Do you remember:

Do you remember:

In school, history class on the subject of the pyramids? I remember being taught that each pharaoh would have a monument to them made. It was supposed to simulate the rays of the sun and eachhad secret tunnels leading to the tomb of the pharoah and his family. The ones that knew the path of the secret passage ways were ‘bumped off’ so they couldn’t share the secret with others. Then the next leader would say to himself that they are a better leader and have an even bigger pyramid built. Thousands of laborers (many were probably slaves) worked to take those large stones up to each level. Just imagine the architechs thousands of years ago drawing and planning, even the passage ways. Setting traps yet designing the monument to last thousands of years. Some of those pyramids can be seen from space, one of the few man made structures that has stood the test of time. Think of it, todays architechs can only dream of having something that they design and build last a hundred years, but Imhotep built a pyramid that lasted thousands of years. Ted Mosby can only dream of something that lasting. What a monument to Djoser, pharaoh of Imotep. Here we are, thousands of years later still in aww of those structures.

So that got me thinking, the same vanity that drove the pharoahs to build a bigger, better pyramid is prevelant every where we look. Lets look at business today. There is always a time when the ‘management’ tries to improve on the bottom line. You see, they feel that they have to justify their position and salary and prove they are better than the previous manager. So they employ an architect of there own, a bean counter who figures how to get the workers to do more for less money and save a few dollars and cents yet charges 10’s of thousands of dollars for the effort. However, these monuments almost always become less than they were in the long run causing yet another manager and bean counter to attempt to correct/repair what the last manager and bean counter did. And I remember what I learned in geometry and physics, once you are at the top, the only way to go is down. This leaves us in a different kind of aww, when we see once great companies destroyed by greedy managers and leaders who lose focus on providing a product or service just to squeeze a few more dollars to the bottom line. They almost always forget the human element, the worker that makes the company what it is. And once a company looses its reputation, they can rebuild it, but it will never be percieved the same again. Just like the pharoah, the manager has to put his signature on the new bigger, better (pyramid) policy to justify his position and salary.

But the failed vanity that destroys the once great company is also prevelant in politics. Just look and ask yourself a question, has government ever shrunk? Has government ever ended a tax, no matter how temporary they claim it to be? Did you know that up until 2006, you were paying a 3% telephone tax (long distance) and it was called The Spanish American War Tax (1898-2006). Now you might be tempted to say ‘hey, congress actually repealed it. Doesn’t that prove your statement wrong?’ Well, no. Congress, after repealing the tax, passed 75 new taxes on the same day. So it was all optics. They focused on the one tax that they repealed but did not emphasis the millions in new taxes passed that same day. Every 2 years, a new set of politicians are sworn in to the House of Representatives. They all suffer the curse of the pharoah. They have to pass a new law (build a bigger pyramid) to justify their new position and salary. So just like the pyramids, laws remain on the books and are almost never removed no matter how old they are or insane the have become. Back in Los Angeles, around the time of the horseless carriadge, when the streets were cobblestone, they passed a law forbidding any vehicle from having rubber tires. A law was passed that no fruit basket could be given to someone in a California Hotel. In Everret Wahington, you can not hypnotize someone outside. Severance, Colorado forbids throwing a snowball. A snowball is considered a hand thrown missle. In Alabama, it is illegal to pretend to be clergy if you are not, so actors cannot perform any play where they are a priest, minister or a rabbi.

There was a supposedly reasonable cause for these and many other laws to be created, but they never go away, or if they do, they are replaced with more. How hard is it to write a law that says that if you want and can not afford medical care, you can opt for a government funded medical care plan? I could write it in 1 page in plain english. But how big was the affordable healthcare act? It was 33,000 pages long and if the paper was stacked to make a book, that book would have been more than 7 feet thick. Over 66 volumes of no less than 500 sheets per book or approx 7 cases of paper per copy. How many bean counters did it take to write that bill?

If our judical system refuses to enforce the laws already on the books, the politicians (mini pharoahs) have to write a new law so they can have future generations say ‘wow! Look at his pyramid’. Is it any wonder why we can’t get our government to live on a budget? They need the money to pay for the paper to write more laws so the politicians can justify their enormous salaries while claimimg to make life more free for Americans, as long as you do what they want you to do…be in aww of their pyramid.

