We were already engaged to be married when she became pregnant. Nobody knew that she was several months pregnant when she walked down the isle in that beautiful dress to say the words “I do”. And it was that moment that we started our partnership. How naive I was, and immature. Reality has a way of slapping you in the face to get your attention, and just a few short months after we both said “I do”, she was in the hospital prematurely giving birth to our daughter. She was born under two pounds, and at the time, the hospital had a policy of not trying to save any child born less than two pounds. She was just a few ounces shy of that two pound marker. I got to hold my daughter in my arms and for just a moment, our eyes locked and I was overcome with grief, not for me but for her. She lived just a few short hours and I am secure in the knowledge that I will see her again, in heaven on a playground that God made for children, forever young and innocent. I see her in my minds eye in a yellow dress and I know that, when my lifeclock stops and I am in heaven, I will be brought to that playground and she will know me.

But even after having to goto the funeral home and make the preperations for my daughter, I was still immature. Somewhere between childhood and adulthood, not really one or the other but internally fighting to stay immature. On the outside, I looked the part and I was happy, but I know that my beautiful young wife was more mature than I.

The doctor told us that if we wanted to hame more children, we needed to follow some medical advice, and we did. And she became pregnant again. Nine months later, I had a son. Yet I was still immature. I was angry that I now had to share my wifes attention, not at my son, but at the realization that I was unprepared for reality. Then, maternaty leave was over and my wife had to go back to work. She worked the “graveyard” shift. That meant she left home at around 10:00 pm and returned home shortly after 7:00 am. So after she left for work, I was responsible for baby duty. It was a few days after my wife returned to work, and it was late, or was it really early, I wasn’t fully awake to remember, but he was choking on something. I panicked and reached my finger in to scoop out what he was chocking on. I was awake then. As I held him to make sure he was alright, I was swept away. Like standing on a beach as a wave crashes over you and the undertow grabs your ankles and pulls you under. I was swirling under, fighting to come up for air. All of my memories of the time spent with my father was slapping me, tugging at me, trying to bring me to the realization that I was no longer a child. I loved my dad, I hated my dad, I reveared and feared my dad. I was awash in memories and the stark realization that he, at one point, realized he was responsible for me. As I broke the surface of those memories and had to swim to shore, as I stepped out of the ocean of memories onto the shore, I became a dad. It seemed to take an hour, but in reality, it was just a short moment. But in that moment, I was no longer a child, I was a dad.

I now have two sons. Both of them have found wives and have created families and lives of there own. My sons have loved my, hated me, reveared and feared me. I am blessed as my dad is still kicking. He has 4 great grand children. My sons are a great source of pride to me as they are good husbands and great dads. Their children love their fathers and will grow to love, hate, revear and fear their fathers and my fathers legacy lives in them, but I will always remember the moment that reality grabbed me by the ankles, pulled me under an ocean of memories and slapped me awake. I went in as an immature “pre-man” and emerged a dad.

Thank you dad for not a puddle or tub of memories, but an ocean, enough to bring me to dadhood.

With or From

With or from

Have you ever taken an online IQ test? I have taken these intensive tests 3 times since college, and the ones that I participated in took about an hour each time. And, to my dismay, I am not as smart as I once thought. Test 1 indicated an IQ of 130 where test 2 and 3 were 131 and 129 respectively. To become a member of MENSA requires a minimum of 131 (depending on the specific test taken). Imagine being the one of a group with the lowest score. But I remember what section I got the lowest score on. It was the comparitive section. You have probably had a few of these questions in school before. They usually go like “All racecar drivers can drive a car but not everyone that drives a car is a racecar driver” true or false. That was a simple example but you get the idea of word manipulation. Are you able to see thru the word manipulation to be able to figure out what the sentence means?

My parents took me out of public school and put me in private school when I was in the third grade. Upon testing, it was determined that I was functionally iliterate. Instead of making me go down to the second grade, they went into debt and bought me a Worldbook encyclopedia set. Not just the encyclopedias but the “full boat press” (what the heck does that really mean?) which included a big 2 volume set of dictionaries, a book of synonyms and antonyms, a world atlas and something called a “cyclotron”. With both of my parents tutoring me as well as my teacher, by the end of the 3rd grade, I was in the top of my class. I used to get so angry when I would ask what a certain word meant only to be told “look it up in the dictionary”. You see, words mean things and while there may be two words that mean something similar, each word has a specific meaning.

With: definition 4; having, as in a possession, addition, accessory or an accompaniment. Websters New Twentieth Century Dictionary, second edition 1962

Of: defenition 2; caused by, resulting from. The American Heritage Dictionary second college edition 1976

I heard it said “The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos” Henry Louis Mencken

(Yes, I have both dictionaries in print form and did not use any of the internet web sites. Do you have a printed form of dictionary in your possession? I unfortunately do not have my original World Book Dictionary, but I don’t have my original Spiderman comics from the 1960’s either, darn it!)

