Martial law is practically enacted without any politician actually signing a declaration. No foreign army is marching our streets, but a foreign entity has invaded. A small virus, too small to be seen by anything but a special microscope, originating in China and making its way all over the world. Nick-named the ‘kung-flu’, covid-19 or more properly called corona virus 2019 causes flu like symptoms or a severe cold. To those that are healthy, covid  19 is nothing more than a bad cold or mild flu. To those with underlying health condition, compromised immune system, it could be very serious. Chinese officials have been lying to the world and suppressing the real statistics so the rest of the world was unprepared.

Now, the ‘Kung Flu’ has a mortality rate much less than the current strain of the flu, yet look what panic has created in America. In my state, much like many other states, we are in a ‘shelter in place’ order. So, now the government is telling the public who can work, who can’t, where and when you can go. Welcome to a socialism dry run. To further illustrate this, look at the fake shortage of toilet paper. There was always enough toilet paper before, but now, some people have decided to horde certain things including toilet paper causing a psuedo shortage. Now, I had to go to the grocery store as it opened to get tp and I paid $25 for what was only $18 before. Health clubs, bars, restaurants, hair and nail salons and many other small businesses forced to shut down at the whim of the governors to stop a virus that is much less deadly than the common flu. Now, the federal government, us, must pass an emergency ‘stimulus’ package to get money in the hands of those who have been forced out of work. Now, we all become reliant to the government for money, permission to work, and toilet paper. Sounds like Russia during the ‘cold war’ with police check points and law enforcement asking for your travel papers. Oh, did I mention that we now all need to have papers indicating whether we are in an essential job or not. It reminds me of the joke about Russian check points “papers please”.

This is an election year, and how better to take down a president that has withstood four years of constant attempts to eliminate him with lies and false evidence. Now, this instance causes an emergency where people demand government interference and don’t mind being told to stay at home. Reminds me of what Benjamin Franklin said about essential freedoms…

        ”Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

When the economy is in a good condition and unemployment is at this countries lowest in decades, when people that want to work are, when our current president has fulfilled most of his election promises this came at a convienient time.

Rahm Emanual once said “Never let a good crisis go to waste”. Could this national emergency be just the crisis enemies of the president need to try and again make him look like the failure that they themselves are? The president was semi effective at ‘draining the swamp’ In Washington, we have the equivalent of cockroaches scurrying and trying to find shelter while trying to get rid of the enemy. Why else would Nancy Pelosi, after a bipartisan deal was made, fly out in a personal jet to hold up the emergency bill to add tons of ‘pork’. Unnecessary additions to the bill that we, the people, have to pay for like millions of dollars to support New York art galleries.

Again, what we are seeing is a possible future of socialism if those in power decide that, after a short period of time, they don’t want to relinquish that power. Benjamin Franklin knew that once essential freedoms are relinquished, it is very difficult to regain. It will be up to us, we the people, to make our politicians know that this ‘covid 19’ situation is only temporary and that we will not stand for an extended or protracted government control and that we prefer, nay demand our freedoms be returned in full after a very short period. And for Gods sake, get rid of Nancy Pelosi and her ilk. They need to be retired

2 thoughts on “America HAS become too stupid

  1. Sounds like a dystopian nightmare movie. Neither I, nor my parents or grandparents ever saw or had to experience this type of takeover before, and they survived WW1, the Great Depression, and the Pandemic of 1918, and WW11!


  2. I would prefer to see Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer eliminated not just retired I don’t want to pay them retirement.


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