The love of a dog

The love of a dog

If, like me, you grew up with dogs, you understand the love and affection a four legged friend can give you. I remember my parents getting me a puppy as a very young child and, much to the dismay of my parents, he grew up to be quite large. His name was Chief and, as told to me by my parents, was half German shepherd and half Irish wolfhound. While he had the coloring of a German shepherd, he had the floppy ears of a basset hound, the nose of a bloodhound, the legs of a greyhound and a long tail. My dad used to take him out to the desert where rabbits lived and let ol Chief chase rabbits until he was tuckered out. Still don’t know if my dad meant thedog was tuckered or himself, but that acted like a gym to Arnold Schwartawhattsis. And of course he consisted of a dog kibble, dinner leftover and special treat diet. He would get his own ice cream when the family went out to Thifty or his own buger from McDonalds. And of course being a part of the family, he was protective of us and willing to fight to the death to protect any one of his pack.

Through the years, I have had dogs and cats as pets/companions, but none more loyal and loving as a dog.

After Chief, there was Dino von klien Shadow. A local breeder named Gunter, yes that was his real name, bred German Shepherds for show. Shadows father was named Dino and was an international champion and his mother was a national champion and Shadow….was scheduled to be put down due to hip displasia. After an empassioned plea to Gunter, who took pity on me, I was allowed to take Shadow home for the fee of $50. His pedigree was clearly stamped ‘pet quality only’ so as to guarantee my not breeding or showing him, but I was looking for a friend not a thing. Lots of excersize and a diet rich in dairy and protien, ice cream; cottage cheese; leftover steaks I got from the restaurant I worked at, he built up the muscles of his hip to overcome the birth defect and was a loyal and loving dog/pet/friend for nearly 18 years.

After starting a family of my own, my family has a black labridor named Hercules that really did not like the water. Then Otis, Shiloh and Mongo (long story how a female dog was named after a character in Blazzing Saddles). But all of them, gave unconditional love and would have fought to the death to protect their pack family.

Today, Otis passed away at nearly 16 years out living his mate Shiloh (13 years and died of cushings disease) and Mongo (also around 13 years and died of canine cancer). Otis must have died of old age and a broken heart in his sleep.

So I ponder just why God gave mankind such a loyal and loving companion. And it came to me…to prepare us for the unconditional love of God himself. How else will we understand, in some small part, his love for us? He gave us the dog. Spell dog backwards and you might understand that God himself blessed the dog to be a loving and loyal comanion. And, as you may have suffered the heart ache of loosing a loving companion, that is, in a small way, an example of Gods heartache when we reject Him.

Now, as I have said, I have had cats before and I don’t dislike them, but to understand the difference between a dog and a cat I must first ask:

What is the difference between a dog and a cat?

The dog looks at the owner and thinks ‘wow, this guy feeds me, gives me water, spends time with me and loves me. He must be a god”

The cat looks at the owner and thinks ‘wow, this guy feeds me, gives me water, spends time with me and loves me. I must be a god”

The dog, I believe, was sent by god to be an example and guardian. And some people don’t believe in angels, well, some don’t have wings but have fur instead.

War on families

When I was very young, I remember driving to go see my grandparents that lived a couple hours away. We, as in my parents, drove a Ford pick-up with a bench seat and I fell asleep before we got to their house. My dad must have decided to park right in front so he could see me from my grandparents front room because as I woke up and found myself alone, my dad was right out to the truck to assure me that I was not alone. I remember talking to him and asked him why he cared so much for me and looked after me so. He replied that this is what fathers did. The took care of and helped prepare me for life. When I asked him what he got out of it, he told me that when I grow up and have kids of my own, I was to repay him by caring for my kids. This was my first understanding of ‘pay it forward”.

In college, I took a basic psychology course with a young and energetic professor. In this class, I learned that my son, for the first few years at least, was my responsibility. But as he got older, the responsibility slowly transitioned from me to him until he was 18 years old where he would be totally responsible for his own actions. It was my job, as a father, to make sure he understood what was required from him. That I was his male roll model just as my father had been for me. I like to equate that I can weave a little of myself into my sons tapestry of life and that by doing so, since my father weaved of himself into my tapestry of life, my son would be influenced by my father as well.

