Have you ever had that de ja vu feeling? I am a field service representative and came across an accident. I am suprised I don’t see more accidents because of the amount of time that I spend driving. I saw that some had stopped to help those in a large sedan, but no one was helping a single driver in a small coupe. I got out to try to help the person in the small car. Her door was jammed and I could not open it. The driver was pinned and was in shock. I could not even get her seatbelt undone so she could breath a little better. I was talking to her, I put my hand on her shoulder and was trying to calm her down. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a man in a black suit. I thought he was a spectator, but he had something in his hand. I was trying to see what it was when the lady gasp. I looked at her to see what was happening and then noticed the emergency crew pulling up. In my concentration, I had become deaf to the sirens. As I waved emergency over, I tried to see that man again, but he was gone. As I was driving away, the image of that man kept bugging me. I know I had seen him before. I could not shake that feeling that I had seen him before. But as I drove up to my customer, I lost my train of thought. It was a couple of years later when I got that feeling again. I was driving on the freeway while it was snowing. The road started getting slick and I was getting that feeling in my gut that it was starting to get dangerous. I was coming up to a hill and got a funny feeling to let off the gas and let gravity slow me down before cresting the hill. As I crested the hill, I saw it. A 3 car pile up at the bottom of the hill and the road was to slick to brake too much. I started to slowly pump the brake and calculate where I was going to go to avoid involving myself in the crash. The people were out of their cars and I saw a safe path. I was slow enough to avoid any cars and swerve around them as I saw in my rear view mirror, a car driving too fast. As he hit his brakes, he went into an uncontrolled slide. I needed to get out of there and as I looked at the people trying to run to safety, I saw him. That older man in a black suit, looking down at a box in his hand. As I drove away trying to get away from the impending crash, I could not see him. The man in a black suit was gone and I saw the car bounce off of all three cars. I got of at the next offramp and drove past the carnage on my way back home and had that feeling that I could not shake. He was there. I saw his face, it was him. Not a look a like, it was him. I had a shiver and it wasn’t the cold. Who is that guy. But funny thing, the harder I thought about him, the more I kept loosing my train of thought. Soon, I was on the phone explaining to my boss why I turned around and the accident that I had witnessed.

It was around 5 years later that I was driving in the rain and the conditions and song I was listening to reminded me of when I was around 17 or 18. I had only been driving for a couple of years then and was driving my dads big 3/4 ton Chevy truck. As I came up to a signal, the car in front of me slammed on his brakes. I panicked and did the same. But I went into an uncontrolled skid and I just knew I was going to hit the car in front of me. I don’t remember what happened because it happened so fast, but it seems as if the truck slid sideways into the bike lane and missed the car within just inches. I was in shock… that feeling of coldness you get in the groin when something like that happens. I looked over to the sidewalk and saw a pedestrian. I was so thankful that I had not slid up on the sidewalk and hit that pedestrian when, in a moment of complete clatirity, I saw the man in a black suit holding an umbrella in one hand and a box in the other. I looked over to the guy in the other car and he had a look of shock that I had not slid into him. I looked back to where the man was, and he was gone. He was not anywhere around. I looked but he was not there. 

Do you know when a thought leads you to another? That thought lead me to another memory. I had just arrived at LAX airport from a training trip. I needed to use the restroom and noticed an overweight man in a grey trenchcoat sit on a bench in front of the bathroom. He looked like he had just ran or something because his face was white and he was sweating. A few minutes later as I exited the bathroom, the man in the trenchcoat was slumped forward and a man was walking away. I thought maybe the man walking away may have hit or stolen something to I yelled out to the man. He turned to look at me and it was him. The man in a black suit holding that box in his hand. He made a turn around a corner and I followed him, but when I turned that corner, he was gone. It was a dead end with construction cones and tape partitioning off the area. There were no doors or pathways. The man had simply vanished. I went back to the man on the bench, but by then, airport security was trying to perform CPR on the man. I had a chill run up my spine and then noticed the time and had to hurry to make the airport shuttle to go home. But I could not shake that man who had dissappeared. Who was he? Was it all just a figment of my imagination? Was there something wrong with me? But like the other times, I became distracted and lost focus and soon forgot. 

That is until this afternoon. As I finished my last morning call, I decided to take lunch at a drive thru. I went thru a Taco Bell and ordered my favorite lunch, two crunchy tacos, a combonation burrito and a Baja Blast Mountain Dew. I parked under the shade of a tree and had finished one of the tacos when I got an incredible headache behind my right eye. I closed my eyes and leaned back for a moment. When I opened my eyes, I saw him again, this time, my memories of him came flooding my mind. This time, I got out of my truck and approched him. He wasn’t affraid but looked at me while doing something to that box in his hand. I suddenly felt a calm come over me. He wasn’t scarry or weird looking, but more like a grandfather type figure in a black 3 piece suit. I asked him who he was. He looked right at me and said he was the keeper. I persisted and asked for more information. He said he is the clock keeper. That he was there to see the collection is escorted to the hearing. Now, he was speaking kind of spooky like when he pointed behind me. I saw it. Me slumped over the steering wheel of my car. When I turned back to the man, I was in a court holding room. A door opened up, a man in his mid thirties and a white suit was there and said, “Are you ready?”

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