Pay close attention to the Covid 19 reports. Now Covid is short for Corona Virus Disease and there are many. Identified by the crown-like spikes on its surface and include, among others, are:

5. MERS-CoV (the beta coronavirus that causes Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, or MERS)

6. SARS-CoV (the beta coronavirus that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome, or SARS)

7. SARS-CoV-2 (the ?novel? coronavirus that causes severe acute resiratory syndrom version 2 nicknamed by some as the Wuhan flu for the Chinese labratory that modified a ‘bat’ virus that would not normally effect people but was paid more than 3.7 million USD by the American National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases to conduct ‘gain of function’ experiments. (The head of NIAID is Dr. Faucci)

The reports by local and national media agencies claim ‘x number of people died with Covid-19’. You will notice the reports do not clIm ‘x number of people died of Covid-19’. This is a very important distinction once you realize the word manipulation.

If I give you a coin that you place in your pocket and trip and fall and, for the purposes of this example only, hit your head and die, did you die because you had the coin in your pocket or simply die with the coin in your pocket. With or from, use your brain.

There are numerous reports of word manipulation, or simple manipulation. A man in Colorado is in an automobile accident with 4 times the legal blood alcohol level. He had Covid-19. Did he die with covid or die from covid? Use your brain

Many reports claim that the hospital ER wings are “70%” capacity with Covid-19 patients. But upon closer examination, we see word manipulation. A certain hospital has 20 ER beds and requires 1 nurse per 10 patients, but the hospital is running ‘short staffed’ and only has 1 RN nurse. So the hospital shuts down 10 beds due to staffing shortages which gives them 10 beds. Let us fill 7 beds with covid patients which gives a 70% ER capacity because of staffing shortages. Have you hears of the recent staffing shortages nation wide? Add to that a large number of medical staff refusing to take the Covid-19 vaccine and are being fired by governmental mandate and you can now see the word manipulation. Use your brain.

“Civilization, in fact, grows more maudlin and hysterical; especially under democracy it tends to degenerate into a mere combat of crazes; the whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary”. Henry Louis Mencken

In other words, in order for government to maintain and grow its power, government MUST make the populace believe only government can save them.

“…government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.” Ronald Reagan

Ask yourself some questions and think for yourself. If the Covid vaccine is such a good, well developed and researched medicine, why are close to 25% of medical professionals refusing to get it? Use your brain

Why is government officials demanding that even people that have had Covid-19 and have the antibodies, get the vaccine? Use your brain

People are being segrigated by whether or not they have been vaccinated. A government mandate, not law but a mandate, is beeing seperated by whether or not they have recieved, dubbed by some as the “ouchy from Faucci”, the experimental vaccine. I thought segrigation was a bad thing. Now, people are being forced to take this experimental drug or be fired from their jobs. Many bars and restaurants mandate that you prove your vaccine status. Many, and soon most or all airline companies will require proof of vaccination just to fly on their airline. Hmm, can’t work, get food or beverages without some kind of proof or vaccine marker. Sounds like Germany in WWII when the people of Jewish heritage were forced to wear a patch signifying that they were an “under-class” and were prevented from getting certain services simply because they were Jews. Use your brain.

Yes, Covid is real. Many people have died FROM it. But the survivability rate is close to 99%, much better than other types of flu. Yes, there are co-mobilities that make it worse, but this is far from the “pandemic” that it was originally claimed to be. We shut down our economy, not for “just two weeks to flatten the curve” but for over a year and a half. This is not normal and we should not accept it as such. Use your brain.

Mrs McClaine, mom and dad, thank you for your sacrifices so I could not only read, BUT THINK for myself.

When I was a kid in the 70’s

my dad worked at Anhauser Busch in Van Nuys, California. Then, it was called Busch Gardens and was an oasis in the city. “old man Busch” as my dad called him, had created a park like setting open for anybody not just employees, that you could bring family and friends to. It had large grassy areas with plenty of different shade trees, bushes, a large man made lake with water features, a boat ride that would take a trip around the lake to the 3 pavillions that provided a shaded pic nik area. There was the Budweiser Pavillion, the Busch Pavillion and the Michelob Pavillion. These pavillions would provide free beer to those old enough to enjoy beer but were nice enough to bring the family for a pic nik lunch. There was even a log ride that went through an aviary where there were hundreds of different birds in a setting specifically for them with trees, shrubs and waterfalls inside the aviary followed by a log ride fall that Disney would be envious of. And in this family safe environment were performance stages that would have vaudeville style acts including one of my favorites at the time, the marionette show.

The marionettist, or puppet master, would control the puppets from above with strings on a control bar. I had bought a simple puppet and the control bar was a cross with fishing lines going from the ends of the rods to the feet, head and tail (it was a bird puppet that I could control its head, feet and tail). And the puppet master was on stage where you could see him. But he was good enough that you would forget him and just watch the marionettes. But in the end, they were just carved wood with faces painted on them.

I have infered before that I am a sci-fi nerd. I remember watching the original Star Trek on TV with my dad. I used to be a treker but now, I am just a trekkie, but there was one episode where Kirk, Spock and McCoy were searching for a federation historian in a Nazi like world. (Season 2 episode 21 ‘Petterns of Force’) The federation historian had become the furer but as it turns out, was drugged and being controlled by others.

The President of the United States of America is one of the most important and powerful positions in the world. The President is accountable to the people and is not a dictator. Unlike the Queen of England who rules over her subjects or Vladimir Putin, a former member of the KGB who rules with an iron fist over the Russian people, the President of the United States is ruled by the Constitution of the United States which regulates the government, not the people. This all too important position is too important to give to someone who is suffering dimentia. But let us look at this mans first few months in office:

Biden inherited energy independance. For the first time in decades, America was exporting energy. The industry was creating jobs, good paying union jobs that could transform a persons family financial position. But Biden shut down not just the pipeline to transfer oil between America and Canada but most private oil production. Americas oil production has been so stiffled that Joe Biden has actually begged OPEC to increase production to America. Members of OPEC hate America.

