I used to watch the TV show “Dirty Jobs” with Mike Rowe. His voice has been the narriator of many other TV shows, but he had a concept for a new show about the everyday worker. He had only envisioned a few episode and was suprised at how rapidly the show grew in popularity and the varied everyday jobs that were around. From working on a pig farm in Nevada to crawling in sewers, Mike saw America at its best. He did not see college educated people, but the people that make America work. From plumbers to butchers, even a cattle rancher that found a new way to sell pasture plop by filtering it, removing the moisture and forming it into pots for plants. Mike even went before Congress (https://youtu.be/p8Lk1KwWEMo) to promote trade schools over colleges. I remember when President Obama claimed he has skimmed money for ‘shovel ready jobs’ that were anything but ‘shovel ready’. Mike feals so strongly about this that he went and created an organization dedicated in promoting the skilled trades (https://www.mikeroweworks.org/)

So, lets look at what is happening in America today. More and more people being driven to go to college for a degree, racking up debt that the government took over, and these students can’t get jobs to pay back those loans. Look at the degrees that they are getting:

    Computer sciences

    General sciences (no specialty)




    Intercultural studies

    Ethnic studies

    Fine arts

    Theater arts

    Gender studies

These are either useless subjects with most classes focused on propaganda or subjects so flooded that almost everyone has that degree. You could throw a rock and hit someone with a computer science degree. And the average student loan debt is approx $30,000 (https://studentloanhero.com/student-loan-debt-statistics/). But what is more needed, a plumber or a computer programmer? A welder or an actor? An auto mechanic or a graduate of gender studies? 

I have to admit that I have watched way too much TV. I used to like watching the TV show ‘Frasier’. One of the episodes had Frasier and his brother Niles trying to fix a toilet, ( Season 2 episode 11). Niles is talking to the plumber trying to impress upon him discussing the Mercedes Benz that Niles drives. The plumber replies that he used to drive that model but it wasn’t big enough for his family so he bought the next bigger model. Even though that was a TV show, it does give the perfect example of what Mike Rowe is saying, that there are plenty of jobs available for people in the skilled trades. The pro college crowd looks down on the skilled trades, probably because there is less social engineering and propaganda in the trade schools.

Todays students would do well to learn not to buy something they can’t afford.

I still remember what I was planning to goto school for. I had planned to get a doctoral degree in Oceanography. I talked to a person that had a degree in Marine Biology that was the second night manager at a fast food restaurant. After a few years in College, I took some classes in a trade school. I used that training to get a job as a field service representative for a company. I might not make alot of money, but I have had steady employment for over 34 years. Had I chosen plumbing or welding, there is no telling how much money I would have made. 

There is nothing wrong with ditch diggers, plumbers, electricians, mechanics or any of the many other skilled trades. They are needed and pay well. And you might avoid most of the political propaganda and student loan debt. 

One thought on “Getting your hand dirty vs an empty wallet.

  1. Very very good article, I have been saying that for years. My friend has a son who went to college to be a CNA, he gave that up, the GI bill paid for it. Then went to truck drivers school. Again the GI bill paid for it. After a few months of cross country trips he quit.
    I’ve had to get a plumber several times, a service call and $90 per hour. Not bad money.


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