of gender studies? 

I have to admit that I have watched way too much TV. I used to like watching the TV show ‘Frasier’. One of the episodes had Frasier and his brother Niles trying to fix a toilet, ( Season 2 episode 11). Niles is talking to the plumber trying to impress upon him discussing the Mercedes Benz that Niles drives. The plumber replies that he used to drive that model but it wasn’t big enough for his family so he bought the next bigger model. Even though that was a TV show, it does give the perfect example of what Mike Rowe is saying, that there are plenty of jobs available for people in the skilled trades. The pro college crowd looks down on the skilled trades, probably because there is less social engineering and propaganda in the trade schools.

Todays students would do well to learn not to buy something they can’t afford.

I still remember what I was planning to goto school for. I had planned to get a doctoral degree in Oceanography. I talked to a person that had a degree in Marine Biology that was the second night manager at a fast food restaurant. After a few years in College, I took some classes in a trade school. I used that training to get a job as a field service representative for a company. I might not make alot of money, but I have had steady employment for over 34 years. Had I chosen plumbing or welding, there is no telling how much money I would have made. 

There is nothing wrong with ditch diggers, plumbers, electricians, mechanics or any of the many other skilled trades. They are needed and pay well. And you might avoid most of the political propaganda and student loan debt. 


The hipocracy of Los Angeles

We have all seen the news, both on TV and on the internet, about how Los Angeles is an amnisty city welcoming all imigrants, sheltering them from the law and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.   Amnesty and Illegal Immigration – Los Angeles TimesWith 4.01 million people in Los Angeles City alone, the city welcomes those illegal immigrants from south of the border. But the city has a history of blocking citizens from their fare city.  Imagine my suprise to learn that the City of Los Angeles actually sent police to block incoming unemployed citizen transients.

Secretly, it was called ‘the bum blockade’. Los Angeles police officers situated at 16 main points of entry from Oregon, Nevada and Arizona. Nobody without a means of support were turned back because Los Angeles could not support more unemployed people. It was estimated that over 100,000 unemployed citizen transients headed to Los Angeles, for unemployment services and to try to get jobs, per year.

Now, the year was 1936, the hieght of the depression, but it does show that in the history of the city, steps were taken to protect the city and its residents from the financial strain of more unemployed immigrants.

The Los Angeles Times reported “The Times, in answer to the charge that the blockade was an outrage, editorialized “Let’s Have More Outrages,” praising it as an answer to the waste of taxpayers’ “hard-got-tax money” and a way to keep out “imported criminals . . . radicals and troublemakers.”

The Chamber of Commerce, many judges, Los Angeles Times, the Cities Prosecuters office and other city officials all supported the actions of the Los Angeles Police because of the financial strain it would put on the city and the crimes it would prevent from the homeless.

Would you believe that the President has the Constitutional right and obligation to close the border completely? And that it has been done several times before? ( now this is anything but a conservative news report but it shows the history of the law)

The law is clear. The President not only ‘can’ shut the border down but has the ‘obligation’ to in circumstances where there is a clear and present danger to the American citizens.

The opioid epademic has caused Mexican and South American drug smuggling to skyrocket as of late, even spurring the Mexican drug cartel into using midevil techniques to get dangerous drugs into America. That’s right, the drug smugglers dig tunnels across the border, drive it into America, walk it across and even catapult it into America. Look at the American death toll of fentanyl alone I call that a clear and present danger to the American citizens. But people like Chuck Shumer and Nancy Palosi ‘want’ the borders open and would allow the flood of drugs into America. Add to that the amount of Islamic terrorists that come to America thru the southern borders and the problem grows. Did we learn nothing from the attack on Sept. 11, 2001?

The biggest problem is that our politicians are not doing what “We the people” want. The democrats want and need a lower class of voters that depend on the government for support. That is why the democrats give non citizens so many benefits like free education, healthcare, welfare and many other government programs that were originally designed for American citizens that needed just a little helping hand, not a hand out. and this But you can’t give a pass to the republicans, because they want cheap labor. Many republicans get donations from big labor groups that need cheap, uneducated labor. It is a ‘catch-22’ situation and one that president Trump is fighting. He has to fight both sides of congress to do the will of the people and protect the sovereignty of our nation. and

sovereignty=freedom from external control . Meaning that if ANY country want to be autonomous, they need to attain sovereignty, meaning no outside influence or control. As you can see, there are people and entities that want to break Americas sovereignty by flooding our country with outside influences and dependants.

It is because America is “we the people”. The only place on earth where the people are the government instituted in the beginning declared by the Constitution of the United States of America. The people are ‘citizens’ and not ‘subjects’. Think about that for a moment. In merry ol’ England, you are a subject of the crown (government) but in America, we are citizens where government is supposed to work for us.

Walls and fences work. The nasty little inconvienient truth is, walls and fences have always worked. 1914, Robert Frost wrote “…good fences make good neigbors”, but the proverb goes back further. The greatest example can be seen from space, the Great Wall of China. Started in the 7th century B.C. and built with ernest in the Ming Dynasty in 1368. Built as a defence against invaders, it is still effective today over 600+ years later. And don’t forget Vatican City. Since the Vatican is literally a country of its own and not legally a part of Italy, Vatican City has a wall to protect it. this is an exerpt from the  internet: “A Little Extra Protection”

The answer is exactly what you were expecting. The Vatican walls were built to keep out pirates. (Wait that wasn’twhat you were expecting? Weird.)

During the 9th century, Saracen pirates were pillaging much of southern Italy. When they sacked St. Peter’s in 846, Pope Leo IV decided he needed a little extra protection. A 39-foot-tall wall was constructed around Leonine City, an area which included the current Vatican territory.

“Gradually the Muslim threat receded and many gates were opened in the walls,” says Thomas Noble, a papal history expert at Notre Dame University. But then came the 16th century and a new pope, Pius IV, who proclaimed, “Nah! Close ‘em up, boys.” (We’re paraphrasing.) “The problem in those later times was that political violence in Rome sometimes threatened the papacy,” says Noble. It wasn’t pirates this time, but Roman Emperors looking to pick a fight (and maybe steal some of the church’s sweet art.)

So the walls are 39 feet tall. For protection no less. So, walls actually work and the Pope and all in Rome, China and the WORLD knows it, including those that oppose the American border wall. Even Los Angeles knew it back in 1936. One last example. The leech. The leech is a parasite, attaching themselves to a host with a sucker and feeding on blood. Another way of saying it is ‘an organism that lives off of the life of another organism. Sorry to use such mean words, but anyone that takes from another is a criminal. To live off anothers efforts is criminal. That is why Los Angeles stopped unemployed vagabonds from becoming a leach on the citizens of the city. The border wall between Mexico and America was supported by the democrats before Trump became president

So again I say, the hipocracy of Los Angeles.