Your words ring hollow

I hear almost everywhere I go how we need civility. There is a need, explained via tv and radio commercials, how we need to come together and stop the divisiveness. Well, just a reality check for you all, after 4 plus years of hatered and vitrial against the peoples choice for president, after 24/7 of lies, false impeacements, fake fisa warrents, phony phone calls and 3rd party hearsay witnesses and months of socialists protesting, rioting and destruction of private property, murder, attack on law enforcement and the sanitation of history, you now want unity and civility?

Look at the history of conflict between Isreal and Palistine. Palistine would agree to a cease fire just long enough to regroup and fortify possitions, then start the war again breaking their own cease fire, killing and fighting to push Isreal back into the sea until they start loosing again, call for or agree to a cease fire just to regroup and fortify their possitions again and start the dance of conflict all over again.

Hillary Clinton once stated thet “civility can start again only when democrats take the house and the senate” which is almost what Adolf Hitler once said “We shall talk of peace only once we have won the war”. And now, once the democrats have won/cheated to win the presidency and arguably the senate, they now argue for civility? Your words ring hollow because there is no sincerity in those words.  

Where is YOUR civility when you act like rabbid animals trying to unconstitutionally impeach former president Trump, who is now a private citizen and when the Supreme Court refuses to officiate the senate trial. Yet you still demand this Washington D.C. circus which is clearly an unconstitutional act suitable for only the worst dysetopian movie. Where is YOUR civility when you label 75+ million Trump voters domestic terrorists? Where is YOUR civility when you continue to allow big tech to censor conservatives? Where is YOUR civility when you prevent any questions into the 2020 election for possible irregularities and fraud? When you continue to hate the opposition and use your illgotten power to silence those you hate, your pleas for civility ring hollow. I say ‘go pound sand’ you heathen.

And this brings up a sore subject to real freedom loving citizens. How much fraud is acceptible in a presidential election? Saying that election fraud is normal but did not effect the outcome is exactly like saying this chocolate ice cream has human excriment in it but not enough to effect the taste. How many scoops do you want? 

One thought on “Your pleas ring hollow

  1. Spot on my friend. I can’t believe how far the Democrats have fallen from being correct in their thinking. I can’t believe the stupidity of the American people who allowed them to get in power, which it seems has gone past their heads and to their rear ends. In attempting to remove our freedoms guaranteed by our constitution, is only going to create more anger, animosity, and I hate. Is that what they’re trying to do? I think so. As God walked away from the Jewish people on several different occasions, a very well may walk away from America.


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