Danger Will Robinson, Danger

That was the warning that the B9 Environmental Robot from Irwin Allen’s “Lost in Space” would yell out to Will Robinson to alert him of a dangerous condition. I have to admit that I watched alot of movies as a kid and yes, they somewhat helped form my opinions. Will Robinson, played by Bill Mumy, at least had the robot to help warn him of danger.

In Logan’s Run, Logan-5 played by Michael York, had to figure the truth by himself. If he hadn’t had 3 years taken from him by the security computer, he may never tried to figure the truth that the society he lived in was a lie and the people were being controlled. carrousel was a trick perpetrated on the people so they would voluntarily commit suicide without a fight.

In Soylent Green, Detective Thorn, played by Charlton Heston, found out that the government had run out of sources of food for an overcrowded society and was processing people as food for the population in the form of Soylent Green. That society had instituted suicide centers so a person could die in comfort before being processed like sheep for food.

In Westworld, and the subsequent movie Futureworld, Peter Martin, played by Richard Benjamin found out the hard way what happens when technology that is designed for mankinds pleasure can become the greatest danger to our society and in Futureworld, Chuck Browning, played by Peter Fonda, was nearly killed by a duplicate of himself created by Artificial Intelegence bent on destroying mankinds freedom before mankind destroys themselves.

In H. G. Wells ‘The Time Machine’ H. G. Wells, played by Rod Taylor, saw that humans had become two very dangerous creatures. The Warlocks who had become cave dwellers that kept the machines working and the Eloi who had become lazy and childlike taking all for granted and not working for anything. The Eloi had become sheep and the Warlocks had become canibals, feeding of the Eloi.

In ‘The Forbidden Planet’, Dr. Morbius, played by Walter Pidgeon, thought he could control the technology of the Krell and decided not to share the secrets with mankind because they were not ready for it, but the power and technology of the Krell gave form and power to the most dangerous thing known to man, the ID. The ID along with the EGO are part of the humans ‘Super Ego’, and if not controlled will destroy a man.

In ‘THX 1138’, THX, played by Robert Duvall, wanted to break free from a society that forced conformity and homogeneity, where government controls your every move. Government controls who you can marry, who can procreat, where you work and the level of education you can get with no room for freedom of expression or even thought that is not sanctioned by the government.

In George Orwell’s “1984”, Winston Smith, played by John Hurt, was eventually punished/tortued for thought crimes against ‘Big Brother’, who was a government that controlled the subjects through lies and propaganda. Gaslighting people and using dark psychology to manipulate thought.

Ferenheit 451 depicted a society devoid of education. The protaganist Guy Montag, played by Osker Werner, was a fireman, but the firemen of this society burned books as they were deemed dangerous. All books were banned and you were to only get your education from government controlled TV. That wasn’t water being pumped thru the firemans hose but gasoline to help burn books.

In the book “Banker Class”, by Richard Roberts, we find an enforcer named ‘Valentine’ and in that society, The 13 banks controlled every aspect of your life including your job, interest rates for business transactions and you allowed education which was controlled by an artificial intellegent computer called the ‘Guardian’ and there were no books, just your ‘device of worship’ which was a handheld computer monitered by the ‘Gardian’.

All of these movies, books and stories were warnings to mankind. Any government or enforcement agency that manipulates its people, punished free speech or thought, stifles the free expression or creativity of man is evil and should be stopped. Arrest, try, convict and encarcerate those that hurt freedom. We have God Given rights which cannot be taken away by man to life, liberty (freedom) and the pursuit of happiness (but not a guarantee of hapiness) and anyone, any entity or government that seeks to take those rights away need to be punished severely and those attempts quelled immediately and severely.

It has been said before that if you put a frog in hot water, it will immediately jump out, but if you put him in lukewarm water and slowly increase the temp., he will cook but never jump out. I have been alive for many years, long enough to have experienced true freedom and it pains me to see what America has sunk to. So in the words of a great robotprogrammed for our safety says, “Danger America. Danger”. Stop and think what you are no longer allowed to do and ask yourself, “is our government so big that it can not only give me things but take things away.”

4 thoughts on “Danger Will Robinson, Danger

  1. You have clearly depicted what has happened, not only here, but around this entire world. In many places around this globe, the circumstances are much worse than we’re seeing in America. The pot is now on a high boil, and it will take a miracle to get us out.
    A well spoken and clearly presented warning.

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  2. Wow you watched A lot of movies.. Some I’ve never even heard of but your point is well taken. We have sunk to the lowest America has ever been and I don’t understand why those who have been elected are leaving The situations the way they are. We have a president who doesn’t know how to govern, we haveWe have a Congress who doesn’t know How to act to defend our own country.They pass bills that hurt the American people, They allow Migrants to enter our country illegally and do nothing they give money to foreigners who didn’t even grow up here and they support them Their kids get to go to school for free and get a college education while they’re in prison because they turn out so bad that they become felon. I cannot believe that there are so many idiots in the Democratic Party that are not seeing the truth. And when you start trying to take my God away from me and tell me that I cannot have freedom of faith to worship my God then those are fighting words. I will fly the American Flag, I will have an Nativity scene If I want to and I will read faith based books to my children you will not take those freedoms away from me. I think you did a good job on this article . I just wish more people could see it.

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    1. points well taken, but i believe that the people of this beautiful country are to blame, allow me to explain. we have sat back and let this happen, the government is established by the people and for the people, and they are to work for the people. somehow, the roles have been reversed and we “the people” now work for them. unfortunately there is a much larger force that is responsible for these heinous acts. 2nd chronicles 7:14 (and amazing verse) is the only way to truly save U.S.A. i have to agree with “BETTY” on more people being able to see these. enjoyed the read.

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      1. Yes, it is our fault. The general public have become too dumbed down from poor public education focused more on a students pronouns than in actual education. What happened to ‘readin, writin, rithmetic’? In my day, in High School, we were taught civics, American history, literature, mathmatics, chemistry and biology. We were taught to ‘think’, not absorb bumper sticker slogans and rhetoric. People today expect safety guaranteed from the government, but forget that life itself has its own set of risks.


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