How do you fight a fire?

When I was in the 3rd grade, my school had a fireman visit my class. He told us all about basic fire safety and gave us a booklet. When he came back the next day, he gave everyone a quiz. I had read the booklet and learned about the hazard of an electrical octopus. An outlet strip with way too many electrical devices plugged in. I passed the quiz and was granted unofficial Fire Marshal status. My uncle was a fire fighter in San Jose for decades when he retired as a fire captain. Then in Jr High School, I joined the Sea Cadets, kind of like Boy Scouts sponsored by the US Navy. A fire on board a ship is a big deal, so I had to study about fire suppression and fire fighting on board a US Navy Vessel. Now I am not a fire fighter nor a real Fire Marshal, but I do remember what I read when in the Cadets. Do you know the answer? How do you fight a fire? Answer: you have to understand what started the fire before determining the tools you will use to attack. The three things that feed a fire are oxygen, heat and fuel. A simple wood or paper fire and you can use water, CO2, a simple ABC fire extinguisher. An electrical fire requires CO2, Halon ABC extinguisher (a white powder that basically suffocates the fire). Do not use water on a live electrical fire as water and electricity don’t mix well. You also don’t want to use water on a gas fire. (It takes alot of training to be able to do that because gas and water don’t mix and the gas floats on top of the water) Fight fire with fire, water, foam dirt or whatever works. So the basic answer to the question is anything and everything it takes to put out the fire quickly.

So how do you fight communism? Communism, liberalism, progressivism, socialism its all different variations of the same thing. Answer: with everything you got, fair and unfair, whatever it takes to quell the enemy of socialism. We have, in Congress right now, many republicans and conservatives that want to be ‘a kinder gentler’ type of politician. I call them wussies, cowards, milktoasts, mats. Ronald Reagan said it best when he said we need boldness not pastel conservatism. Create a bold contrast to what the left extremists are doing. We needed to see politicians fight back against the lies. The American people were subjected to daily lies perpitrated against a man before he even became president. No one, not even many in the republican party would investigate. So here we are, 6 years later, after a year of campaigning, 4 years of a presidency and nearly 2 years of a failed, feckless, mentally impared administration lead by Joe Biden and the American citizens are now beginning to feel the failure. Gas prices unnecisarily at an all time high, the national average today, May 18, 2022 is over $4.50 per gallon with many areas like California closer to $6.00. Diesel is at around $6.00 to $7.00 per gallon. Limited bread and a major shortage of baby formula. (How can we be experiencing a shortage of baby formula when breast milk is better for our babies?) Beef and poltry shortages and empty food shelves all can be attributed to Joe Biden telling Americans that we as a country can not pump our own oil even though we have over 200 years worth of oil under our feet not to mention the amount of clean burning natural gas that we have available domestically. Higher taxes is driving corporations away after Donald Trump brought many of those corporations back. And Vladimir Putin embolden to attack Ukraine after the monumental failure of the American withdrawl from Afganistan which left billions of high tech weapons to our enemy and many American citizens still trapped behind enemy lines to die at the hands of our enemies. High inflation, high interest rates which will lead to massive unemployment and a real estate crash paralleled only by the great depressionjust a century ago. AND WE DESERVE WHAT WE HAVE because most everyone believed the now proven lies perpatrated over these many years. So much shock and investigation into the January 6th riots, some imprisoned citizens are still awaiting trial all while no one wanted to investigate the hundreds of violent protests by BLM and ANTIFA. No one seems to care about the war on law enforcement and the defund the police groups. Now, at the time of this writing, Denver CO is the worst place to own a car with over 100 cars per day being stolen just in the Denver Metro area. All crimes are up, police are retiring and leaving when they can when we need MORE not less of them. In 2001 we celibrated the bravery of our police and firefighters and promised never to forget the evil that perpitrated America that day, now groups of anarchists chant pigs in a blanket fry them like bacon, throw frozen water bottles and bricks at them and sometime flat out ambush them and murder them. Is this the America you want?

The pattern is clear to those with a brain and are willing to use it. The country is broken and those in power see an opportunity to gain more power. If 2024 sees the election of a conservative president, It is like a skin diver trying to swim upstream while sharks are swimming downstream. That person will have to fix what the democrats in Washington have broken. It took Donald Trump a couple of years to start to fix what was broken and we were rewarded with record employment among all groups, low taxes, low inflation, a growing stock market and economy with restrictions on illegal aliens being a burden to the American taxpayer. It has only taken mr. sippy cup nappy nap Biden less than 2 years to break what Trump did AND break Barrack H Obama’s record of increasing the deficeit all while passing more Presidential fiats than any other president ever. And watching Biden is less exciting than watching grass grow in the desert because he can’t talk coherently, probably from advanced dimentia.

Our country is on fire. How do you put out the fire? With everything you got, fair and unfair.

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