Fast forward a few years and I was a newly wed at the age of 22 with a kid shortly on the way. I was a married man in love with my wife, but mentally hadn’t transitioned into a full adult yet. Then, with the birth of my son and the responsibility that went with that, I started to slowly and fully appreciate what my father had done for me. As I saw my son, I saw that it was my job as a father to protect him and prepare him for life as my father had done for me.

Genesis 2:24 reads “

21 And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof;

22 And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man.

23 And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.

24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.

As a Christian, I believe God, the father of mankind which includes woman, is the ultimate father. By creating woman from his own creation, Adam, and choosing the rib which is in the middle of Adam so as to make Eve an equal to Adam. ( If God had made Eve from Adams head, that would have made her superior to Adam. If God had mad Eve from Adams foot, that would have made her inferior but making her from his rib not only signified equality in the two but Eve always had a part of Adam which made the two truly a pair, to which God called her Adams helpmate)

Now, as God is the ultimate father, like any father trying to protect his children, he set up some rules to live by. Yes, the ten commandments but many others which were meant to protect his children so that they could be safer and happier. (Notice that I did not say safe and healthy because life has its own set of dangers and challenges). The 10 commandments is the equivelent of kindergarten rules but as you read the bible, you graduate to more serious life rules all meant to make us better people, better Gods children and bring us closer to our creator.

Nobody likes to be judged. As a kid in school, nobody likes those red marks on our homework indicating that we were wrong. Sometimes my homework had so many red marks that it looked like a chicken walked thru red paint then did a waltz on my homework. But the teacher wasn’t trying to be mean, she was trying to teach me/us all what was right and wrong. Mrs. Ide in 6th grade was trying to teach us all proper sentance structure for writting. We did not have auto spell correct back then, nor Google.

So what is the reason for eliminating or damning the Creator, God? Well, God has a set of rules which judges people. “Thou shalt not…” is not a suggestion, it is Gods law. Don’t steal. Stealing deprives the rightful owner the right to enjoy what is rightfully theirs. It also judges you as a thief. A wrong doer. Someone who has broken the law. You are judged by God. So, if you eliminate God, you avoid his judgement, in your mind. If you can convince many people that God is not real therefore his laws arent reasonable, then you avoid judgement by people. Then you can feel better about yourself and the choices that you have made.

What is worse, stealing or getting caught stealing? If you only feel guilty by getting caught, then you were not brought up to understand the law. As a 4th grader, I stole a magnet. It was a horseshoe magnet that I stole from a fellow student. I was confronted by him and I covered my guilt with a lie. I had stolen something that was not mine. I knew I was judged not only by the student and his friends, but by God. I had done wrong. How much better would I had felt if I thought God did not exist and that it was ok to steal that magnet.

That is why some people hate God and those that follow his teachings in the Bible. They hate being judged. They want to be accepted by us for doing what we know is wrong.

Now, fathers are a strong, or should be, influence on our childrens life. The nuclear family is proven to create a more stable family environment. Manking around the globe and throught history has known it. That is not to say that a single mother can’t do a good job raising a family, but it is much harder without a partner. Same goes for a single father. He has a much harder job without a help mate. Children also need what a man and woman bring to a family. Men and women bring differences to the family and our children need those differences to grow up balanced.

Many of the problems we see today stem from a lack of family leadership and good family values. When I see someone abusing drugs, they are trying to fill a void in their life that theythink the drugs will fill but it is a trap that pulls you in and wont let you leave. It is a ‘high’ that is only temporary, then you ‘crash’ leaving you to once again feel a void in your life.

Any addiction is our way to fill a void we feel in ourselves. Addiction to TV, not the occational viewing but the addiction to watch all the time, attempts to fill a void of socializing with others. Alcohol addiction, not the occasional drink but the desire to dink until drunk, likewise is an attept to fill a void or avoid mental pain.

Look at the LGBTQ movement. There was a time not too long ago that it was not socially accepted to be a homosexual. Gays and lesbians had to live life while hiding their lifestyle because it was not socially accepted. The term ‘closet homosexual’ refered to someone that was hiding their homosexuality for fear of social judgement. Rock Hudson, the Hollywood actor, was such a person. He hid his homosexuality for fear of loosing his standing as a male sex symbol. After all, he had co-starred with famous female costars like Doris Day. He would have lost the ability to act and loose his job. But recently, the LGBTQ movement has become militant. They do not like to be judged, so many of the members reject God because of the judgement of God:

Leviticus 18:22
“Do not practice homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman. It is a detestable sin.”