Biden inherited a stable southern boarder where those seeking to come to America had to wait in their own country. Those coming here was first vetted (investigated) before being allowed in. Those infected with Covid 19 or other numerous diseases had to wait as dictated by American sovereignty laws. Now, every illegal alien is being let in, unvetted, with those various diseases being sent to various cities across America. Maybe even your city.

Then, of course there is Afghanistan. Biden inherited a stable country where the Taliban was affraid to attack any American for fear of being destroyed and smashed into the sand. For months, the world watched the taliban march across the country taking control of each city. Our president looked in the camera and promised that could not happen. Then, in an act of mental incompetance, turned a third world army into a superpower that is more armed than some of our allies. The taliban is now empowered enough to demand a seat at the UN. They are murdering the American hostages (those hundreds of American citizens left behind enemy territory) and those that helped American military when we were there. Biden even proudly claimed to have killed a top taliban leader with a preditor drone strike, only to find that the man killed was actually someone that had helped American military and his entire family including several children. How does this make our allies ever trust us again. Biden has broken many promises and the damage done can not be reversed.

Then of course, there is the Covid vaccine that was expidited by the actions of Donald Trump. While Trump was still president, Biden, Harris and many other liberals claimed that they would not take the vaccine because Trump was involved in its developement. All Trump did was remove the red tape involved in the developement of a vaccine and called it ‘warp speed’. But instead of teaming up with Trump to encourage people to get it, Biden is acting like an American Marxist and creating even more segrigation by creating two more classes of people, vaxxed and non vaxxed.

Not to mention the fact that someone is controlling the microphone for Biden so the numerous gaffs uttered by Biden are not broadcast. One of the most recent (as of Sept 17 2021) is when President Biden was discussing wilfires to a panel in Idaho when the white House abruptly cut off his microphone. This was not the first nor will it be the last, but it contrasts with Trump who would give a press conference for over an hour without notes. Now, Biden can’t talk WITH NOTES. It is no longer funny but sick and sad. In his prime, Joe was mediocre at best. But now, he and the current administration are just clowns. Actually, they are Marxists in clown suits.

The marionette show had a puppet that resembled a large breasted opera singer. In the act, he had her sing and hold a note for a long time, so long that she had to take a breath and you could see her heaving boosums lift as she took that breath. Everyone watched the marionette and not the puppet master. Today, Biden is the marionette and someone in the shadows (possibly Barrack Obama) is pulling the strings. Nobody is looking at or for the marionettist. Perhaps we should.



I have found that, after 36 years of marriage, not to ask my wife what she wants for dinner. She might take hours to figure out what she wants and by then, it is time for bed. So I inquired with many other married men about their experiences and they, too, experience the same delema. I even found a neat trick, I will give her three choices, on of which is a throw away and two other choices. That narrows her options and reduces the time required to answer. I even have an idea to get an old ‘see n say’ and put labels over each of the barnyard animals for restaurants so ‘ the cow says moo’ could be steak at the Outback and ‘the chicken goes cluck cluck’ could be chicken from Canes restaurant. My wife even knows of her indecision and will ask me for ideas.

Today, my wife was thinking of this problem as even those she works with admit that they, too, also have indecision problems when it comes to chosing something to eat. Well, my wife figured it out and the answer is in the bible. In Genesis, Eve once made a decision on what to eat and look at the trouble that led to. Poor Adam had to answer to God for taking Eves choice for dinner. So God must have had one of those fatherly talks with Adam telling him to be more careful in the future as to what choices to give Eve. Adam must have given that advice to his children and his childrens children. So, there is why women are undecided about what to eat for dinner. Pass it on.

When politicians run our military

I do not have the honor of having served our country by joining the military. At the time I was 18, I had other lofty goals in mind. My father, however, did serve with distinction and honor like two of his brothers and his father. As an adolecent, instead of joining the Boy Scouts of America, I was in the Sea Cadets, a kind of Scouts sponcered by the Navy. I had two uniforms, one ‘dress’ uniform that we called a ‘cracker jack’ uniform after the little sailor on a box of Cracker Jacks, and a work uniform called dungerees which resemble blue jeans and a blue button front shirt with black oxford style shoes. And while in the Cadets, we learned many things that would help us in life other than how to tie a square knot. And I got the chance to serve for one week along side the ‘regular’ enlisted sailors on a 120 perform other foot missle retreiver. A boat designed to retrieve a test missle from the ocean or other coastal duties, one of which we called ‘whisky’ patrol. If there was going to be a test firing of a missle, the projected landing zone had to be free of all commercial and private craft so we would go and warn/escort the craft out of the area. For that one week, we cadets were treated like other sailors and expected to perform our share of the work. I got to talk to and listen to adult sailors talk about everything from relationships with girlfriends and wives, work and boss troubles and their take on government/politics. And I can remember one unmistakeable thought shared by all the adults… politicians foul everything up.

