Death of knowledge

“They are allowed because they are a private corporation” they say about large social platforms like  Twitter, Facebook, Google and others. These platforms have become so entwined into our society, that  you could not function without them. Gone are the days of long research in libraries or reading  microfiche reels in library basements. We no longer buy or use encyclopedias or dictionaries. We all  have volunteered to carry locator beacons on us everywhere we go. Try going a day without your  cellphone. That handheld computer with a phone application has become so ingrained in our society  that we ‘worship’ it. Technology was supposed to be mankind’s servant, but our society has become so  dependent on technology that we have become slaves to it. We use our android or apple phones to give  us directions, research information, take pictures, read books, obtain our news, watch movies and make  phone calls. We rely on them so much that the owner of Google has become one of the richest people in  the world. Those that control the flow of information control society. Now, you can become banned on  Google for posting verifiable truth because that information does not conform to the narrative of  Google. And because Google and all other platforms are privately owned, they have the right to  maintain and censor its content. What is worse, is we know it, we see it yet we do not force these  owners to stop it. Our government not only allows this, but they encourage it. 

It is an old idiom, “those that do not study history are doomed to repeat it”. Yet we do nothing to study  our own history. Our current society has not been taught nor do they care to know our own countries  short history of a little more than 200 years. That makes it easier to erase opposing thoughts thereby  washing history. So let us take a short look at the lost knowledge of mankind and see the scope of just  how ignorant we humans are. 

If you were to perform a simple Google search you would find that to manufacture and smelt aluminum  from bauxite, it is a very complicated process requiring great controlled temperatures and the control of  electricity. But the Chinese were making aluminum decorations over 2000 years ago. Titanium require heat of over 1800 degrees Celsius to smelt it, yet titanium jewelry has been found in  tombs over 2000 years old in the middle east. In the Baghdad museum, there is evidence of a dry  battery that is 1600 years old. During the Roman empire, there is evidence of bendable glass. Known as  vitrium flexile, some glass craftsmen knew how to manufacture glass that would not break if it was  dropped or hit. 

There is evidence that pre Colombians were experimenting with airplanes. There is gold jewelry that  shows almost perfect dimensions of a powered airplane. About the same time in Egypt, a model was  found with proper aerodynamics for flight. Lumir Janku wrote a whitepaper on these in 1996 on how  

these ancient models had proper dimensions for flight. One piece of jewelry actually showed an engine  with a pivot so thrust could be reversed with the same “engine” that was used to get the aircraft into  flight. 

This information was not taught to me. The closest I came to understanding the pre-Columbian airplane  was in a television program call “Chariots of the Gods” and they seemed to get it wrong with the  postulation that they were space ships from ‘outer space’. 

I had to search for this information. So I asked myself what happened to this information and why is  mankind seeming to be behind the eightball, so to speak. 

Is it possible that there have been times of great knowledge purge? 

In Alexandria during the Roman Empire, the great bathhouse in Alexandria were heated by burning  scrolls from the great museum which were thought to be useless or redundant information. Even the  possability of opposition ideas were thought to have been burned as well. 

Tiberius Caeser was afraid that bendible glass might deminish the value of gold and other precious  metals and jewels as this bendible glass might become more valuable, so he had the knowledge of  bendable glass destroyed and the craftsmen killed. In Germany prior to and during WWII, mass book  burnings of books from libraries, private collections and stores were burned that had opposing 

viewpoints and ideologies. All books authored by Jews were burned, Eventually all books that did not  support Hitler and Nazi-ism were burned. The Khmer Rouge led by Pol Pot had a great knowledge  purge by murdering anyone thought to be educated. Anyone with any education, glasses, knew how to  read and write were murdered. Approx 2 million people died during this great knowledge purge. Socialism, communism, liberalism, nationalism almost always started with the control of education.  Any opposition were victims of executions, forced famine, forced manual labor or deportation.  Democide (look it up) politicide and classicide are the tools used by tyrants and communist throught  world history. Look up the 1849 article by Friedrich Engles about the Hungarian struggle to see a small  example of that thought process. It requires the abandonment of civil rights protections and individual  freedom. 

Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates may or may not have set out to assist political tyrants and American socialist but by their actions and money, they are ushering in yet another knowledge purge.

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