Leviticus 20:13
“If a man practices homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman, both men have committed a detestable act. They must both be put to death, for they are guilty of a capital offense.”

Romans 1:26 “Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.”

Gods judgement. They don’t like being judged so they reject the judgement of God and others. They are at war with God, his judgement and those that follow Gods teachings.

Likewise, fathers and strong male role models are targeted. When was the last time you saw a Hollywood movie with a strong male rolee model, let alone one that is a Christian? Woman are shown to be strong yet men are generally bumbling clowns. ‘King of Queens’, ‘Murphy Brown’ ‘Rosanne’ there just isn’t a current John Wayne character in Hollywood America right now.

Look at what the American government has done. By providing financial support for single women with kids, they have basically told men that they are not responsible for their procreating activities. The more kids a single woman has, the more government financial aid she gets. The thought of some was ‘I need more money, I’d better have another kid’. But look at the damage that this has created. These kids of single woman households are missing a strong male roll model to teach them how to be a man and husband. They join gangs in an attempt to fill the void in their lives. They have no father and I don’t remember seeing alot of gang members goint to church on Sunday morning.

God, godly men, nuclear families, fathers and christians are under attack. Can you see it now?

To my father, thank you for loving me enough that I knew right from wrong. For preparing me for life and weaving yourself into the tapestry of my life. For letting me make my own choices and making me live with the consequences. For teaching me to be a man. You are a good roll model.

Buyers remorse


We have witnessed the destruction of America from enemies of the Constitution from within. With so much evidence of election tampering yet no way to air the evidence, a presidential election has possibly been stolen.

There was so much hatred for a non political president that an effective Donald Trump was lied about and resisted since the day he announced his candidacy. With every media outlet also spreading the false news and investigation of the man every day for over 4 years, the misinformed people of America were confused. Although Donald Trump had major increases in support from minority groups, enemies of freedom and America were able to distort an election.

Joe Biden will destroy all the progress of the last 4 years and America will soon look like democratic strongholds like Illinois, New York, California and Michigan. Taxes will be increased, businesses will close and unemployment will increase. American government can not continue to operate by borrowing money from the Chinese government. Currently, the United States of America owes 27.763 trillion dollars. That means, with the current population, every single person owes approx. $839,410. The total wealth of America is one third that number. To put it in context, every single person is in debt and bancrupt. If the money that America has borrowed came due today, we would not be able to pay the loan.

When Joe Biden claimes that he will not increase taxes,yet claims that he will repeal the Trump tax cuts is counter intuetive. To repeal a tax cut is in itself a tax increase. When America was forcebly shut down due to covid-19 scare, and many businesses and individuals are in financial ruin, any tax increase will be devistating to our country.

Now that democrats hold both houses of Congress and the White House, I do not see a path to success for a free America. If, in four years I am wrong, I will say so and truly want to know how I was wrong, but let me ask this, when in history has socialism worked? Germany after the fall of the Weimar Republic? The United Soviet Socialist Republic after the October revolution of 1917? The Khmer Rouge after its rise to power in 1963? Or maybe something more current, like Venezuela, a once thriving country devistated by Hugo Chavez. Now Venezuela is nothing like it once was.

It all comes from equality. Conservatives want equality of opportunity and liberals want equality of outcome. This was tried in America once, believe it or not. Well, long before America was a nation anyway. The pilgrims tried socialism and nearly two thirds of the original pilgrims died. Read about it in William Bradford’s diary.

So, 2020 will go down in history as the death of the Constitution and freedom in America.

I will be wearing a tshirt that reads “Don’t blame me, I voted for Trump”.

Let’s look at what has happened just in the first 100 days. Shut down the XL pipeline ( reducing oil into America)

More borrowing in the trillions with no end in sight.

Mr sippy cup nappy nap (Joe Biden) has had 12 vacations in 100 days. And people lambasted Donald Trump for taking a day to play golf. At least Trumps vacations were working vacations, not busy taking nappy naps and drinking cocoa from a presidential sippy cup.

So, if you voted for Biden, do you have buyers remorse yet?