I did not study about the Korean war, but I have heard that it shared one thing with Viet Nam… America lost because those fighting the war were prevented from doing what was necessary to win the war by politicians that had no vested interest in winning the war. I understand that our military does one thing very well, kill people and break things. Kill the enemy and destroy the enemies toys before the enemy kills you and breaks your toys. Tsun Tzu wrote in his famous book ‘The Art of War’ that you never let an enemy get a stronghold or fight you inside of your territory, but rather take the war to him in his territory making him on the defense and never on the offensive. So, when in 2001 the enemies of freedom attacked the Twin Towers in New York, the Pentagon and a fourth highjacked plane that was foiled by brave civilians onboard, President George Bush was advised to take the war to the enemies homeland, one of which was Afghanistan. This country was allowing terror groups like the Taliban and ISIS to plan, prepare and practice killing Americans inside of America with the promise ‘Death to America’. Our objective was to stop the terrorist training camps, and find/kill Osama Bin Laden who was a multi billionaire funding the terrorist training camps. The problem was, we overstayed past our mission. After Obama/Biden gave the mulahs a planeful of American taxpayers dollars, this encouraged those people deadset on killing Americans and destroying America. Trump wanted us to leave Afghanistan but it was dependant on conditions on the ground. He wanted to get all American citizens out first, then all American equipment, then most of our military save for a small contingent to maintain control of the Kabul Airport and surrounding area. But that is not how Biden and his controllers handled the withdrawl from Afghanistan and look at the chaos created when politicians don’t seek and utilize the advice of professionals. When politicians plan our wars, we loose.

I have heard it said that those that can, do. Those that can’t become politicians.

Every since Donald Trump announced he was running for President, he was sabotaged by Republicans, Democrats and the media. At no other time in American history, was a candidate, president elect and then President lied about so much everyday by all the swamp monsters in Washington D.C. AND by every presstitute in media everyday thru his presidency. (I call them presstitutes because they have sold their integrity to the devil. A prostitute only rents her body for money, a presstitute lies to everyone and ignores the truth). The lies led to two false impeachments both after the dishonerable actions of the woman that looks like the crypt keepers wife and who has been destroying her district so much that San Franscisco is literally known as the ‘crap’ city of California. Where you have to download a mobile application to indicate where the numerous homeless dregs of society have deficated on the sidewalks forcing tourists to do the ‘poo poo’ dance to avoid stepping in the sh!¥. That used to be known as the Washington two step until Nancy Pelosi, behind the safety of her tall walls surrounding her property, betrayed her constituents and the citizens of America. This piece of Washington D.C. swamp monster crap did the unimaginable by tearing up the speach by Donald Trump during his State of the Union in early 2020 and then proceding to impeach him twice based on lies, and they have subsequently been proven to be lies. I guess Nancy Poo-losi is more comfortable in a cess pool than a jaccuzzi.

But that is the point, the longer someone is in Wahington D.C., the longer they seek to destroy that which makes, or made America great. Ronald Reagon said in his inaugeral speech in 1981 that government is not the answer to our problems, but government is the problem. The fact that nobody is being taught anymore, is thatthe Constitution of the United States of America sets up rules for government, not the individual. Thomas Paine, one of our founding fathers, said “Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one”. Have you ever heard of an Oscar fish? A type of large chichlid fish that is used as food in south America but pet aquarium fish in the USA and the UK. This fish can grow to the size of its tank. So government is like that Oscar fish. The more it grows, the more it eats and needs to feed. That is why taxes never go down. If taxes were to go down, government would have to shrink and the government will never shrink without a fight. The Spanish American war tax was in effect from 1898 until 2006 and was only sunsetted because other more expensive taxes were enacted. That is 108 year tax to help offset the cost of the Spanish American war.

Senator Chuck Grassley wrote a paper in 2018 about the fraud waste and abuse of taxpayer dollars. He found that our government is paying $10,000 for a toilet seat cover (not the toilet seat, just the cover). I could renovate my whole bathroom for what the government claims to spend on just a toilet seat cover. Is it any wonder that when President Biden ordered our military to leave, they left billions of dollars shrink wrapped in plastic for the Taliban. ( not a typo, I said billions, plural in $100 bills just in cash). That is taxpayer money. Not to mention the billions of dollars spent on equipment left in Afghanistan. Our government has not been operating on a budget but expects you to. How else can you be expected to pay your share of the national debt which is $80,885 per person as of 2020. That is every man, woman and child in America owes that.

When I was in the Sea Cadets, my father said that if there is a war or conflict, follow the money. Well, tell me why America elected a man who was proven to be involved in quid-pro-quo with the Russians, he even bragged about it on tape. If he used his position as vice president to prevent his son from being prosicuted in Russia, and accepted money from a foreign power, what else has this man done or agreed to? What might be used as blackmail against Biden? Is this really a man we want acting as president of the United States of America? It is clear that Biden IS mentally deficient and is exhibiting his dimentia in public. Even at his best he was never an effectual polititian. When I was in the Cadets, Jimmy Carter was president. And he was a major screw up, but now he must be thankful that there is someone that is an even bigger screw up so people can forget about him. He left 52 American hostages emprisoned in Iran for 444 days. No matter what Carter did or said, the Iranians were not afraid of him, nor afraid of America. But Ronald Reagan was a wild card and basically had a reputation for being a cowboy and would ‘let loose the dogs of war’ on the Iranians, so they released all hostages the very day Ronald Reagan was sworn into office out of fear. With the Taliban unafraid of Biden and America, what will the Taliban do to the American citizens now trapped in Afghanistan?

