Let this moment radicalize you
AOC is famous for not only being a moron, but for uttering the phrase ‘Let this moment radicalize you’. Well, my grand father used to say even a blind squirrel can find a nut every once in a while. So, even a Marxist moron like AOC can utter some profound saying. The left have been planning to steal the 2020 presidency for 4 years. The media whom I call prestitutes because the sold their integrity to the devil, have been lying and attacking president Trump everyday for 4 years. They have suppressed the truth and manufactured lies everyday just because Donald Trump is not a politician, but a man that not only loves this country, but loves the everyman and woman. Before Covid-19, this country had been enjoying the best economy in over 100 years with unemployment rates the lowest in all categories. Then, China released the Covid-19, or Kung Flu aka Wuhan Flu and that set up a perfect scenario for the Marxist in government to attempt a coup. By exacerbating the truth and mandating business to close for over 9 months, we can see what they wanted to do, they being the liberals and anti Trumpers. To destroy the economy that Donald Trump helped to create thereby setting up a way to blame Trump for the bad economy. They have been able to maintain a false set of emergency powers (was set up for no more than a month, but once enacted, can be maintained indefinitely), and force you to focus on the number of new cases of Covid-19 and not the death rate associated with the disease. And now, November 2020 we see the outright theft of an election from not only Donald Trump, but the American people themselves. The incidences of fraud are innumerable yet not being reported. Not even the former conservative watchdog Fox News is responsible anymore as they jumped ahead and claimed certain states for Biden much too early. Then, when the momentum was decidedly with Donald Trump, the counting stopped and the official ballot counting observers were thrown out, pictures and videos of people with suitcases, ice boxes and cardboard boxes started to populate social media and amazingly enough, where Trump was decidedly ahead, the counting went for Biden. In some instances, 15 thousand ballots, all for Biden (a statistical impossibility) suddenly showed up. In many instances, there are more ballots mailed in that there were registered voters in many key counties. Imagine a county with only a registered population of 10,000 having 15,000 or more ballots cast all for Biden. Again, a statistical impossibility. Look at both Biden and Trump, Biden who has been in political office for 47 years has done nothing but steal money and bribe the Chinese and Ukrainian governments out of millions for himself and his family (a proven fact that even Joe Biden admitted on tape) whereas Trump has given up his salary and personal wealth to make a better life possible for the every American man and woman. A Trump rally would garner 10’s of thousands of people where Biden might have 40. Not 40 thousand but just 40. There was no excitement for Biden. Joe Biden hide in his basement refusing to answer key questions had no plan, only “vote for me because I am not Trump”. He refused to answer basic simple questions on the campaign trail because he knew if the American public knew, they would reject him and vote for Trump. It reminds me for in the New Testament of the Holy Bible where the Jewish people rejected Jesus Christ and instead opted for a murderer Barabbas. I am not comparing Trump to Christ, only comparing the stupidity and blindness of the Jewish people to those of the American voting public of today.
The left leaning people in government, and that includes the R.I.N.O.s and never Trumpers in the republican party are responsible for this loss. And I have a way to punish them all. Stop supporting them. If the republican party expects any money to support republican candidates, they need money, don’t give it to them and don’t vote for them. Mitt Romney and others of his ilk should be shunned and publicly persecuted for their betrayal of the American people. John McCain, if he wasn’t already dead, should likewise be ridiculed and publicly persecuted for betraying the American people. Stop buying over priced coffee from companies owned and operated by left leaning companies. I can enjoy coffee without a Starbucks. You get the picture. When the republican party begs for money to fight for you, send them no money but remind them of the numerous times that they refused to support our president. Force the R.I.N.O’s out of the republican party. Force the ‘never Trumpers’ to publicly apologize for being the political elites that they are and stop giving then money. The republican party snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. It is time for the silent majority to not be so silent. Look at the violence of the last year. The Bible had prophecies about the end times. Well, look at the news and smell the brimstone people. Your freedoms have been under attack for 4 years. Since the lockdowns enacted because of Covid-19, you can’t practice your religion freely. Try going to church and sing praises to God, you’ll be arrested in some areas. Try expressing your thoughts on social media and the ‘tech giants’ will suspend your activity. You can go purchase alcohol from a liquor store, buy pot from a marijuana dispensary and buy your tobacco products, but don’t you dare go to church or have bible study. Try calling a homosexual an unwanted slang word and watch the government punish you with sanctions. Hundreds of people can riot in the streets, throw fire bombs and hit people with weapons…Destroy any symbol of law and order and they get a pass but don’t you dare assemble to support a republican or Constitutional loving politician or you too will be punished. The American people have become blinded to evil, as were the Jewish people of the Bible. While exiting Egypt, they constructed idols to worship and almost rejecting God. The very same God that sent messengers to fulfill His bidding was rejected just days after escaping slavery. The same people that rejected an innocent man (son of God) yet demanded a murderer Barabbas to be released from jail. It is much like the actions of Lot whos family was in the area of Sodom and Gomorrah. Lot could not find just 10 followers of God in that area and God destroyed it with fire and brimstone. Noah spent many decades building the ark all the while trying to warn the people of the upcoming flood. No on listened and instead ridiculed Noah for that monstrosity. And it then rained for 40 days and nights flooding the earth and destroying all those that rejected God. Well, the American people have rejected the good that has happened in the last 4 years. A flawed man yes, but sent to clear the corruption in Washington D.C. and create a way for the every man and woman to prosper in the ‘land blessed by God’. Well people, get ready to reap the flood of evil that is on its way. The good will be considered bad and the bad will be considered good. Law and order will be under attack as well as individual freedoms to be replaced with the same Marxist stranglehold that destroyed Venezuela.  If you put your ear to the ground, you can hear the horses galloping toward us bringing the four horseman of the apocalypse. Conquest, war, famine and death. War on ideas like freedom and prosperity in our streets, famine because there is no food (lock down the truckers and there is no food in your grocery stores…just look at what happened to toilet paper at the onset of Covid shut downs), death because people fear going to the hospital or asking police for help and dying in the streets by rioters and anarchists, and finally conquest as our way of life is destroyed by self serving politicians power drunk with powers provided by emergencies caused by the mishandling of Covid-19. If you want examples of this, just look at long term democratic run states and municipalities. The population is fleeing them and moving to more successful states only to bring their poisonous politics with them so they can destroy those states as well. Places like Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, California, Washington state and Oregon are all places where middle class people are fleeing.
WAKE UP AND SMELL THE BRIMESTONE PEOPLE. Get right with God because you may be seeing him sooner than you think.

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