Ye ol’ geezer

Back in my day, we were taught how to read, write and do math. The popular saying was ‘…read’n, Writ’n and rithmetic…’ School was a place for learning the basics of history, civics, arithmetic and how to read. Heck, we were taught how to write in cursive with a fountain pen. We learned to tell time on an analog clock. We learned the basics like how to balance a checkbook, read a phonebook, read and use a map and compass. In high school, we learned basic computer programming. We had to do math the long way on paper to learn the basics, then we had to learn to use a slide rule, then after we showed proficiency in the slide rule, then we could use a calculator. We had gun racks in our trucks in high school and would go hunting before or after school. Religion was up to our parents and ourselves. We called people that used drugs ‘pot heads’ or ‘waistoids’. We learned how to play with one another, no matter the other persons ethnicity. We all drank from a garden hose, played in an abandoned field and that if you fall, you only went home if blood was gushing or a bone was broken. We all learned to say the pledge of alleigence and what its meaning was and the sacrifice of those that made America free. There were only a handful of TV shows and everyone got up early to watch Loony Tunes cartoons for Saturday morning. We had respect for our parents, police, fire and our teachers. Our politicians may have argued over policy, but they all respected the Constitution of the United States of America. 

And look what we have today. Few people respect police or fire fighters. There are still arguments between our politicians, but one side not only disrespects the Constitution, but is actively dismantling it. Our kids are not taught civics, math for comprehension or the basics. In some instances, our kids are encouraged to take drugs and taught that religion is bad. They are taught that their gender is not right, to disrespect all forms of authority. We were taught the evils of communism, but now, the communists are in charge. This ain’t my America and we, the ol’ geezers want our America back. You youngsters have ruined what we gave you. We should have spanked you like our parent did us when we misbehaved. We tried to give you a better childhood than what we had, and all we did was spoil you so you thought life owed you something. Wake up and smell the crap you’re shoveling…

And get off my lawn!


She wasn’t my dog, or so I liked to think. My son wanted her from a litter of puppies from my dog. He named her Mongo after the character in the Mel Brooks movie ‘Blazzing Saddles’. Why, who knows. But she lived in the house with all of us like a pack. Eventually, as children grow up, they move out and have lives of their own, but my son couldn’t take Mongo with him, so it was planned that he would get her once he could have pets. Well, life did not go as planned and he got married and eventually moved out of state with his wife and her dog. I had lost my dog, Mongo’s mother, to a disease and Mongo kind of became a surrogate. She was always skittish, but she warmed up to me. If I was sitting or laying down, she had to be in my lap. She eventually learned to play with me a game of our own version of tag. Like all dogs, she loved human food, especially bacon, roast beef and steak. But anything I was eating, she wanted also. I loved and was amazed at how she would run to the end of our deck and launch herself high into the air and look around for rabbits to chase while still airborn. She, being a mixed breed of snauzer and sheltie mix, would run the perimiter of the yard protecting us from the evils of squirrels and rabbits and the occasional falling leaf. Annoying at times, but was a character in her own right. Taken by a very aggressive cancerous tumor that infected her jaw and spread to her lungs on June 2 2021. Even on her last day, she loved to run. RIP Mongo, a lost friend. I am sorry I could not protect you from cancer. Chase the rabbits in heaven.

I wonder if you see the irony

In WWII Germany, the way to identify the unwanted citizen, those that were trouble makers and generally concidered the main reason Germany had financial problems and was not a major powerful nation, was to force them to wear something to identify them from the pure, properly thinking German citizen.

The German Jews were blamed for the poor financial condition of the country. They, the Jews, had made there way in Germany and had become doctors, lawyers and business owners. The country was trying to recover from a total financial meltdown (look up the financial problems and crash of the Weimar Republic, Germany between 1918 to the mid 1930’s) The government leaders messed up the currency so bad, when inflation hit (hyper inflation) the paper currency was worth more as wallpaper than to purchase things. (Remind you of anything?)

The German Jews were forced to wear a patch indicating that they were “undesirable” or “second-class” citizens. The Doctors were told by the gov’t that they could only practice on fellow Jews. The Jewish lawyers were told that they couldn’t practice law anymore. The government confiscated Jewish businesses. A short period of time later, the Jewish citizens were forcibly rounded up and placed in camps across the country. But it all started with identifying them as ‘different’.