In the end of Jimmy Carters presidency, the National debt in America was $908 billion and the interest rate was 20%. As I write this article, our National debt is closer to $29.78 trillion with an artificially low interest rate of 0.25% and Congress is planning on passing a multi trillion dollar human infastructure bill that will massively increase our National debt. And think of this, Biden has only been president less than a year. Can we really afford to give him more time to break America?

A military term I learned while in the cadets is ‘SNAFU’ which means ‘situation normal, all f#ck3d up’. But couldn’t we now change that to SNABU, situation normal all Bidened up? Americas withdraw from Afghanistan IS the biggest foreign affairs debackle in American history. With our enemies AND allies laughing at us. How will we ever regain the respect that we once had on the world stage? Now is the time for Michelle Obama to exclaim ‘For the first time in my life, I am ashamed of my country’, but she was at home in Washington DC as she is one of the swamp monsters herself.

When I was in the Cadets, I got to see how the regular sailors lived as I too had a bunk onboard that boat. I saw plenty of Playboy and other magazines and even ones that were hardcore magazines that was kinda like Playboy and the Devils Angels made a porno mag. I saw alot of Not Safe for Work pictures, but Those were nothing compared to what passes for democratic politicians today, now they are truly ‘Not Safe for Work’.

Covid relief package?

Covid relief?

After the government forced a shut down of our economic engine, some in the government were trying to get us back on track while others were planning on a long term shut down and wanted to give each of us a $600 covid relief check in the hopes of convincing you that they actually cared. But once they shut us down ‘for just two weeks to flatten the curve’ and we were in an emergency situation, those in power just kept extending their emergency powers thereby stalling the economic engine. People lost jobs, opportunities, a year and a half of education and employment. This country went from one of the best employment participation numbers to some of the worst in this countries history in mere months, forcing the government to try to appease the populace with a mear $600. This money, borrowed/stolen from the taxpayers was nothing even close to what was lost but people were so desperate, that they clamored for it. Our government is so acustomed to giving things away, they can’t stop. Uncle Sam is seen as santa clause, but only after stealing your wallet. Uncle Sam is santa clause? More like the grinch with a santa suit.

But to non citizens, even our enemies see uncle sam as an idiot jester with pockets so full of gifts, they are spilling out of his pockets.

Biden and His Woke Military Leaders Left All This for the Taliban

Our enemy, the taliban, just got their American covid relief package. Our enemy, like a pack of wolves, saw weakness and pounced on the opportunity and was rewarded with brand new, top of the line weapons, clothes, bombs, attack helicopters, 10’s of billions of dollars of modern warfare equipment and billions of dollers worth of american money. You got $600 dollars and were told to stay at home and wear your mask and get the ‘ouchy from Foucci’ covid vaccine shot but our enemy gets 10’s of billions of dollars worth ofthe best of our military equipment. And our government isn’t requiring the taliban to get a vaccine shot or wear a mask. Agree or disagree with our mission in Afganistan, it is important to be reasonable with American lives and equipment but instead of planning a reasonable withdrawl from Afganistan, our leaders were more interested in shutting schools down, forbidding you from going to church, keeping business’ shut down, forcing you to get a vaccine shot and wear a mask and mucking up presidential elections rather than planning a proper plan for withdrawl from Afganistan. Remember, the taliban and ISIS are sworn to destroy Isreal and America ‘death to america’ , and not only are our leaders giving our enemies the equipment to fulfill their goals, but they are hell bent on making us too dumb and weak to fight back when they do attack us with our own equipment.

Elections have conciquences. The American general public were bombarded with lies every single day for four years, and they were all proven to be lies, that many voted against Trump because they believed the lies and truly thought a senile old man suffering from dimentia was going to be a better choice. Yet the chaos in Afganistan is the result of your stupidity if you voted for a Biden/Harris ticket instead of the president that the taliban was afraid of. I blame Biden and his administration as much as I blame the rattlesnake that bites me because I know how dangerous and deadly a rattlesnake is, but rather I blame those that put me in the presence of the rattlesnake…those ignorant morons that voted for Biden. The deaths in Afganistan that have been and will be caused by the taliban and ISIS are on you.

Do you remember:

Do you remember:

In school, history class on the subject of the pyramids? I remember being taught that each pharaoh would have a monument to them made. It was supposed to simulate the rays of the sun and eachhad secret tunnels leading to the tomb of the pharoah and his family. The ones that knew the path of the secret passage ways were ‘bumped off’ so they couldn’t share the secret with others. Then the next leader would say to himself that they are a better leader and have an even bigger pyramid built. Thousands of laborers (many were probably slaves) worked to take those large stones up to each level. Just imagine the architechs thousands of years ago drawing and planning, even the passage ways. Setting traps yet designing the monument to last thousands of years. Some of those pyramids can be seen from space, one of the few man made structures that has stood the test of time. Think of it, todays architechs can only dream of having something that they design and build last a hundred years, but Imhotep built a pyramid that lasted thousands of years. Ted Mosby can only dream of something that lasting. What a monument to Djoser, pharaoh of Imotep. Here we are, thousands of years later still in aww of those structures.

