I wasn’t there. I did not see it

I have written before about my 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Ide. She gave our class an assignment to write a report about a country. We had to include information about the culture, its politics and form of government, its major imports and exports, the people, its historical significance and what ever else we could research. I was sick on the day the contries were being chosen, so I got the country that was left which was Russia, the USSR. This was back in 1973 so there was no internet, no Google and America was involved is a not so secret ‘cold war’ with Russia. Among the many things I remember was that Pravda was the major news organization that was controlled by the USSR and the Politburo. The people of Russia was only told what the government wanted them to know, known as propaganda.

Fast forward to my college years, and a semester of psychology. Now I only took this class because it was needed toward my degree and thankfully, the teacher was able to actually make the class fun. Did you know that psychologists are hired on at advertising agencies to maximize the impact of commercials to help guide you into wanting the product that they are selling? Think of the cute, happy polar bears that share a Coka-Cola, or, at the time, a very popular actor/comedian smiling and talking about Pudding Pops. Movie theaters make very little money showing a movie. They make their profit on you paying $8 dollars for a tub of popcorn that cost them less than 25 cents or selling you a large Coka-Cola for $6 dollars that cost them 10 cents worth of syrup. So, psychology is being used to control what you buy. Do you really think that Jesus Christ wont love you if you don’t spend all that money for G.I. Joe with the Kung-Fu grip for your son at Christmas? And do you really need to buy the Chevy convertable Corvette to be a man?

So, we are being brainwashed every day much like the citizens of Russia or China. With so many reports now how even our FBI, CIA and the N.I.H. headed up by Dr. Faucci were paying social media platforms like Twitter, Youtube and Facebook to censor the media consumers and only allow certain information to be shared but shut down, shadow ban and out right block ideas that were not to the liking of certain members of government. Doesn’t it sound just as evil as the propaganda of the USSR?

I refer the George Orwells book “1984” many times because it is relevent. In the book, which was a warning not an instruction manual, the controlling government had politispeak, the ‘ministry of truth’ which was code for ‘lies we want you to believe’. Just look at the slogan of Big Brother; war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength. Winston Smiths job was to rewrite old newsclippings to make Big Brother look good. He who controls the past, controls the future. If you can brainwash young minds while they are in school, then you have a useful idiot that you can control. Stop and think about that.

We all were shocked, saddened and appalled with the news of the school shooting in Uvalde Texas, or any school shooting but I will use this incident for this example. Now I was not there. I did not see it. I do not personally know anyone that was effected by the incident. Let me just say right now that I am not saying it did not happen, I am only stating the facts. I have to trust the news reports about the shooting. But let me ask you, if a news source is habitually caught lying and distorting the truth to further an agenda, how can it be trusted with anything? If a reported can only be trusted half the time, how can you differentiate between the lies, half truths and truthes? What is the difference between Provda and NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN or even Fox?

Have you heard the story of ‘the boy who cried wolf’? He lied once too often, and when he needed the townspeople to truly believe him, they didn’t and he did not live to regret his foley.

In the movie ‘The Matrix’ the character played by Keanu Reeves is offered a choice between a red pill and a blue pill. The red pill represents an awareness to reality no matter how unpleasant it is, or he could take the blue pill and remain blissful in his ignorance. To know the truth, we must be willing to admit the good and bad. We must demand accountability with our news sources if we are going to believe them. Ronald Reagan once coined the phtase “trust but verify”. That is what my dad did when he asked me if I did my chores, he trusted me, but verified that I had mowed the lawn or not. Pretty hard to fake that.

How long before we demand transperency, truth and accountability? Is it too late for America? For the sake of our children, I pray not.

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