Covid-19 (Sars Cov-2), while being serious (it is becoming discovered that it was, in fact, created in a research lab in Wuhan China. The lab was funded, in part, by Dr. Foucchi to enhance and strengthen the virus. (Was someone or some ones trying to create a weaponized virus?) was not handled properly, or maybe it was being handled in a way to create worldwide fear in which case, those people should be rounded up and executed for crimes against humanity). The human immune system (which God designed) worked and the ultimate statistics are that if you contract it, the survivability rate is about 99%. Now, after president Donald Trump streamlined the process to develope the vaccine, there are severale experimental vaccines available. Now understand that because of the streamline process, the FDA has not authorized any of the vaccines. It is an experimental drug using new technologies with unknown long term effects. This is also a vaccine for the original form of Sars Cov-2 and not any of the variants so you are not protected from any of the various variants of Sars Cov-2. Also, no one can definatively say that you will not need a booster shot in a short period of time. So it is natural, if some people (including myself) want to wait for more research. But now, it is becoming almost like those that have not allowed someone to inject you with an experiment drug have to be singled out and identified, much like the German Jews in WWII. I almost expect a special patch that an unvaccinated person will have to wear. Instead, a vaccinated person may just carry a paper from the doctor stating that he has had the vaccine and is ‘given’, by the unelected officials by the health dept., his freedom to walk around without a mask (with limitations). When did an unelected group of people decide when you could be granted your inailienable right, given by God, guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America?

I am not an ‘anti-vaccer’. My children had the mandated vaccinations to be able to go to public school not because I ‘had’ to, butbecause they made sense to me. But here is a question: if you have been vaccinated, then why are you afraid of someone who isn’t? And if the first thing you think of, is that everyone must be vaccinated for the vaccine to work, then the vaccine must not be very effective then. Why else would governors of certain states be enticing its citizens with a million dollar lottery? If you truly believe in the science, then the vaccine should be able to stand up to scutiny all by its own merits. And instead of 5 ‘1 million dollar winners’, why not 50 ‘$100,000 dollar winners’? or 500 ‘$10,000 dollar winners’? If the vaccine is so effective, then why the big push to force it on people? What is next, the denial of services to those who can not produce ‘travel’ papers (a vaccine passport)?

The Bible warns that in the end times, people without the ‘mark of the Beast’ will be denied access to goods and services. Those without the mark will be sought after and encarcerated or killed. What if the government or health department were to be able to insert a small computer chip the size of a grain of rice with a simple number or other indicator that the person has had the vaccine? Then, the police department or store clerk could point a RFID chip reader at you and see if you have had the vaccine and therefore allowed into the store or DMV for services or police to avoid a ‘non compliance’ citation. Could this be the mark of the beast God was warning us about?

The older ai get, the more cynicle I get and ask what the underlyingmotive of things are. Do you have similar concerns? If you chose the vaccine, that is your decision. Apersonal choice that I do not want to rob you of. There are definetly legitemate reasons to get the vaccine. Just don’t castigate those that choose not to. I do not know what the future has in store, but my parents taught me to wonder ‘what if…!

We are liars

In the bible, one of the ten commandments reads “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor” (Exodus chapter 20 verse 16) which, written in a more modern way might read “do not lie”.

These commandments are so well known that even those that are not religious or believe in God knows this to be true. We claim to be a society that abhors liars. We teach our children not to lie and that lying is bad yet we lie to our children and ourselves every day. And for the most part, we tell ourselves that if I lie, it is only to protect myself or that it is just a little white lie that can’t hurt anybody. Heck, if you think about it, honestly, you probably lie many times a day. Sometimes we know that what we say is a lie and that others that hear it also know it is a lie but we still say it because it might be funny. Like “there are no calories in a stolen cookie” or “if I break the cookie, the calories fall out” and these might be considered innocuous lies because they hurt no one and everyone knows we are just being funny. Really? LIE

Since the discovery of ‘Covid-19 in late 2019, we have heard many lies, the one that unnerves me (there are so many now) is the lie that our kids can become super heros by simply washing there hands. Go onto YouTube and type in the search bar “wash your hands and become a super hero’ and it will populate with many videos or radio commercials that proport this very lie. Even Lego Batman says children can be a ‘Super hero’ by washing their hands. LIE