So that got me thinking, the same vanity that drove the pharoahs to build a bigger, better pyramid is prevelant every where we look. Lets look at business today. There is always a time when the ‘management’ tries to improve on the bottom line. You see, they feel that they have to justify their position and salary and prove they are better than the previous manager. So they employ an architect of there own, a bean counter who figures how to get the workers to do more for less money and save a few dollars and cents yet charges 10’s of thousands of dollars for the effort. However, these monuments almost always become less than they were in the long run causing yet another manager and bean counter to attempt to correct/repair what the last manager and bean counter did. And I remember what I learned in geometry and physics, once you are at the top, the only way to go is down. This leaves us in a different kind of aww, when we see once great companies destroyed by greedy managers and leaders who lose focus on providing a product or service just to squeeze a few more dollars to the bottom line. They almost always forget the human element, the worker that makes the company what it is. And once a company looses its reputation, they can rebuild it, but it will never be percieved the same again. Just like the pharoah, the manager has to put his signature on the new bigger, better (pyramid) policy to justify his position and salary.

But the failed vanity that destroys the once great company is also prevelant in politics. Just look and ask yourself a question, has government ever shrunk? Has government ever ended a tax, no matter how temporary they claim it to be? Did you know that up until 2006, you were paying a 3% telephone tax (long distance) and it was called The Spanish American War Tax (1898-2006). Now you might be tempted to say ‘hey, congress actually repealed it. Doesn’t that prove your statement wrong?’ Well, no. Congress, after repealing the tax, passed 75 new taxes on the same day. So it was all optics. They focused on the one tax that they repealed but did not emphasis the millions in new taxes passed that same day. Every 2 years, a new set of politicians are sworn in to the House of Representatives. They all suffer the curse of the pharoah. They have to pass a new law (build a bigger pyramid) to justify their new position and salary. So just like the pyramids, laws remain on the books and are almost never removed no matter how old they are or insane the have become. Back in Los Angeles, around the time of the horseless carriadge, when the streets were cobblestone, they passed a law forbidding any vehicle from having rubber tires. A law was passed that no fruit basket could be given to someone in a California Hotel. In Everret Wahington, you can not hypnotize someone outside. Severance, Colorado forbids throwing a snowball. A snowball is considered a hand thrown missle. In Alabama, it is illegal to pretend to be clergy if you are not, so actors cannot perform any play where they are a priest, minister or a rabbi.

There was a supposedly reasonable cause for these and many other laws to be created, but they never go away, or if they do, they are replaced with more. How hard is it to write a law that says that if you want and can not afford medical care, you can opt for a government funded medical care plan? I could write it in 1 page in plain english. But how big was the affordable healthcare act? It was 33,000 pages long and if the paper was stacked to make a book, that book would have been more than 7 feet thick. Over 66 volumes of no less than 500 sheets per book or approx 7 cases of paper per copy. How many bean counters did it take to write that bill?

If our judical system refuses to enforce the laws already on the books, the politicians (mini pharoahs) have to write a new law so they can have future generations say ‘wow! Look at his pyramid’. Is it any wonder why we can’t get our government to live on a budget? They need the money to pay for the paper to write more laws so the politicians can justify their enormous salaries while claimimg to make life more free for Americans, as long as you do what they want you to do…be in aww of their pyramid.

The love of a dog

The love of a dog

If, like me, you grew up with dogs, you understand the love and affection a four legged friend can give you. I remember my parents getting me a puppy as a very young child and, much to the dismay of my parents, he grew up to be quite large. His name was Chief and, as told to me by my parents, was half German shepherd and half Irish wolfhound. While he had the coloring of a German shepherd, he had the floppy ears of a basset hound, the nose of a bloodhound, the legs of a greyhound and a long tail. My dad used to take him out to the desert where rabbits lived and let ol Chief chase rabbits until he was tuckered out. Still don’t know if my dad meant thedog was tuckered or himself, but that acted like a gym to Arnold Schwartawhattsis. And of course he consisted of a dog kibble, dinner leftover and special treat diet. He would get his own ice cream when the family went out to Thifty or his own buger from McDonalds. And of course being a part of the family, he was protective of us and willing to fight to the death to protect any one of his pack.

Through the years, I have had dogs and cats as pets/companions, but none more loyal and loving as a dog.

After Chief, there was Dino von klien Shadow. A local breeder named Gunter, yes that was his real name, bred German Shepherds for show. Shadows father was named Dino and was an international champion and his mother was a national champion and Shadow….was scheduled to be put down due to hip displasia. After an empassioned plea to Gunter, who took pity on me, I was allowed to take Shadow home for the fee of $50. His pedigree was clearly stamped ‘pet quality only’ so as to guarantee my not breeding or showing him, but I was looking for a friend not a thing. Lots of excersize and a diet rich in dairy and protien, ice cream; cottage cheese; leftover steaks I got from the restaurant I worked at, he built up the muscles of his hip to overcome the birth defect and was a loyal and loving dog/pet/friend for nearly 18 years.

After starting a family of my own, my family has a black labridor named Hercules that really did not like the water. Then Otis, Shiloh and Mongo (long story how a female dog was named after a character in Blazzing Saddles). But all of them, gave unconditional love and would have fought to the death to protect their pack family.

Today, Otis passed away at nearly 16 years out living his mate Shiloh (13 years and died of cushings disease) and Mongo (also around 13 years and died of canine cancer). Otis must have died of old age and a broken heart in his sleep.

