Back in my day, we were taught how to read, write and do math. The popular saying was ‘…read’n, Writ’n and rithmetic…’ School was a place for learning the basics of history, civics, arithmetic and how to read. Heck, we were taught how to write in cursive with a fountain pen. We learned to tell time on an analog clock. We learned the basics like how to balance a checkbook, read a phonebook, read and use a map and compass. In high school, we learned basic computer programming. We had to do math the long way on paper to learn the basics, then we had to learn to use a slide rule, then after we showed proficiency in the slide rule, then we could use a calculator. We had gun racks in our trucks in high school and would go hunting before or after school. Religion was up to our parents and ourselves. We called people that used drugs ‘pot heads’ or ‘waistoids’. We learned how to play with one another, no matter the other persons ethnicity. We all drank from a garden hose, played in an abandoned field and that if you fall, you only went home if blood was gushing or a bone was broken. We all learned to say the pledge of alleigence and what its meaning was and the sacrifice of those that made America free. There were only a handful of TV shows and everyone got up early to watch Loony Tunes cartoons for Saturday morning. We had respect for our parents, police, fire and our teachers. Our politicians may have argued over policy, but they all respected the Constitution of the United States of America. 

And look what we have today. Few people respect police or fire fighters. There are still arguments between our politicians, but one side not only disrespects the Constitution, but is actively dismantling it. Our kids are not taught civics, math for comprehension or the basics. In some instances, our kids are encouraged to take drugs and taught that religion is bad. They are taught that their gender is not right, to disrespect all forms of authority. We were taught the evils of communism, but now, the communists are in charge. This ain’t my America and we, the ol’ geezers want our America back. You youngsters have ruined what we gave you. We should have spanked you like our parent did us when we misbehaved. We tried to give you a better childhood than what we had, and all we did was spoil you so you thought life owed you something. Wake up and smell the crap you’re shoveling…

And get off my lawn!

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