The power of the finger

Yes, you instinctively know the power of what one finger can weild. It can cause emotions to run amok. It can stop an argument, or start one. You see the power of but one finger everywhere around the world. The single digit can express your satisfaction with someone or show unity. A librarian pushes a single digit against his or her lips to indicate you are too loud. The single digit can depress the shutter of a camera that captures a moment of time. A single digit can squeeze the trigger of a gun to save or take a life. But the most powerful expression of what a single digit can weild is to turn off the television or radio. To log off of websites that are engaged in censorship or forcing a differing opinion. Do you allow technology to control you or do you control technology? 

When asked, no one agrees with censorship. It is opposite of freedom. Images of book burnings in WWII Germany are brought to mind when the subject of mass censorship is discussed. If you are free, you have choices but censorship eliminates free expression and choice. So, some might say we don’t have book burnings in modern day America to which I say you are not paying attention. Where do you get your information? Internet, a Google search, a Twitter account, the television via NBC CBS ABC or CNN? 

It has been exposed that all of these sources of information has been comprimised as of late where they have been involved with mass censorship of differing opinions of how Covid-19 should have been handled, any conservative opinions and in the 2020 national elections. 

True investigative journalism is dead only to be replaced with extreme biased and sponsored propaganda. It reminds me of a dysetopian nightmare where the news sources have been replaced with the ministry of truth from George Orwells ‘1984’. 

To take away their power, we must take away their influence in our lives

They loose their power in society when they loose the ability to influence the public, and you. We must publicly laugh and scaugh at them. Shame them, turn your back on them and anyone with those ideals. The ‘power’ button has power in your life, use it. Change the chanel or turn it off. Boycotts work but only if you are dedicated to the the reason why and everyone joins in. 

You heard in history ‘power to the people’, the power resides in your finger as it points the way you will go. Where does your finger point?


One thought on “The power of the finger

  1. But how many sheeple, I mean people, will actually point and push the off button? How many are too darned lazy, and get sucked into lethargy like the frog in a pan of water?
    Your observations are right on, gentle author, I just wish more people would listen, point, and click the button to the off position; our lives just might depend on it one day.


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