So I ponder just why God gave mankind such a loyal and loving companion. And it came to me…to prepare us for the unconditional love of God himself. How else will we understand, in some small part, his love for us? He gave us the dog. Spell dog backwards and you might understand that God himself blessed the dog to be a loving and loyal comanion. And, as you may have suffered the heart ache of loosing a loving companion, that is, in a small way, an example of Gods heartache when we reject Him.

Now, as I have said, I have had cats before and I don’t dislike them, but to understand the difference between a dog and a cat I must first ask:

What is the difference between a dog and a cat?

The dog looks at the owner and thinks ‘wow, this guy feeds me, gives me water, spends time with me and loves me. He must be a god”

The cat looks at the owner and thinks ‘wow, this guy feeds me, gives me water, spends time with me and loves me. I must be a god”

The dog, I believe, was sent by god to be an example and guardian. And some people don’t believe in angels, well, some don’t have wings but have fur instead.

War on families

When I was very young, I remember driving to go see my grandparents that lived a couple hours away. We, as in my parents, drove a Ford pick-up with a bench seat and I fell asleep before we got to their house. My dad must have decided to park right in front so he could see me from my grandparents front room because as I woke up and found myself alone, my dad was right out to the truck to assure me that I was not alone. I remember talking to him and asked him why he cared so much for me and looked after me so. He replied that this is what fathers did. The took care of and helped prepare me for life. When I asked him what he got out of it, he told me that when I grow up and have kids of my own, I was to repay him by caring for my kids. This was my first understanding of ‘pay it forward”.

In college, I took a basic psychology course with a young and energetic professor. In this class, I learned that my son, for the first few years at least, was my responsibility. But as he got older, the responsibility slowly transitioned from me to him until he was 18 years old where he would be totally responsible for his own actions. It was my job, as a father, to make sure he understood what was required from him. That I was his male roll model just as my father had been for me. I like to equate that I can weave a little of myself into my sons tapestry of life and that by doing so, since my father weaved of himself into my tapestry of life, my son would be influenced by my father as well.

Fast forward a few years and I was a newly wed at the age of 22 with a kid shortly on the way. I was a married man in love with my wife, but mentally hadn’t transitioned into a full adult yet. Then, with the birth of my son and the responsibility that went with that, I started to slowly and fully appreciate what my father had done for me. As I saw my son, I saw that it was my job as a father to protect him and prepare him for life as my father had done for me.

Genesis 2:24 reads “

21 And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof;

22 And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.

23 And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.

24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

As a Christian, I believe God, the father of mankind which includes woman, is the ultimate father. By creating woman from his own creation, Adam, and choosing the rib which is in the middle of Adam so as to make Eve an equal to Adam. ( If God had made Eve from Adams head, that would have made her superior to Adam. If God had mad Eve from Adams foot, that would have made her inferior but making her from his rib not only signified equality in the two but Eve always had a part of Adam which made the two truly a pair, to which God called her Adams helpmate)

Now, as God is the ultimate father, like any father trying to protect his children, he set up some rules to live by. Yes, the ten commandments but many others which were meant to protect his children so that they could be safer and happier. (Notice that I did not say safe and healthy because life has its own set of dangers and challenges). The 10 commandments is the equivelent of kindergarten rules but as you read the bible, you graduate to more serious life rules all meant to make us better people, better Gods children and bring us closer to our creator.

Nobody likes to be judged. As a kid in school, nobody likes those red marks on our homework indicating that we were wrong. Sometimes my homework had so many red marks that it looked like a chicken walked thru red paint then did a waltz on my homework. But the teacher wasn’t trying to be mean, she was trying to teach me/us all what was right and wrong. Mrs. Ide in 6th grade was trying to teach us all proper sentance structure for writting. We did not have auto spell correct back then, nor Google.

So what is the reason for eliminating or damning the Creator, God? Well, God has a set of rules which judges people. “Thou shalt not…” is not a suggestion, it is Gods law. Don’t steal. Stealing deprives the rightful owner the right to enjoy what is rightfully theirs. It also judges you as a thief. A wrong doer. Someone who has broken the law. You are judged by God. So, if you eliminate God, you avoid his judgement, in your mind. If you can convince many people that God is not real therefore his laws arent reasonable, then you avoid judgement by people. Then you can feel better about yourself and the choices that you have made.

What is worse, stealing or getting caught stealing? If you only feel guilty by getting caught, then you were not brought up to understand the law. As a 4th grader, I stole a magnet. It was a horseshoe magnet that I stole from a fellow student. I was confronted by him and I covered my guilt with a lie. I had stolen something that was not mine. I knew I was judged not only by the student and his friends, but by God. I had done wrong. How much better would I had felt if I thought God did not exist and that it was ok to steal that magnet.

That is why some people hate God and those that follow his teachings in the Bible. They hate being judged. They want to be accepted by us for doing what we know is wrong.

Now, fathers are a strong, or should be, influence on our childrens life. The nuclear family is proven to create a more stable family environment. Manking around the globe and throught history has known it. That is not to say that a single mother can’t do a good job raising a family, but it is much harder without a partner. Same goes for a single father. He has a much harder job without a help mate. Children also need what a man and woman bring to a family. Men and women bring differences to the family and our children need those differences to grow up balanced.

