We have witnessed the destruction of America from enemies of the Constitution from within. With so much evidence of election tampering yet no way to air the evidence, a presidential election has possibly been stolen.

There was so much hatred for a non political president that an effective Donald Trump was lied about and resisted since the day he announced his candidacy. With every media outlet also spreading the false news and investigation of the man every day for over 4 years, the misinformed people of America were confused. Although Donald Trump had major increases in support from minority groups, enemies of freedom and America were able to distort an election.

Joe Biden will destroy all the progress of the last 4 years and America will soon look like democratic strongholds like Illinois, New York, California and Michigan. Taxes will be increased, businesses will close and unemployment will increase. American government can not continue to operate by borrowing money from the Chinese government. Currently, the United States of America owes 27.763 trillion dollars. That means, with the current population, every single person owes approx. $839,410. The total wealth of America is one third that number. To put it in context, every single person is in debt and bancrupt. If the money that America has borrowed came due today, we would not be able to pay the loan.

When Joe Biden claimes that he will not increase taxes,yet claims that he will repeal the Trump tax cuts is counter intuetive. To repeal a tax cut is in itself a tax increase. When America was forcebly shut down due to covid-19 scare, and many businesses and individuals are in financial ruin, any tax increase will be devistating to our country.

Now that democrats hold both houses of Congress and the White House, I do not see a path to success for a free America. If, in four years I am wrong, I will say so and truly want to know how I was wrong, but let me ask this, when in history has socialism worked? Germany after the fall of the Weimar Republic? The United Soviet Socialist Republic after the October revolution of 1917? The Khmer Rouge after its rise to power in 1963? Or maybe something more current, like Venezuela, a once thriving country devistated by Hugo Chavez. Now Venezuela is nothing like it once was.

It all comes from equality. Conservatives want equality of opportunity and liberals want equality of outcome. This was tried in America once, believe it or not. Well, long before America was a nation anyway. The pilgrims tried socialism and nearly two thirds of the original pilgrims died. Read about it in William Bradford’s diary.

So, 2020 will go down in history as the death of the Constitution and freedom in America.

I will be wearing a tshirt that reads “Don’t blame me, I voted for Trump”.

Let’s look at what has happened just in the first 100 days. Shut down the XL pipeline ( reducing oil into America)

More borrowing in the trillions with no end in sight.

Mr sippy cup nappy nap (Joe Biden) has had 12 vacations in 100 days. And people lambasted Donald Trump for taking a day to play golf. At least Trumps vacations were working vacations, not busy taking nappy naps and drinking cocoa from a presidential sippy cup.

So, if you voted for Biden, do you have buyers remorse yet?

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