Now everyone knows that judging a person by their skin color or shape or any other physical characteristic is, for the most part, wrong. While Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a very flawed man, God chose him to point out that just because a person has darker skin, we should not make judgements of their character. God made mankind in his own image and we are all valued by God so much that another commandment reads “Thou shalt not murder”. We, as a civilized society claim that we value life by making it a crime to murder. Even those that don’t believe in God see the value in this law. So, why is it that we so willingly lie to ourselves and others about prejudice? There are radio commercials now that claim that prejudice is a virus. ( again, a simple YouTube search will give many examples) LIE

How about the violent riots over the last few years by the group “Black Lives Matter Inc”. This group does not even hide the fact that they are Marxists and aim to destroy the current America. Now, the term “black lives matter” is true, just as all lives matter. After all, we are all made in the image of God. (And by the way, I worship a Jewish carpenter that was far from having white skin). So when someone that does not know the core values of “Black Lives Matter Inc” sees a sign the simply reads Black Lives Matter, they would agree. Of course black lives matter because ALL LIVES MATTER. But we see many people absent mindedly supporting the BLM, Inc because they are made to feel inferior because they have anything other than black skin. BLM LIE

More than 2 genders? Really? I learned long before kindergarten that there were two genders. You either have external plumbing or internal plumbing. Boy and girl. (and like the song says viva la difference) Adam and Eve begat … boy and girl get together and make other boys and girls. Now personally, I couldn’t give a pile of steaming road apples if you wanted to call yourself a redwood or you self identified as a garden slug, there are only two genders and to teach our kids anything else is a major disservice to our children. Our kids are already confused once they hit puberty and to add confusion by telling them that they can be any of the myriad of other made up genders is just wrong. We now have 5 year old boys, who claim to be girls and with the support of their teachers, not necessarily their parents, have the right to go thru gender reassignment surgery. Talk about adding major confusion to an already confused child. And once this 5 year old boy goes thru surgery, once puberty hits, he will even be more confused. More than 2 genders LIE.

If a boy is school can’t sit still, he is obviously in need of drugs to keep him still and attentive. This is, (sorry mom) BULLSHIT! Children need activity, that is what is called recess. Let the kids burn off that natural energy. To pump our kids full of pharmaceutical drugs like Ritalin, is to tell them that drugs are ok. After all, your parents and teacher endorses this drug to quell the natural energy of these kids all to make the teacher feel better because she or he might not be able to handle the natural energy of these kids. These teachers have an unnatural sense of self importance. This is not to say that some people need Ritalin, but not to the degree that it is prescribed. ADHD to the degree that it is diagnosed, LIE

You have a right to healthcare. One of the biggest lies perpetrated on America. You have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Your rights there do not intrude on the rights of others. My right to life does not interfere with your right to life. However, healthcare is a service, performed by many specialists that have taken the time and spent the money to learn a specialty service. To demand that someone pay for your so called right infringes on other peoples rights. Someone has to pay for the service, namely the government, namely you and I having to pay for someone else’s service. Like I believe, life is not fair nor unfair. Life is. Someone might be born with a disease. Maybe they are born prematurely and have problems with their lungs or be born with a blood disease. This is tragic, but that does not mean that they have a right to someone else’s money. Would you say you have the right to a plumber?, Electrician?, Car mechanic? No you do not. You do not have the right to someone else’s labors. That is theft (the basis of socialism). And once the government takes control of this service, they can and have determined who deserves said healthcare. A fat man might not be able to qualify for healthcare until he looses some weight. Think this is absurd? They do it in Japan right now. Healthcare a right, LIE

These are but a small sample of the everyday lies that we live with. When did it become normal to believe lies? When did it become fashionable to tell our children that they must be honest, yet we force them and ourselves to live a life of lies? I said it before and I say it again now, WE ARE ALL LIARS. What lie do you willingly live with?