Many of the problems we see today stem from a lack of family leadership and good family values. When I see someone abusing drugs, they are trying to fill a void in their life that theythink the drugs will fill but it is a trap that pulls you in and wont let you leave. It is a ‘high’ that is only temporary, then you ‘crash’ leaving you to once again feel a void in your life.

Any addiction is our way to fill a void we feel in ourselves. Addiction to TV, not the occational viewing but the addiction to watch all the time, attempts to fill a void of socializing with others. Alcohol addiction, not the occasional drink but the desire to dink until drunk, likewise is an attept to fill a void or avoid mental pain.

Look at the LGBTQ movement. There was a time not too long ago that it was not socially accepted to be a homosexual. Gays and lesbians had to live life while hiding their lifestyle because it was not socially accepted. The term ‘closet homosexual’ refered to someone that was hiding their homosexuality for fear of social judgement. Rock Hudson, the Hollywood actor, was such a person. He hid his homosexuality for fear of loosing his standing as a male sex symbol. After all, he had co-starred with famous female costars like Doris Day. He would have lost the ability to act and loose his job. But recently, the LGBTQ movement has become militant. They do not like to be judged, so many of the members reject God because of the judgement of God:

Leviticus 18:22
“Do not practice homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman. It is a detestable sin.”

Leviticus 20:13
“If a man practices homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman, both men have committed a detestable act. They must both be put to death, for they are guilty of a capital offense.”

Romans 1:26 “Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.”

Gods judgement. They don’t like being judged so they reject the judgement of God and others. They are at war with God, his judgement and those that follow Gods teachings.

Likewise, fathers and strong male role models are targeted. When was the last time you saw a Hollywood movie with a strong male rolee model, let alone one that is a Christian? Woman are shown to be strong yet men are generally bumbling clowns. ‘King of Queens’, ‘Murphy Brown’ ‘Rosanne’ there just isn’t a current John Wayne character in Hollywood America right now.

Look at what the American government has done. By providing financial support for single women with kids, they have basically told men that they are not responsible for their procreating activities. The more kids a single woman has, the more government financial aid she gets. The thought of some was ‘I need more money, I’d better have another kid’. But look at the damage that this has created. These kids of single woman households are missing a strong male roll model to teach them how to be a man and husband. They join gangs in an attempt to fill the void in their lives. They have no father and I don’t remember seeing alot of gang members goint to church on Sunday morning.

God, godly men, nuclear families, fathers and christians are under attack. Can you see it now?

To my father, thank you for loving me enough that I knew right from wrong. For preparing me for life and weaving yourself into the tapestry of my life. For letting me make my own choices and making me live with the consequences. For teaching me to be a man. You are a good roll model.

Buyers remorse


We have witnessed the destruction of America from enemies of the Constitution from within. With so much evidence of election tampering yet no way to air the evidence, a presidential election has possibly been stolen.

There was so much hatred for a non political president that an effective Donald Trump was lied about and resisted since the day he announced his candidacy. With every media outlet also spreading the false news and investigation of the man every day for over 4 years, the misinformed people of America were confused. Although Donald Trump had major increases in support from minority groups, enemies of freedom and America were able to distort an election.

Joe Biden will destroy all the progress of the last 4 years and America will soon look like democratic strongholds like Illinois, New York, California and Michigan. Taxes will be increased, businesses will close and unemployment will increase. American government can not continue to operate by borrowing money from the Chinese government. Currently, the United States of America owes 27.763 trillion dollars. That means, with the current population, every single person owes approx. $839,410. The total wealth of America is one third that number. To put it in context, every single person is in debt and bancrupt. If the money that America has borrowed came due today, we would not be able to pay the loan.

When Joe Biden claimes that he will not increase taxes,yet claims that he will repeal the Trump tax cuts is counter intuetive. To repeal a tax cut is in itself a tax increase. When America was forcebly shut down due to covid-19 scare, and many businesses and individuals are in financial ruin, any tax increase will be devistating to our country.

Now that democrats hold both houses of Congress and the White House, I do not see a path to success for a free America. If, in four years I am wrong, I will say so and truly want to know how I was wrong, but let me ask this, when in history has socialism worked? Germany after the fall of the Weimar Republic? The United Soviet Socialist Republic after the October revolution of 1917? The Khmer Rouge after its rise to power in 1963? Or maybe something more current, like Venezuela, a once thriving country devistated by Hugo Chavez. Now Venezuela is nothing like it once was.

It all comes from equality. Conservatives want equality of opportunity and liberals want equality of outcome. This was tried in America once, believe it or not. Well, long before America was a nation anyway. The pilgrims tried socialism and nearly two thirds of the original pilgrims died. Read about it in William Bradford’s diary.

So, 2020 will go down in history as the death of the Constitution and freedom in America.

I will be wearing a tshirt that reads “Don’t blame me, I voted for Trump”.

Let’s look at what has happened just in the first 100 days. Shut down the XL pipeline ( reducing oil into America)

More borrowing in the trillions with no end in sight.

Mr sippy cup nappy nap (Joe Biden) has had 12 vacations in 100 days. And people lambasted Donald Trump for taking a day to play golf. At least Trumps vacations were working vacations, not busy taking nappy naps and drinking cocoa from a presidential sippy cup.

So, if you voted for Biden, do you have buyers remorse yet?