When you are sick, never trust a fart

Kind of self explanatory there. When you are sick, what you think is one thing, could be completely erroneous and potentially messy and embarrassing. Anyone with a bad cough from the flu instinctively knows this. If not, you only need to experience this once to never want this to happen again.

Well, I watched the 2020 State of the Union given on the 4th of February of the year of our Lord 2020. And I watched Nancy Palosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, dressed in white sitting in a powerful seat. So powerful, that she is third in line for the President in case of emergency. That position requires a certain level of decency and decorum. It demand a certain level of respect. But just like a feeling that you need to pass gas when ill, Nancy was dressed as one thing, the fart, but actually is ‘the accident’ of a mess.

Can you think of an action more childish than tearing up the speech of the President. It reminds me of a child that plugs their ears and loudly hums ‘lalalalal’ so they cant hear what is being said? Or stomping your feet, falling to the floor and flailing about while screaming when they do not get their own way? That is what Nancy did when, after the President was finished with his speech, she took each page of his speech and tore it in a public way.

Do you remember when John Boehner, the Speaker of the House during Obamas SOTU speech in 2011 in a moment of disgust tore up President Obamas speech? Of course not, because no matter what you think of the President, you do not disgrace the office of Speaker of the House or any position to which you represent the people of the United States of America. At that point, you are not a citizen, but you have been chosen to represent your district. By acting in a childish way, you disrespect ALL those citizens that you represent. I hope San Fransisco, CA was paying attention to the mess that came out in the Halls of Congress when San Fransisco thought they needed to fart, Nancy Palosi came out. Clean up your mess, learn from your mistake and change your shorts.

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