I woke up this Easter 2021 morning angry. Many reasons I have found for my anger, but the biggest was that I never thought in my lifetime that I would wake up in an un-free America. As a Christian conservative who understands and respects the Constitution of the United States of America, and understands that we are NOT a democracy, but a representative republic, how did we fall from grace so far? We still have a Constitution and the many federal, state and local laws in place. We still have a constitutional right to freely assemble and worship God as we seem fit, but we have decided, in the age of Covid-19, that we would NOT elect those that would defend our rights nor punish those that would strive to take those rights away. So, for the second year in a row, my constitutionally guaranteed right to go to church on the most important Christian day of the year, the day set aside to memorialize the fact the Jesus Christ arose from the dead, has been unconstitutionally stripped from me and I can not go to church in my state because some unelected lab rats in lab coats and stethoscopes deem it unsafe to worship God. But hey, you can still go to the marijuana dispensary (pot shop) and the liquor store for your beer or wine or hard stuff. Governments are sending in the police to stop church services and arrest those that refuse the unconstitutional demands of the government all under the auspices of Covid-19. Now, after over a year of this irrational reaction to a virus, business are shut down, people are out of work and under virtual house arrest and the government under the leadership of the Democrats are going to be magnanimous and ‘give’ you $1400. Only it is not a gift. It is not their money to ‘give’ but it is your grandkids money, because they will have to pay for our governments refusal to actually live in a budget and our generations inaction to this outright theft of our rights. It is like I woke up only to find that I now live in a dystopian nightmare were we have God given rights on paper, but in action we are no longer citizens in our own country but subjects to be herded like sheeple and the wolves run the prairie and the guard dogs have been locked up. When will the people of America wake up and see the damaging effects of socialism? Ask those that escaped socialist countries about what they think. Whether or not it is planned, and in my opinion it is, look at the end result. You increase the people’s reliance on government thereby growing it’s size and scope. Thereby forcing government to increase taxes on EVERYBODY to pay for government in hopes to get some of that money back in some kind of benefit. Like Margret Thacher once said “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” But it is not just that. Look at Venezuela for recent examples of the destructive nature of socialism. A once very wealthy and prosperous country said to be very similar to the U.S.A. and how fast they became a bankrupt country. And one of the first things Hugo Chavez did was to confiscate the guns and jail any educated people. All of the profits from the nation’s oil industry went into social engineering projects and government corruption causing the massive devaluation of the Venezuelan currency.Sound familiar? It has been taught by many throughout history that those that refuse to study history are doomed to repeat it. How true! With our governments willingness to print money and borrow from the Chinese bank, America is very close to financially failing and a major devaluation of the US dollar. And at a time when we need God more in our lives, we are, for the reasons of Covid-19, forcing people out of churches and away from God. 2 Chronicles 7:14 “If my people…”

The Merchant of Venice 2


Continuing my study of Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice”, the second character that stands out for me is a character not spoken of much. The dead father of Portia. We know very little of him, or do we? 

We can assume that Portia’s mother died some time before the story takes place because Shakespeare left her out of the story and had no effect in the story. So Portia’s father was most likely a ‘single dad’. 

We know that he also must have been a very rich man and probably royalty because when Portia learns of Antonio’s debt of 3000 ducats (half a million dollars) she said to pay 6000 ducats or even more if needed, like a million dollars was a small pitance. We also can deduce that Portia was privately tutored because she was smart and learned. Look how fast she learned to act like a lawyer enough to fool the (leader and decision maker)

We can also assume that he was not only loved by Portia, but well respected by her as well since she honored her fathers wishes when she could have simply ignored the instructions left in his will. But what else can we deduce from the story as told by Bill Shakespeare? 

The test alone was also to make sure Portia had a long and successful marriage. The cost of the privelage to partake was that if you chose and chose pooly, you could not ever persue marriage so a life of lonelyness was in your future so just to try to win Portias hand in marrige meant you had to risk everything. That meant only a brave man could be married to Portia. 

And now for the manner of the test. 3 chests which one is made of gold, one of silver and one of lead. The man who chooses the gold chest is only after wealth and the power that comes from having it. The man who chooses the silver chest is also interested in wealth but tries to ‘play it safe’ with his decisions. This will be someone who may compromise his morals or ‘go along to get along’. But the man who chooses the lead box avoids the traps of wealth and chooses wisely and wins the right to marry Portia. 

Portia’s father wanted for his daughter a brave man that would be willing to sacrifice everything for Portia. So even in death, a fathers love influences his childs life. Even though he is not refered to by name, we still learn plenty of Portia’s father and of Portia herself.