How do democrats view woman?

Prominate democrates can not identify or define what a woman is, so how can they have any reasonable views to effect laws that effect them? I leaned before kindergarten the difference between girls and boys. That difference still holds true today. A woman has internal plumbing where boys have external plumbing. Scietifically, a female has XX chromosomes where males have the XY chromosomes. The chromosomes are encoded in the DNA at the moment of conception. (Because I know this, am I smarter than the democrats that can’t define a woman?). So these so called defenders of what they can’t define are up in arms over abortion rights, however they claim women have fewer rights than men. Really? The ultimate right to life is being denied to women by another woman. Science, true real science recognizes that abortion ends the life of a viable baby. In New York, the mother can opt to have an abortion AFTER THE BABY HAS BEEN BORN. The dictionary defines that as infanticide.


1: The act of killing an infant.

2: The practice of killing newborn infants.

3: One who kills an infant.

The average ratio of men to women is about 50/50 worldwide, so that equates to 50% of abortions kills a viable woman. How can you claim to be the arbiter of womens rights when you clearly support the murder of women before they have the right to a life? How can they claim to know what is right for a woman when they can’t define what one is?

So, lets look at what will actually happen if the supreme court reverses Roe v Wade. The subject of abortion will be sent back to the states as a state right issue as there IS NO CONSITUTIONAL RIGHT TO A TAXPAYER FUNDED ABORTION. These same democrats claim that women that want an abortion will have to travel to a state that allows said abortion, but these democrats are busing illegal aliens to other states and expecting those states taxpayers to pay for and support these law breaking immigrants. (Isn’t it already against the law to assist people in breaking the law? So isn’t the democrats assisting and thereby supporting the breaking of Federal laws against illegal alien imigration?)

Protecting womens rights? When they support a man who that day identifys as a woman to participate in womens sports and win against real women, how is that supporting womens rights? (What if I, as a biological man, claim to identify as a woman and therefore have a right to go into a female locker room just to be able to see nude or semi nude women. Should I have the right to do that?)

It is what the liberals always do. Claim to help the very people that they hurt and wrap it up in emotionally charged rhetoric.

Example, the war on poverty has only increased the number of dependants on government. The war on drugs has only increased the number of people in prison for drug crimes. I call it the war on imigration has only encouraged millions of illegal aliens ( that is the proper legal term as the first act of an illegal alien is to break our countries soveignty law and they are an alien who did not enter this country legally)

And dont forget the war on the Constitution in which liberals must chip away at in order to secretly make you more dependant on government by persuading you to give up your constitutional rights given to you by God, not by man.

Scientific fact: an abortion stops a beating heart. To knowingly and purposefully stop a beating heart is murder. By making it a psuedo right, taxpayers fund it. Besides, if the Supreme court reverses Row v Wade, it will NOT mean abortions are made illegal. What will happen is what should have happened so many years ago…it becomes a States issue and not a Federal one. It means that states like New York will still allow infanticide by killing a baby after birth, Colorado passed similar legislation allowing abortion well after the first, second and well into the third trimester and Texas can say that once there is a heartbeat, you can’t kill the baby.

Dont become blinded by emotion but use reason to see the truth. That is the difference between a sheep and a person.

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